Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I've been BOO'd!! (And by several of my bloggy friends!!) Thanks Dawn, Christine, Annie, and Noah's Mommy!
Here are the instructions that come with the Blogging Boo:
Go to as many friends as you want and tell them they've been "BOO'd."
Have them link back to your blog to pick up their Halloween Treat (picture) and tell them to Boo their friends.
Then put the picture in your side bar so everyone knows that you've already been "BOO'd" and to send the picture to someone else.

And since I'm REALLY trying to get back to cleaning the house in preparation for our company we're having tonight, I'm gonna cheat a little bit. hehehe All of you who are reading this who haven't been Boo'd yet, consider yourself Bloggy Boo'd!!

Ok, now I really AM going to get back to my cleaning, well, maybe after I watch a little Days of Our Lives. HA!

Laters friends!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In honor of our anniversary

Yes, today was the hubby and my 14th wedding anniversary! Wow! Time flies!! To celebrate, I got him a webcam (to take on business trips so we can BOTH skype and see each other! hehe) and he got me a future trip (with boocoos of traveler miles). Turns out the webcam came just in time. He just got home on Saturday and now he's off to the Philippines again starting Monday and coming back Nov. 21st. We left the kiddos at home tonight and went out for dinner at PF Chang's. It was delicious! I had Citrus Soy Salmon and he had Chengdu Spiced Lamb. Then we both had a lil' dessert shot (tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake).

So I think I'll fill out a cute lil' quiz I've seen around about my dear hubby to honor the occassion:
1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what's he watching?
Likely PBS
2. You're out to eat. What kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Ranch, Bleu Cheese, or Italian
3. What is one food he doesn't like?
Liver, or Bahloot (sp?)
4. You go out to the bar. What does he order?
Usually justa beer, miller, or something interesting and dark
6. What size shoe does he wear?
11 1/2
7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
My grilled cheese w/pulled pork on sourdough bread
9. What would the Husband eat every day if he could?
10. What is his favorite cereal?
11. What would he never wear?
A banana hammock (mankini/bikini bathing suit for men)
12. What is his favorite sports team?
Texas A&M Aggies
13. Who will he vote for?
Not sure
14. Who is his best friend?
Me, Kevin, Chad..this list could get lengthy, but I'm definitely numero uno!!
15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Take my personal nap times so serious..ha!
16. How many states has he lived in?
Three, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas
18. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind?
Likely Chocolate
19. Did he play sports in high school?
He ran track, played one season of football, and I think he played soccer for a yr
20. What could he spend hours doing?
Working..hehe..or playing on the computer (Civilization-type games)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've heard this term thrown around there and wondered about the benefits. I mean, I get that its all about video blogging, which is cool, I guess. But I'd have to make sure I looked all cute and had my viewing area (or rather visible area of my camera) all clean and shit before I decided to go public. hehe

These last things might be good for me though. I mean when has it ever hurt any of us to clean up and be presentable most of the day and make sure our living quarters are clean? And Lord knows my husband would be overjoyed with BOTH of these prospects!!

However, on the down side...who wants to "clean up" at 3:00 in the morning? So my time I blog would be horribly affected. Like now, its roughly 3:30am and I'm watching a movie upstairs (woke up around 2:00 and couldn't fall back to sleep) and tip tapping away at my loverly little keyboard. I guess it would give a little better insight to me, but is that what I want?

So many people use anonymity on their blogs. They refer to their children by cute nicknames, use pseudonyms for themselves, and even get their hubbies in on the game with great little bloggy pet names. I thought about doing this, but for some reason didn't.

I'm laying it all out there already by giving my weight and showing pictures of myself, and family. Would it be beneficial to my readers now, and perspective future readers to see for themselves the transformation into the skinny me? Or can that simply be shown well enough through "traditional" pictures?

Does a blog lose some of its charm when you can no longer interpret the tone of the writers words on your own, but instead now can hear for yourself?

Any thoughts from you all on this subject? Maybe if I just do a once a month "vlog" on here?

*On weight loss*
I'm doing well actually, took off a cpl lbs this week and definitely down from my all time high.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing catch up...

Alright, its been a while since I've accepted a few things that my lovely stalkers, ahem, I mean followers, have bestowed on me. So I'm gonna play catch up and do these all in one. hehehe

This one's from Christine over at The Power of Housewife Word of Mouth. She's a wonderful gal from South Texas that I hope to meet up with when I head down for Thanksgiving!! If you're looking for great strategies for Black Friday head over there, she's got your plan! hehehe

Annie at Cookies, Chaos, & Conversations also gave me one of these nifty lil' cards! She been making me laugh so hard lately I've almost peed a little. HA!! And I'm SUPER jealous I couldn't go on her birthday outing with her and her real life BFF. But isn't it GREAT to have bloggy BFF's?!?!

These are both from Sandi over at Pregnant with Cancer. Talk about an inspirational gal!!! WOW! She has a handful of kiddos, and when finding out she was preggers with another she was thrilled. Then a short time after that joyous day, she got the crushing news that she had cancer. She triumphed over it, through chemo, surgery, and all....and delivered a beautiful baby girl who looks just near perfect to me! I admire her strength and courage so much more than I could ever express to her!

