Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Teetering on the track

This weight loss thing is trickier than anyone might have ever thought. OK, maybe not ANYONE, but definitely ME! I have teetered back and forth from up to down almost every other day. Its interesting because I know what I should and shouldn't eat, but I seem to only think about it post-digestion. In the past I've done really well while "vacationing" at my mother and dad's house. This time...not so much. Ugh! Nowadays I appear to be more disciplined at home where I'm cooking most of the time. This time, here at the 'rents, I haven't cooked once. There's really no point to my cooking. Mother is able to eat more varied foods now, but here tastes remain the same. I enjoy so many vegetables now and LOVE to cook with things like spinach, bell peppers, broccoli, etc...but these things aren't to her liking. At home, I know that I'll eat what I cook and at very least Kyle will join in my dining (if the kids decided they don't like it, too). Sure dad would likely eat it, but when there's four other people in the house, it seems like kind of a waste.

I HAVE been doing well on the Wii Fit, though. I've only missed one day of "working out" for at LEAST 30 minutes to an hour a day. Usually I incorporate at least 20 minutes of straight aerobic exercise into that time commitment. I plan to continue these trends upon our return home.

Tonight I'm in a bit of pain, sad to report. I went and saw Mamma Mia at the late show and slipped as I was walking up the steps to my seat. There was no one else in the theater, which I guess was good and bad (no one to laugh at me, and also no one to offer help). I ended up banging up my knee and scraped a good spot on the top of my left foot. Seeing as how it happened over two hours ago and still hurts, I'm quite sure I'll have have a pleasant bruise in the morning.

We'll likely leave to go home Wednesday, instead of tomorrow. I think I'll do laundry all day tomorrow and figure out how we're going to cram all this crap into the car to take home. Ah well, I guess I should sign off and get to sleep. Last night I fell asleep to the sounds of Jim Brickman's Destiny CD. Tonight I'm thinking about listening to my previously downloaded Mamma Mia soundtrack.


Losing Weight: said...

~Yeah...comments are up and running!

~Did you get my message on my site?

~Sorry to hear about your fall!

~We went to see Mama Mia last night...loved it!


Dorsey said...

Yes, I got your msg, thanks!! I'm still trying to tweek some things and learn my way around here. :)

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