Monday, May 25, 2009

Hair today, sore tomorrow...

So for some time now I have toyed with the idea of cutting my hair SHORT! And anyone who's known me for a couple of years knows that I flip flop all over the place in regards to my hair. I'm constantly tired of the style I have it in or the color of it overall. Well, yesterday I bit the bullet and did it. A few days ago I'd gone to the grocery store and picked up every hair magazine I could lay my hands on. Then I proceeded to cut out pictures of hair styles I liked. (I do this EVERY time so I can show the stylist what I want, be that color or cut.) I had about 15 different ones that I'd liked ranging from short short to medium length styles. So I put them all out on the kitchen table and began the process of picking. It goes kind of like when you're at the eye doctor and he asks you, option one or option two, one or three, and so on...I narrowed it down to two pictures. One of them I liked how the top and sides were cut and styled, the other on for the length in the back. So off I went to Regis Hair Salon armed with my photos and credit card. Luckily I got a gal that also has short hair (for some reason if I'm getting a short haircut I always like it better when the stylist also has short hair, I guess I trust them more with these styles). She did a fantastic job and even the gal behind me at the salon that was getting her hair straightened commented that she thought it looked really cute. Cool! So here's what it looks like...

On the workout front, I'm on day 6 and EA Active is telling me to rest today. So I will probably just see about doing some walking on the treadmill or maybe break out a little Wii Fit for old time's sake..hehe But I'm doing well with the weight loss and getting a little less sore every time. Yesterday I even completed the whole circuit without having to stop to wheeze and syke myself up to finish the run.

Well, I'm off to make breakfast. Hubby requested oatmeal since the boy is out with a friend today (my son's the only one in the family that doesn't like oatmeal). Be well friends and if anyone else is doing EA Sports Active please tell me what YOU think of it!

Some people on Facebook have commented that it would appear as though I'm wearing a nurses' cap when in fact its the window behind me. So here are some altered pics w.o the window/nurse's cap:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How a Wii game brought me to my knees...

So years ago when I was in Jr. High school I was put on the track team. I begged to be put on the hurdling team and could sprint the crap out of ANYONE else on the team!!! But they said I "jumped wrong" over the hurdle. WTF?!?! I cleared it didn't I? So I was put on the relay team. I trained with everyone, and part of our group training was long distance running, at which I SUCKED!!! Even then when I had about 6% body fat and looked SMOKIN' hot!! heheI just didn't have the endurance I needed to run long distance. So the day of the track meet comes up and I head to the high school with the rest of the team. We're all getting warmed up and its our turn up for relays. We had to do one lap around the track on each heat...I took off like a bullet and we came in first! I was third to run, not starting, not anchor...not bad. I finished that race and was jazzed!! Then the coach told me I was up for the race after next. What?!? That's the long distance race? EIGHT times around the track?!?! Um, WHEN did I agre to THIS?!?! So I ran it...and heaved...and finished it...LAST! When I crossed the finish line I dropped to my knees. I thought I would DIE right there on the track! My sides hurt, my chest hurt, and I was sure I'd never walk again, much less run. That ended my track career right then and there.

Fast forward to yesterday...I went out and got my copy of EA Active and thought it would be a really cool way to beef up my lacking workout routine. I put it in the Wii and started it up. Before I even got to the workouts I was liking this more and more than Wii Fit. I was able to put in my own weight (I didn't lie and went with what I'd weighed that morning), AND I picked how my character looked!! No ballooning Mii for Mommii!! hehe And I was VERY encouraged when I stepped on the balance board and it didn't say "Oh my!" I started the workout with walking, then it asked me to run. Aw shit! I'm screwed!! I got through that and did pretty wll on the other exercises. But when it got BACK to running again, I thought I was going to DIE! I swear I had flashbacks to that jr. high track meet when I just wanted to finish the race and then be measured for my coffin. I noticed my vision started to blur half way through the run, though that MIGHT have been because I was tearing up and beginning to cry. I'm SO happy no one was there to see me, point, and snicker at my increasingly evident shortcomings.