I also got these from Michelle at Only Makes You Stronger. She is AWESOME!! Her family and she go all out for Trunk or Treat every year and all dress up in a specific theme. Its excellent and I admire her creativity. You make me smile gal!!

The last, I think...feel free to correct me if I'm wrong was a tagging!!

Here's the rules as I understand them:

  • Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules in your post.

  • Share 7 random/weird facts about yourself.

  • Tag 7 random people at the end of your blog and link to their blogs.

  • Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog. random facts about me. Hmm, what haven't I shared? Think Think Think...
  1. I used to compete in beauty pageants when I was in high school and early college. (I even have trophies - big ones..hehe - and crowns that I proudly display in my home)
  2. I took 13 years to finish college (I switched degree plans NUMEROUS times and went to five different jr colleges. I graduated with my Associates of Arts - Business degree this past May 2008)
  3. I've never smoked pot. (Honest!! I didn't even know what it smelled like at all until after I met the hubby and he drove past a car reaking of it - or so he told me - and was astonished I didn't recognize the smell!!)
  4. My feet are smaller than my 11 yr old daughter's! (The child wears an 11-11 1/2 people!!! Good grief!
  5. I loves me some good porn. ('nuff said...hahaha)
  6. I lived in Oklahoma for 2 yrs and was so incredibly bored (didn't know anyone there) that I took up bartending. I now have a china cabinet FULL of every bar glass imaginable!
  7. I rarely ever gag, but will gag a little EVERY time I hear my hubby (or anyone else) harkin' up a loogie! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!
Now seven random folks, huh? Alrighty, lemme go to my randomizer machine I keep in the upstairs closet....
  1. Danielle at Fantastic Family of Four
  2. Heth at From Under the Laundry Pile
  3. Michelle at Mommy Confessions
  4. Michelle at Only Makes You Stronger
  5. Liz at A Mom on Spin
  6. Bobbie at Mom2dm
  7. Kristin at Snip Snails and Pigtails
Thanks Suzi for the tag! Find her over at Pink Vanilla Cupcakes (I get a lil' craving for these little devils every time I see her blog!!)

So have at it ladies!! and thank you a 100 times over to everyone who saw fit to nominate me for an award. I'm deeply flattered and honored by each and every one!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

And they say romance fades over time...

Not for my lovin' man!!! He called me today from the road, on his way to visit his bro for the night, last leg of the trip. What were his dripping with sugar sweet words to me you ask? "I can't wait to get home and bone you" Oh man!! How is it I am the luckiest woman on earth that such poetic musing just glide from his lips to my ears. HA!! Yeah, he's not so much on the romance these days, but I'll take it. But hey, he's my sexy beast and I still see him with the same eyes as the first night we met (when my first impression was simple "Mmmm...gotta get me some of THAT!")! hehe

I'm just thrilled that after almost 14 yrs of marriage (our anniversary is Oct 29th), and more pounds than I care to think about, he still finds me "really bone-able"! In preparation for this I have recently gone out and bought some new lingerie...nice lacy bras and panties and even sexy nighty or two (cause this pig looks DAMN good with lipstick! HA!).

So I'm busy doing laundry and cleaning house in order to re-create a comfy cozy atmosphere for my man to come home to this weekend. And more good news, I've managed to eat supper AT HOME every night this week!! I've cooked meals at home and eaten them here (rather than just grabbing take-out and eating it at home, that doesn't count). Its amazing how much this helps with not only portion control but overall good healthy eating!

Is anyone still interested in that Chicken Cacciatore recipe?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Katharine!

You are a Katharine -- "I am happy and open to new things"

Katharines are energetic, lively, and optimistic. They want to contribute to the world.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * Give me companionship, affection, and freedom.

  • * Engage with me in stimulating conversation and laughter.

  • * Appreciate my grand visions and listen to my stories.

  • * Don't try to change my style. Accept me the way I am.

  • * Be responsible for youself. I dislike clingy or needy people.

  • * Don't tell me what to do.

What I Like About Being a Katharine

  • * being optimistic and not letting life's troubles get me down

  • * being spontaneous and free-spirited

  • * being outspoken and outrageous. It's part of the fun.

  • * being generous and trying to make the world a better place

  • * having the guts to take risks and to try exciting adventures

  • * having such varied interests and abilities

What's Hard About Being a Katharine

  • * not having enough time to do all the things I want

  • * not completing things I start

  • * not being able to profit from the benefits that come from specializing; not making a commitment to a career

  • * having a tendency to be ungrounded; getting lost in plans or fantasies

  • * feeling confined when I'm in a one-to-one relationship

Katharines as Children Often

  • * are action oriented and adventuresome

  • * drum up excitement

  • * prefer being with other children to being alone

  • * finesse their way around adults

  • * dream of the freedom they'll have when they grow up

Katharines as Parents

  • * are often enthusiastic and generous

  • * want their children to be exposed to many adventures in life

  • * may be too busy with their own activities to be attentive

Take Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz at HelloQuizzy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Style or Beguile?

This is my last installment in my personal review of the book, The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. So settle in everyone, this could be a long ride....

