Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sittin' Around on a Saturday...

Well, today's been a mostly lazy day. The hubby and I got up around 10:00 this morning and I made his coffee (I can't stand the stuff, myself) and then we decided to stay in bed and watch a movie (There Will Be Blood). After that was done, we got onto the boy to mow the yard and then we'd log him onto the computers. Somehow we motivated our daughter to start cleaning the kitchen (could have had something to do with the fact that we bribed her with the promise of waffles). While hubby made waffles I folded clothes and put them away. I ate and then headed upstairs.

I got in 31 minutes of Wii Fit, including ten minutes worth of Super Hula Hoop. WOW!! That takes it out of you!! This afternoon I decided it was high time I take part in another therapeutic activity. I grabbed a book, and some crayons and colored!! It feels so good sometimes to just get back to some of the simpler things. Last night when I bought the books and crayons the clerk asked me if they were for my daughter. I smiled and replied, "Nope, they're for me! Its been too long since I just colored in a coloring book." She smiled and said, "you know, it IS fun. Maybe I should follow your lead and do the same tonight." That brightened my day (and face) more than I realized it would.

Here's a few pictures of my family in their "natural habitat"...this is usually what they're doing while I'm working on my Wii Fit or downstairs watching TV.

Josh playing some new PC game
The Hubby joining in on the fun
More of the boy playing
Hannah chillin' in her room


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