I finished the workout and was intent that if I DO stick with this it will DEFINITELY help me reach my goals!! And I do have to say I enjoyed the workout better than Wii Fit. Even today when I went back to it. I was still sweating up a storm within the first five minutes, but that's what I needed to do!!! I'm confident that sticking with this as a routine every day and sucking down the gallons of water that I crave after each workout session will have me dancing on poles in no time...ahem, I mean looking svelte and sophisticated very soon. =)

I still haven't found my perfect car, but I have several different salespeople out looking for me. And they all know that I'm serious and have TIME to make a decision. So I will continue to shop.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Car troubles...

Well, as I stated before, the car is in the shop. But in this process a co-worker of my hubby's suggested instead of putting the $2000 into a car that probably isn't worth that fixed, why not get a new car? So the hubby called and told me to start researching another sedan. I swallowed hard and took it initially. But the more we talked the more I got my nerve up. I was about to get SCREWED and NOT in the style I like!!

Years ago dear hubby and I said that when the Intrepid died (and this is pretty damn near close now, we drive cars until they die...) we would replace it with either a convertible or a Jeep Wrangler. And now I was being asked to research another sedan, which is neither of the previously agreed upon vehicles. I shared this with him over the phone. And after some more discussion he agreed upon a convertible...a Chrysler Sebring Convertible.

He had some VERY specific guidelines for what he wanted though. With the automotive industry being somewhat in the slumps right now, we were hoping to play upon their desperate desires to sell a car as often they have played upon our emotions when purchasing a vehicle in the past.

Well, after 2 days worth of searching, I'm not a lot closer to my goal. I've ticked off more than one salesperson, I'm sure. A few have told me that my demands are just NOT possible. So I continue to look. If, after a decent amount of time, we are not able to procure my convertible, then we will go get the Intrepid from the shop, tow it home and keep looking. Luckily we have three cars...a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck, a 1991 Chevy Cavalier, and a 2002 Dodge Intrepid. We have recently replaced the spark plug wires and done some home tune-ups to the Cavalier to get it road worthy again. I went yesterday and got the tags updated, today my goal is to find the front license plate (and reattach it), and get it inspected. So even without one car, we are not handicapped to sharing a vehicle. Meaning I have the car salesperson's worst enemy on my hands...time and patience.

Here's a picture of the car that I'm looking for...(but not specific to color)

The look with the top up

Top coming down

Top down

the inside with top down

I'm also going to check out the Toyota Camry Solara Convertible, but not sure I'll be able to get the same deal on price with one of those. If anyone knows of a convertible that will somewhat comfortably fit a family of four...PLEASE let me know. I like the Sebring because with the bucket seats in the back it offers a little more comfort. A mustang might as well be a two-seater for our family and I just am not a big fan of the PT Cruiser. Any suggestions?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving a little slower today

Well, I'm not gallivanting about town this morning for sure!! This weekend we headed out to the in-laws and got about 1/2 way there when the car's transmission went OUT!!! Ugh! So we called a good friend to come pick us all up and bring us back home, called the in-laws with our regrets, and planned for how we were going to get the car home/to the shop. Kyle ended up buying a $100 tow chain and I got to tow him down I-20, I-635, I-30, and then home the back way. Ugh for sure!! I was SOO stressed pulling the car home and dealing with the assholes that felt the need to flip me off because I was only going 40MPH on the interstate. I'm in the right lane d**khead!! Go around me!!

This morning we get the call from the shop with the diagnosis. Yep, needs new transmission. This means about $1900 out the door and to the mechanic. Ouch!! Hubby called and told me to be frugal, which I guess is his nice way of saying "Don't go shopping/spend any money!"

I AM going tomorrow and getting a copy of EA Active for the Wii though...but I have CASH! So no need to charge that. I first really got interested in it when I saw Sammy, aka Alison Sweeney, showing it to Ellen and talking about how this is what she's using to get her baby weight off and get back into shape. It looks a little more intensive than Wii Fit and I certainly am glad to find something else to do. And this "game" has running, kickboxing, a 30-Day challenge, and lots of other activities. And I like that it has a leg strap so you have a place to put the nunchuck that can gauge when you're running and such a little better. Looking forward to it! And thanks to Renee for confirming it comes out tomorrow for me!