  • Mad Money - Ummm, I'm not so good at saving money, I tend to spend it before it can make an impression in my wallet. HA!
  • Man's White Shirt - oh yeah! And what's sexier than greeting your man in a pair of heels and a white dress shirt when he comes home from work...
  • Mary Janes - I honestly don't own a pair, but wish I did :(
  • Minnetonka Moccasin - guess I'm not earth crunchy enough, I don't eat trail mix, and don't own a pair of moccasins, plus they have NO support for my aching feet..HA!
  • Missoni Knit - I HAD to look this one up!! I don't think they sell these in the South, and if so, I think it might "hug" my far too huggable body a little much
  • Monogrammed Stationary - do we REALLY still use paper? I just make my own on PrintShop and send out holiday letters..hehehe
  • Motorcycle Jacket - I have a cheap one (less than $125.00) but it still counts, right?
  • Nail Polish - I went through a phase where I did my own fake nails CONSTANTLY, so I have a BUNCH of nailpolish
  • Old Concert T-Shirt - yeah, Hubby has them, kids wear them, they're a bit tight
  • One-Piece Swimsuit - what woman over a size 8 DOESN'T have a one piece?
  • Pajamas - I have multiples for various "occasions"
  • Peacoat - just doesn't look good on me yet, but a bloggy friend just bought a purple pea coat and that's just fun to say!
  • Pearl Necklace - sorry, can't help but giggle...
  • Pencil Skirt - straight skirts don't lay so straight on me these days
  • Perfume - I think I might just provide pictorial evidence of my relationship with perfume:

  • Plain white tee - I need to go out and get a new one for this year
  • Polo shirt - I have too many of these to count, although 90% of them are knock-offs
  • Pucci - again, something I had to look into
  • Push-Up Bra - umm yeah, a cpl of 'em..LOOVE them!!!
  • Quality Champagne - I don't keep this on hand all the time, but I do loves me some great champagne when the occasion calls for it!
  • Red Lipstick - Mmmmmm..wear it when I'm feeling dangerous
  • Robe - but of course! I have a short silk one, long silk one, and a terrycloth one
  • Safari Jacket - this is another one of those things that I've just never been a big fan of, reminds me too much of parachute pants
  • Sandals - wouldn't be caught without them in the summer and spring!!
  • Sarong - I have one that I LOVE to wear year-round when I'm just lounging about
  • Signet Ring - sadly, no
  • Silk Scarf - I LOVE this accessory, especially when its used in funky ways (tie it to some bangles, hand it over one shoulder, tie it in your hair as a flowing headband, simply tied to your purse handle for a splash of color...)
  • Slippers - does it count if they're bear feet?
  • Spanx - all hail the Spanx!!!
  • Statement Necklace - These are sooo much fun!!! I love pairing it with a simple outfit that's one color but the necklace is bold and beautiful!!!
  • Stilettos - I need to go buy a REAL pair of beauutiful stilettos!!
  • Striped Sailor Shirt - ok, women of my size DO NOT look good in horizontal stripes!
  • Suit - I LOVE LOVE LOVE a well tailored suit!!!
  • Sunhat - I used to have a great one, but when I could no longer wear the dress, I ditched the hat
  • Trench - I have a beautiful black trenchcoat that I look forward to being able to wear now that its finally getting colder
  • Turquoise and Coral Jewelry - luckily I have a very jewelry obsessed mother who keeps me in beautful jewelry
  • Tuxedo Jacket - I need one of these, but it'll wait
  • Umbrella - oh yeah! And its big and beautiful!!!
  • Underwear - yeah, I do commado from time to time, but only when ABSOLUTELY called for!!!
  • Valid Passport - I keep meaning to get one of those
  • Vans - I have one pair, my son has one pair...I wear both
  • Vintage - yeah, I own things from yesteryear, but I'm not sure they would qualify..although I DO stil have all the buttons I used to wear on my jean jacket..HA!
  • Watch - all mine are silver, so if I wear gold, I just use the cell phone
  • Wayfarers - my sunglass options are somewhat limited, but I DO have a pair of prescription Coach sunglasses that I absolutely adore!
  • Wellington boot - nope, they make my feet look like they're 4 sizes BIGGER!!
  • Wide-Leg Trouser - most of mine fall into this category
  • Wrap Dress - I have a wrap skirt..does that count?
  • Yoga gear - I LOVE me some yoga AND yoga gear! I have the mat, and the outfits...they're SOO cozy! I don't go to any fancy schmancy class..I just do WiiFit Yoga..ha!
  • Zippered Hoodie - yea boy! I keeps it real wiz ma hoodie! HAHAHA!! I have a few, but I'm not sure they're very gangsta or anything...they're PINK!!! hehehe

Any thoughts? How stylish are you?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Writer's block? Or just Monday?

This morning when I first woke up I thought about continuing my style saga posts, but then I decided against it. I came to the decision to take an aside, sort of. I've been doing alright with my eating habits in my quest to release my inner skinny...but I know I could be better.

