Monday, August 25, 2008

Hoofin' it!?!?

So my car is currently in the shop because apparently its leaking coolant pretty badly and this is a vital problem (or so I've been informed). Just refilling it won't cut it. This means we're down to ONE vehicle, the truck! And of course, hubby can't be relied upon to pull up his boot straps and walk the 20 miles to work. (C'mon, why not?! Its GREAT exercise and you've got that big cubicle so no one is TOO close to you to smell your funk once you've sweat off all that excess poundage on the trek there!) Asking too much? Guess so.

Hubby's answer to this dilemma is that he get the truck and I walk everywhere. Since I don't need to go anywhere but the kids' school (which is about 1/2 a mile away and close enough for THEM to walk to and from). I have "plenty of things to keep me busy" at the house! yeah...insert various expletives. We started out the morning by waking the kids and heading out of the house to walk them to school. (According to my son it is SOOO not cool to have your MOTHER walk you to school when you're in the 8th grade, so he took off 5 minutes ahead of us! HA!) Of course, my husband had to turn to me about half-way there and say "WOW! Aren't you happy you did your make-up so you could sweat it all off on the walk there?" Smart ass...NOT helping!!

We both arrive back home and he decides to work from home today. And naturally, on his way upstairs to the office he calls to me "Hey honey!! Think you could start some laundry?" GREAT!! This is my FAVORITE thing about him working from home. *Expletive! Expletive! Expletive!* So my day will consist of more laundry requests and probably a few of these: "Sweetheart, how about a nooner?" or "Think you could do some more cleaning around here?" Oh yeah, that's right! I was looking for a growing honey do list today. How could I ever get through my day without your constant reminders of what's left to do around the house.

I'm thinking of sneaking the truck out to take some movies back in a bit and running some of MY errands. Ah well, as a friend stated, at least I guess the good thing is I've gotten a little bit of my exercise in early this morning. And good news is this morning on my Wii Fit Body Test, I was down 1.5 lbs! YIPPEE!!!!


Anonymous said...

hahahaaaaaaaaa i love it!
Too bad they don't have a smack the husband WII game. I'd get some work out on then!

Anonymous said...

This was a hilarious post! I wanted to come smack your husband for you! Congrats on the continued weight loss -- you're very inspirational for me! I would get me one of those Wii Fitness things but the Wii is in my son's room and ... nope, no way, no how am I exercising in front of my kids. They're TEENAGERS, I'd never hear the end of it! ;-)

Dawn said...

This was funny. I'm with the other gal, I wanted to smack your husband too! LOL Don't you dare give him a nooner! LOL

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