Well, I'm off to clean the house and stay away from shopping. hehe

Friday, May 15, 2009

New paths and old beginnings

I am happy to report that I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend!! We played in the water, drank our adult beverages, and soaked up all the sun we could. I took lots of pictures, but as per the request of some of my loved ones, I've decided not to post some of them. I can't see the harm in several of them, but then again..I don't want to step on anyone's toes with my actions either. Here's one of my son that seems to sum up the relaxation just perfectly!

One night we all sat in a semi-circle just a matter of yards from the water's edge and sang any song we could remember at least one verse of and danced around about the beachy area. My mother was out for that evening, but for the rest of our time there she seemed to stay in her camper for the vast majority of the day. It did sadden me some. She was continuing on the same path she always had, over-doing it one evening/day just to throw herself into such a state that getting out of bed before afternoon became near unbearable.

I've been doing well with my dieting efforts lately. The weight isn't falling off by any conjuring of the imagination, but it IS coming off. Slow but sure wins this race, right?

I have wondered here lately, with some of my dealings with several people in my life over these 34+ years, what makes people seemingly pigeonhole themselves into distinct categories. Do you know someone who constantly seems to be the victim? Another who is always smiling and trying to keep the peace? Another who naturally takes on a parenting role? The pot-stirrer? The drama starter? The wise one who merely sits back and observes but has the advice of the ages in their eyes?

I feel fortunate to have, at one point or another, come into contact with all of these types. And I consider myself fortunate because without all these various types (and more) coming through my life I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

I have taken up bowling with a wonderful group of moms. Now only afew of us ever clear 100, but we sure do have a hell of a lot of fun!! Here's a picture of this past week's enjoyable night out.

That's me in the middle on the bottom =)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mark all as read...

Its hard to do that, honestly. I feel like I'm letting down my followers as well as the people that I follow. But its been a LONG two weeks and I just don't think I could catch up to 502 new blog posts.

My sister and I have almost gotten my parents completely moved out of their house and into her home. MY mother is NOT doing well with the transition though. She is lamenting over the fact that they are now "homeless", which is something they could not say about themselves for quite some time. But the way I feel about it is that it could be a LOT worse. At least they have kids they can lean on in this time of their lives. Neither my sister nor I are destitute, and we have room for them in our respective homes for as long as they need the roof.

I've been doing well with my weight loss, staying on track for the most part. I haven't seen any huge drops in numbers, but I just need to recommit to working out to get that happening. The hubby wanted me to get him up this morning at 6am so he could start running again. Alas, I got up at 7:15 to get the munchkins out of bed and then came down to check email, put money in my daughter's lunch account, and dear hubby lays next to me still, softly snoring. Maybe tomorrow morning will work out better. *wink*

This weekend I'll be going camping!! Yay me!!! Well, actually yay family!!! Every year, for as long as I can remember, my mother's family meets at Lake Somerville (a lake near Bryan-College Station, TX) and camps for 3-4 days for Mother's Day weekend. The time is spent playing in the water, having adult beverages, laughing and telling stories, and just enjoying the time together. For the past several years we have had a large float that is anchored a little ways off shore for all the adults to lay on for the majority of the day (usually Saturday) and drink and laugh upon. Most everyone gets there Friday night or Saturday morning and leaves Sunday afternoon. Saturday nights we pool our foods and barbecue at one person's site. Sunday morning the guys usually make breakfast (with again pooled ingredients) and serve all the mommies. It is wonderfully relaxing and something I look forward to every year!! I'll be sure to bring back plenty of pictures this year to share with everyone!

Well, I'm off to start my Monday with a bit of exercise. I think I might even make some breakfast for the hubby and I. Be well friends and I'll try not to get so far behind now that things are calming down a bit.

FYI, I STILL have my "trench" and the tree is almost dead.

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