Last night I made my old maid aunt's chicken cacciatore. The kids ate it, but under duress. They'd had rather I made a call to get pizza. When I heat up leftovers tonight, I'll take a pic and post it and the recipe. I'm not sure if its overly healthy and NO IDEA what the calorie count is, but its comfort food to me. It just tastes like I'm sitting at my aunt's kitchen table out on the country enjoying the fresh air and slower pace of life. I know hubby will be upset he missed it. But I'll make his mom's chicken and rice when he returns.

I HAVE been watching my portions very closely. I think that and exercise are TRULY the key to successful weight loss. I have many friends who have tried, or are trying different weight loss aids (diet pills, shakes, specific plans, etc...) and I applaud their successes. And I'm not saying that any of them are inherently bad...Lord knows I've tried just about ALL of them, they're just not for me. I saw a snippet of an Oprah show where she had a chef on there with a new cookbook. It was all about this grilled cheese sandwich that her friend Gayle had traveled half way across the country to get a bite of. I made my own version of it and it WAS good!! His whole thing was that you can eat ANYTHING you want, so long as you watch the portion sizes.

How many times have you looked at something like this:

and thought...yummmy! MINE! MINE! MINE! Its a white chocolate molten, from Chili's. The only thing is, If you took that same thing and shared it with 3 other people, its not so bad anymore. Yes, it delicious and I could easily down the whole thing without letting anyone near it. But I'd feel horribly guilty after I did.

I'm still losing weight, but only going to allow myself to weigh in on my bathroom scale twice a week. I don't want to get obsessive about it.

I ended up writing much more today than I thought I originally would. I'm suffering with a pretty bad migraine today and have had to resort to major prescription meds in hopes that it will go away soon.

Be well friends!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not so little little black dress

As promised, I've decided to continue on my review of Nina Garcia's book The One Hundred.

So I continue:
26. Denim Jacket - yeah, I just steal the hubby's so I guess I have one of these..hehe
27. Diamond Studs - guess here's where I start cheating, mine a fabulous fakes cubic zirconium studs
28. Driving Shoe - alright, I think in Texas these can just be plain ol' Wal-mart or Target flats, but I LIKE the idea of having a separate pair of shoes in the car for driving...hehe Its gotta be easier than driving in 4" heels!
29. Espadrilles - ok, I don't own any of these, but they look like a cute idea for the lake or beach (although I'd love to say I go to the beach more often than the lake, sadly its not true..HA!)
30. Evening Gown - I have one, though I've yet to wear it previously mentioned, the hubby and I don't get out to fancy schmancy evenings much (FYI, the one pictured in the link is mine)
31. Exotic Skin Bag - I would have to rifle though all my bags to see if I have one of these treasures somewhere
32. Fishnets - have 'em, worn 'em, they're classic
33. Frye Harness Boot - nope, don't look girly enough on me..HA!
34. Fur - My mother has a few (including the one pictured..that's me with a cat I had when I was a senior in high school), I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, but due to being married to an engineer (aka cheap unless its computer-related) we "don't have the need for one"
35. Gentlemen's Hat - hubby has one, felt, in black...I borrow it often (now its hunting with him)
36. Gloves - I have opera length red ones, long white ones, black leather ones, brown pleather ones, and one gardening one (lost the other one)
37. Havaianas - yeah, I'll take cheap flip-flops that only last one season..keeps me shopping..HA!
38. Hobo Bag - I'm actually considering trying my hand at making one of these! I have a couple now, but I want to put my own spin on it
39. Hoop Earrings - what child of the 80s/90s doesn't have at LEAST one pair of these?!?!
40. Investment Bag - Sorry no picture, because I can't make up my mind...this is defined as a bag you spend a LOT of money on, with no guilt. I have none of these, but do covet many!!
41. iPod - got an iTouch and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I catch up on missed TV on it often and jam out while WiiFit steppin'
42. Jeans - heck yeah!! I have fat-skinny jeans, flare-leg jeans, cut-offs, capris, and more!! and I LOVE wearing them with some sexy high heels!!
43. Jewelry Pouches - I think I have some of these laying around with our gift wrapping stuff, but I don't generally use them
44. Khakis - No picture because I had to wear them TOO much when I worked at Macy's, perhaps I'll revisit them in the future, but for now they hang lonely in my closet, getting no love
45. Knee Boots - oh yeah! I love them! Remember a previous post where I pictured them, they are HAWT!!!
46. Leather pants - umm, no, not on me...not now...I try to stay far away from these AND cow costumes, that would just be WRONG on a phat girl like me! HA!
47. Lingerie - just bought some new VERY pretty ones yesterday!! In fact, I'm wearing some now...tee hee hee
48. Little Black Dress - I don't have one right now that fits, but I made one in a smaller size that hangs in my closet waiting on me
49. Little White Dress - see above, although none exists now...shows WAY too many "curves"
50. L.L. Bean Tote - this is another on my list of things to make...I think it'll turn out cute
51. Luggage - the luggage in the picture is EXACTLY like mine, except mine is more hot pink than barbie pink. This is the luggage hubby had to take to Virginia..HA!

That's it for today now my count is up to 19 for this list.

Well, I'm off for now, woke up with a migraine and just waiting on the meds to kick in

Friday, October 17, 2008

I can be fat AND fabulous!!!

