Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not too shabbii...

My adventures on the Wii Fit continue! Last night we got it all set up at home (YEAH!! We're home again!!!) and let Kyle have a go at it. Of course, his Center of Balance is almost perfect *grumble grumble* and his Wii Fit age is 28!!! NINE years younger than his ACTUAL age!! Ugh! Granted he has his goal set to lose 15 lbs to be around a BMI of 24. Oh well, honestly can't say I'm surprised. And for the record, we need higher ceilings!! He can stand on the balance board and stretch his hands upward to touch the ceiling. This is a BIG help during a lot of the yoga, he woud have been a LOT less steady during the tree pose if he wasn't "cheating"...figures!
Here's what I did yesterday to rack up just over 45 minutes...
  • Advanced Step Aerobics
  • Expert Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Yoga (various poses)
  • Snowboarding
  • Ski Jump
  • Meditation

I'm really looking forward to using this every day to train and exercise! FYI, I was down TWO lbs today! I think I'll add a weigh-in list to this blog so I can track my progress here too.


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