Yes, you read that right!! I'm fat AND phat!! A while back I heard about a book somewhere entitled The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. It boast itself to be "a guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own" and apparently hails from the Project Runway fame. To be honest, I have never watched a single episode. But I do consider myself to be somewhat stylish. I'd be surprised if Clinton and Stacy ever showed up on my doorstep to surprise me. Although a lot of the times when I shop, I leave frustrated that everything over a size 12 is cut to fit Spongebob more than me, I do occasionally find a treasure and something I think looks nice on me and IS stylish!! I don't dress like a 13 yr old, but I do like to keep somewhat with the times. That being said...let me walk you through this list and share some of my insights. (Get cozy, this is shaping up to be a long post..and I think I'll do it in 4 parts to break it up some)

  1. A-Line Dress - yeah, not gonna happen on me. This would fit more into the Spongebob category, which is NOT flattering on a big, beautiful woman!!
  2. Animal Print - I have a couple of my own personal rules pertaining to this. But that being said, I DO own a pair of animal print kitten heels. I love wearing them with an otherwise drab outfit to add that touch of danger. hehe
  3. Ankle Bootie - does it count if they're circa 1988?
  4. Aviators - gonna have to pass on these too, although they make hubby look like Goose from Top Gun, they do NOTHING for me!
  5. Ballet Flat - I bought a cute pair of Jessica Simpson ballet flats, wore them once (not as comfy as I'd have hoped) then my daughter got ahold of them and STRETCHED them out. So they're now her ballet flats. Ugh!
  6. Bangles - real cute, some times. Other times it just looks like we're channeling 1980s Madonna.
  7. Belts - I have a few, they're not fabulous, but then again I don't have a fabulous waistline to show off right now.
  8. Bikini - alright, I have more bikinis than one-piece bathing suits, but I won't dare wear them in public public for fear of being ridiculed by the pretty people. HA!
  9. Blackberry (aka Crackberry) - I sorta want one of these, sort of afraid it'll overtake my life. Plus I'd have to up my plan to include all the bells and whistles it comes with.
  10. Black Opaque Tights - I think these might go with the A-Line dress, not right now...unless I'm using them as long johns. LOL
  11. Blazer - I have one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Its black and I wear it often.
  12. Boyfriend Cardigan - sorry, I'm in the South, my hubby isn't so much metrosexual, and doesn't wear cardigans. HA!
  13. Brooch - own a couple, and kinda like them
  14. Cable-Knit Sweater - hmmm...probably have a few, but doubt I wear them the way they're intended
  15. Caftan - isn't this just a fancy word for Moo-Moo...I only wear this out on a TRULY desperate day when I don't care if it looks like I just rolled out of bed to go get Totino's pizzas and Ranch dressing from the store so I don't have to cook for my kids. HA!
  16. Cape - alright, mine is more of a cloak, but I hear they're making a!! Maybe I'll brave the fashionistas and wear it out some day this winter. hehe I made it myself, btw.
  17. Camel Coat- I only need one trench-type coat, and not in various colors, I'm in TX people!
  18. Cashmere Sweater - this I DO want to get this winter season..they'e just SOO yummy to feel!!!
  19. Charm Bracelet - OOOOO!!! I have one, and its super cute!! I bought all the charms myself just because they were cute...HA!
  20. Clutch - I think I have one tucked away somewhere, if not, no biggie. We don't go to too many formal events where one woudl be warranted.
  21. Cocktail Ring - hmm, don't guess my wine charms count, huh?
  22. Converse - I have "Mockverse" from War-mart (my daughter's term for Wal-mart on Sunday mornings)
  23. Cosmetics bag - ok, I own a few too many of these due to being a make-up junkie and always taking advantage of the "gift with purchase" giveaways at my local department stores. HA!
  24. Cowboy Boots - I have some short boots that are FANTABULOUS and I guess they count, for now.
  25. Cuff - yeah, this just reminds me too much of Wonder Woman, and I think the discontinued the bullet proof ones a while back (but GOTTA love a Super Hero with accessories!)

That's it for now. So I own 16 out of 25 so far and I ROCK them too!! I even ventured out the other night in a white shirt and a hot pink lacey bra! I look HAWT, I tell ya! So although I may be fat and a little further from my goal weight than I'd like to be, I'm here to tell ya people (those in my similar situation) with a little creativity you too can be fat AND fabulous!! Take the current skinny-chick trends and alter them for your size and style. I do, and its FUN!!

FYI, down another 2 lbs for the last 3 days! yeah me!!! I'm liking this trend!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back from under the covers...

Tee hee hee
I picked hubby up from the airport yesterday, with the kids. I let them play hooky for the day (partially so they could help clean up the house some more). When we got ready to head out the door, Daisy Mae (one of our chihuahuas) bolted out the front door. She was determined that if we were going somewhere she was going with! hehe So off to the airport we went...Josh, Hannah, Daisy, and me. Oh, and I was wearing my outfit!!! hehe

We got home and I had the bathroom all ready for him. I drew him a nice hot bubble bath, lit some candles, and handed him a fudgy brownie..hehe He, of course, wanted a little "play time" while bathing, but I resisted and went and made a nice home-cooked meal (Italian-Style meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans) instead. I decided it would be better to play later, after the kids had to be put to bed. We had our fun last night and then about 8:30 we went to sleep. I woke up around 2:30am and could NOT sleep anymore!!! So I wandered upstairs watched TV and played around on the computer. Around 5:00 I went downstairs to get some water. I turned out all the lights and got SCARED SHITLESS when a voice from the darkness said "hey there". I mean my chest hurt after!! Yeah, hubby was awake. So of course, we had to squeeze in some morning nookie.

I was down a total of 10 lbs in his absence and still working at moving down. I haven't done Wii Fit in an embarrassing amount of time. But I'm changing that today. I am going to make sure I get on it every day!!! I gotta get my butt back in shape so I can keep up with my own sex drive. hehe Hey, I'm in my 30s now and hitting my peak!!

Well, laters friends. The kids are getting home from school and I need to check on my supper (pulled pork sandwiches) plans. Plus I have to help hubby pack for his hunting trip he taking tomorrow, for a week. Never a dull moment. Catch ya laters.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too excited to sleep!!!

Ok, I've re-cleaned the bedroom, vacuumed, and done several loads of laundry...nope..still can't sleep. I think I know why this time though. I'm WAY TOO EXCITED!! Hubby comes home in a little less than 12 hours!!!! Right now he's on a plane somewhere over Asia likely. Its a 14 hr flight from Tokyo to DFW. So here I sit, playing games, browsing the net, and watching season 2 of Sex and the City on DVD (though I'm thinking of switching to Titanic).

To be perfectly honest I'm slightly worried about being exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open when we are home together...but only slightly. I mean after all he'll be adjusting to the 13 hr time change, so he'll probably be pretty tired himself. And I'm expecting the "you've-been-gone-way-too-long sex" to be reminiscent of the first sex after having a baby and having to wait 6 wks. Glorious and over quickly. HA!!!

I almost forgot!!! Those of you wondering about my boots? Here's a picture, sort of....the only difference is mine have 7 buttons down the side about a 1/2-inch apart (so they come down a little more on the side). The heel is about 2.5-3 inches. Ohhh so sexy!!! I'm wearing them (jeans tucked into the boots) with the outfit also pictured below. LOOOOVE it!!! Hubby's got my camera, otherwise I'd take a picture to share with all of you.

Boots from Lane Bryant Outlet Store
(ON SALE!! $39.99)

All from Lane Bryant:
Dark wash yellow tag jeans
White dress shirt
Motorcycle jacket

So I'm off to do more playing, and browsing, and so on...Laters everyone! I'm sure I'll be blogging plenty next week too, since day after tomorrow the Hubbs leaves on a week long hunting trip with his stepdad. but he'll be back just in time for a friend's Halloween party and our 14th anniversary!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Is my house rigged?

I think that it just MIGHT be!! Saturday evening, half way through watching a movie trailer, my internet went down. I brushed it off and didn't worry about it. The next morning I turn on my computer, and still no net. Oh crap!! What now?!?! So I did laps between upstairs and downstairs trying everything I could think of to get it running again. NOTHING!! I worked on this s*it for 2 hours straight!!! I gave up, decided it'd wait until the hubby got home and had more patience for it (keeping in mind my patience is VERY low after these kids these past weeks). I filled my time by scanning in all of my drink recipe book pages. (So if anyone wants a copy of it, its in pdf form, just let me know)

And we cleaned. I told the kids yesterday that they could decide...either we were cleaning the WHOLE house yesterday (Sunday) or today (Monday, they had the day off school). OF course they chose the latter. So today we didn't turn on any TV or computer until it was ALL clean!! And I mean Lysol clean baby!!! If I'd had a camera I'd have taken a picture of the office and office closet for a "tackle it" couldn't see the FLOOR in the office closet (which is SUPPOSED to be a walk-in). It looks AWESOME now!! Words simply cannot describe it!!

So tonight I turn on my computer thinking of looking up a good homecooked recipe on a recipe CD I have and low and behold Skype has me logged in..and green. WTF?!?! I look over and WOW!! The little computer thingy is flashing blue. I'm ON-LINE!!! I don't know HOW it happened?!?! But I suspect the house went on strike. Maybe it decided to shut down all outside entertainment until everything was clean. OR did the husband have it rigged? Hmmm...gonna have to look into this one.

That being the case, I've just skimmed through over 100 new blog posts, and 50 or so emails. All that's done now, and I think I'll hit the hay for the night. FYI, I found my **ck me heels (they're knee high boots!) and a knockout outfit to pick up hubby in from the airport! Score!!!

Oh, and the girl didn't have chicken pox...told ya they didn't look right. HA!

Friday, October 10, 2008

There's orange juice IN it!!

So what if there's also Triple Sec and Champagne mixed in, the fact that there's OJ means I can have it for breakfast, right?!?! Surely my gal over at the Daily Blonde will agree with me. HA! I'm having a drink for Bud! All I can say is last night was a looooong night!! Actually I think it might still be last night for me.

Yesterday I didn't feel that well, so I spent a lot of the day sleeping, which of course threw my internal clock WAY WAY off!! I got NO cleaning done and just survived by grabbing hubby's flannel PJ pants and long-john cotton shirt. Soooo cozy!! Then I slipped on my new socks too, cause they keep my feet warm. And everyone knows that if your feet are warm the rest of you is warm. Why else can we simply stick our foot out from under the covers to cool off when we feel we'll sweat to under the covers otherwise. Ahhh feet...the great temperature equalizer. hehe

I went upstairs a few minutes ago to make sure my kids were awake. The boy wasn't, the girl was. However, dear daughter informs me she thinks she has chicken pox. But they looked NOTHING like this to me:
They just looked like mosquito bites. (Yes, that another of the giant microbes...tee hee hee) I told her to head to the school nurse when she got to school and if they said a pox has been visited upon our home, then I'll go pick her up and bring her home. (Crossing my fingers...I HOPE ITS JUST MOSQUITOS!! I reeeaalllly need to shop for my super sexy outfit today!!)

And I want to let Danielle know that I've decided to re-type my Drink Recipe book, so it could be a couple days...its SEVERAL pages. I didn't realize until I started scanning that some of the pages are smeared. I think I'll laminate them ALL this time. But I WILL get it out there! And once I'm done she'll never drink the same again! hehehe But it'll still be a pdf, so if you don't have the Adobe Reader downloaded, get over there and do it now so you're ready to make your grocery [liquor] list when you get my book!!

Yeah, I haven't slept I think I might power nap after I finish my Mimosas and before I need to get ready to meet my friend for shopping and lunch. Sorry if this seemed horribly random, hey it happens to the best of us! HA! Wish me luck, I gotta find some f*ck me shoes today! Oooo....there's that floaty-sleep deprived-champagne-buzz I love so much when I can't sleep! Maybe I should have had some of these last night. Hmmm?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More strange?

Alright readers, I must tell you I have been laughing so hard there HAS been a tear or two from the comments on the previous post. Because of this, I've decided to show you more of the lil' critters on the Giant Microbes website.

(I heard this one's all the rage this yr!)
(It is odd that this looks like a twisted penis?)

So happy shopping all! I might include more of these in later posts. HILARIOUS!!

And now onto something truly lovely!! My bloggy friend Linda has opened her heart and awarded me this:
Isn't it adorable?!?! To be honest it seems sort of exotic too, considering the spelling. Hmmm, Czechoslovakian maybe? But as the case often is with these honors, there's a catch. I have to share!! Now I have to name 6 things that make me happy and then pass the award on to 6 other people. Think think think...ok GOT it!! Now these are in no particular order...
  1. My kids - most days they make me happy, when they're not channeling the bad side of themselves
  2. My hubby - yeah, absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. He's been gone for two weeks now and I can't WAIT for him to get home so I can hug, kiss, and..ahem...anyways
  3. My cocktails - I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make new cocktails!! I have a loverly collection of bar glasses of all types and often experiment and search the web for new recipes on weekends
  4. My BOBs (Battery Operated Boyfriend) - and yes I said BOBs, plural...I used to sell the things and when I stopped selling I now had a fantastic personal inventory!! and honestly it has helped me get through several nights without hubby in town..HA! C'mon you want honest answers don't ya?!
  5. A light frosting of ice - ok, this one is more specific to this time of year...its all I'd need is a quick flash freeze to kill off the RAGWEED (demon weed) and then I could breath normally again
  6. Family in general - Thanksgiving is coming up and its my FAVORITE holiday!! There's no consumerism obsession with getting the latest toy or gadget, its just about getting together with friends and family for great food and good times! We always end up playing a drunken game of chicken foot dominoes at my Mother's late at night and they heat the pool so the kids can swim.
Now, to pass this great lil' award along. I'm choosing:
  1. Tracey over at Cheese and Whine
  2. Sandi at Pregnant with Cancer
  3. Sue at Happy Meals & Happy Hour
  4. Just Me at Snickerdoodles
  5. Katie at Stray Raisins and Mommy Perks
  6. Annie at Cookies, Chaos, and Conversations
Thanks to all of you for perking up my day with every post you make!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What will they think of next?

So while I perusing the blogs this morning I come across something....odd, for lack of a better word. All I could think was, "oh but honey, the lil' chlamydia is so cute!!!" And then I fell into a fit of laughter!!! Check this out!! They're stuffed animals that represent different bacteria and such...
Yes, this is the one for chlamydia. I guess if you're in medical school, or trying to teach kids about disease, but with a "fun" spin on it? Nope, still doesn't work for me. GREAT! Another thing for the little ones to argue over..."NO! That's my flesh eating bacteria!! Give it back!!" "Mom!! She took my stomach ache!!"

But in the column of products I just LOVE, I'd like to put No Nonsense aromatherapy socks. These are sooo incredibly comfortable!! I have the Vanilla Jasmine Dream socks and the Green Tea Peace socks. I think I just might go out today and get the rest of the collection and lounge in them all week while I scurry about my house cleaning and chastising my children for not bringing their homework home. And the beat thing is No Nonsense is donating 50 cents per pair (up to $5000) to FRIENDS for An Early Breast Cancer Test. I don't have breast cancer in my family, but I have a close family friend who has had this horrible disease. She is in remission and has been for some time now. I love her dearly and until I was about 12 yrs old, I thought she was my mother's sister and a full-blown aunt! Love ya Karen!

So I'm off to start climbing up my mountain of laundry and tackling the kitchen. I think I'll end tonight with a nice warm bubble bath and either an apple-tini or maybe a soothing cup of tea.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Today could be a slow day...

I woke up this morning ready to attack the world!! However, Mother Nature seems to have thrown a huge monkey wrench in my path, or at my head rather. After being awake for all of an hour and a half, I find my sinuses wreaking havoc on my life. I took my allergy meds already, but every sip of my morning S*it-Fast seems to curdle instantly in my stomach. Ugh!!! That being said, I think I'm stopping with half a glass of the "yummy" stuff.

Its raining outside, so I took the monsters to school this morning, instead of making them walk. But I did arm them with rain jackets or ponchos for the stride back home. Rain, of course, translates to winds and nourishment for the pollens in the air!!

And what's with allergies completely **cking up weight loss?!?! I guess its causing me to retain water, or produce more crap in my head which apparently weighs 2 lbs!! This seems to happen to me every Fall season!!! I open one eye, look past my belly down at the scale, and I'm not at all pleased with what I see. And yes, I'm one of those people that weighs naked, first thing in the morning, after peeing. I even go so far as to take off my glasses (b/c you know those lil' *astards weigh 2-3 lbs themselves..HA!). Well, I guess I'll just have to up my exercise regime to combat the demon weed (ragweed).

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great news!!

I have some GREAT news to report on the weight loss front!! I'm down 5 lbs for the week! yeah!! So today I'm continuing the same trends I've followed all week (S*it-fast for breakfast, S*it-Fast for lunch, and a sensible dinner). I've even thrown in some cocktails a couple of nights and managed to keep things under control. It helps knowing your limits.

Well, this one's short and sweet. I'm about to head out to take the kiddos to see a movie. Then we might head over to Chili's for dinner. I had the Salmon last week and have been wanting it again ever since. hehe

Be well friends, and happy blogging!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Keepin' It Real!

Yeah, I'm SOOO not ghetto! HA!

So I stepped on my bathroom scale this morning and saw a number that was higher than the last one I remember seeing, but a lot less than I was fearing. HA! So I'm back on the Shit-Fast band wagon. This morning did start with a glass of good ol' chocolate milk (but that was before I faced my scale). I had a late liquid lunch, and I think I'll make chicken sandwiches for supper tonight.

I changed my layout and banner at the top. I decided that since often the search for skinny involves a pair of jeans, I'd include it in my blog header. I don't personally still own a pair of skinny jeans buried deep in my closet. But I DO have a dress!! Its most spandex-like, hang on I'll check the tag (alright, its rayon/polyester). I'll take a picture of my best friend in it the next time she's over, as she looks closer to how I'd LIKE it to look on me some day. But I HAVE thought about taking a picture every month of me in this dress. Then I'd have a reference point. It looks frightening now, but it'll look SWEET one day! HA! Its a black dress, but not even THIS body can be slimmed down THAT much in black!

Do you have a pair of skinny jeans hidden away?

Oh, those following the saga of my teenaged-demonic-possessed-son...he's back on speaking terms with me now. I think he's just buttering me up because he wants to go to the Air Show next weekend. I'm mulling it over.

Alright, I realize I'm all over the place tonight. But hey, sometimes you gotta be random. HA!

Oh, and thanks for all the bitch day supporters! That was AWESOME! And I honestly felt better after.

Like the new look of things around here?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Official *itch Day!

Today is a day I've needed all month...I think I'll do this list style. Here's my things to bitch about today.

  • Hubby is half way around the world - Seriously!! He's in Manila (Makati City), Philippines on a business trip. And I've for some INSANE reason, never been hornier!! Cram mackin!! (reference to what the Sims say on on the Sim PC game when they're griping about somethin..tee hee hee)
  • The boy - my son, has been unbearable the past couple of days!! Its the FIRST six weeks school and he's had night school THREE TIMES!!! You get night school by not turning in assignments repeatedly. So you "get" to come to school either Tuesday or Thursday from 3:30pm-6:15pm to complete said assignments.
  • I am having trouble sticking to ANY kind of exercise routine.
  • Laundry! Laundry! Laundry! - I'm thinking of purchasing mountain climbing equipment just to get to the TOP of the dirty clothes that is piling up.
  • RAGWEED!!!!! - $&@*@$ *%(@)@& #@^!&$()#)@*!& and dammit to boot!! I hate this vile shit!! Its the ONLY thing I'm allergic to in this world (besides codeine, which I CAN control my exposure to) and I wish I could phone up Mr. Freeze to get me a flash freeze overnight and kill this demon weed off!!!
  • Carmen Electra - OK, I don't "hate" her, but man I want her figure!!! But somehow even though I do her spiffy lil' stripper exercises (alright it looks more like a jell-o mold gone horribly wrong when I do them) my ass is still FAR too large for my liking!
  • And lastly, hubby doesn't have a webcam in his possession, so we can't even get naughty after the kids go to bed. Bob (battery-operated-boyfriend) HERE I COME!!! tee hee hee
I'll get back to my regularly scheduled weight loss blogging first thing tomorrow. Laters!

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