Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

So this might take me a while, and its more of a discipline thing, I guess. I would LOVE to take pictures and post them, but my camera is with hubby in the Philippines. That being said you'll just have to take my word for it.

My son's room is HORRIBLE right now!!!! I think you can see all of 12 square inches of floor!!! We've come to a crossroads with his attitude. So when I got home this afternoon I took the ram out of all the computers but my laptop (can't reinstall windows to change the password NOW, can ya lil' shit?!?!). He's been letting his schoolwork fall off and not been respectful at ALL towards me! So I'm completing phase one. If he doesn't get his room clean today and the office, then tomorrow I take the TV out of his room (if I take the dvd player and leave the TV, he'll just swipe the dvd player from another room in the house). Phase three - all toys, I will take everything out of his room but his dresser and beds (bunk beds taken apart).

So they will be getting home in about an hour and discover that all the ram is out of the computers. I'm SURE there will be fireworks!! Wish me luck. Maybe I should practice Wii Fit Boxing before he gets home?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ever wondered?

Have you ever sat there reading someone's blog wondering what they look like while they tip tap away at their keys? I know I have!!! Here's me:

Bloggy Me sitting in the gameroom
wearing a Cuervo Black ball cap
and Texas A & M shirt

My daughter had been coughing all weekend, so I let her stay home today and rest. She had a mild fever this morning, so it was warranted. She DID rest, instead of deciding it was time to play (I threatened her with cleaning if she was feeling well enough to be up and playing around). So my plan worked!! hehe

I haven't done too much exercise today, but I DID cut the front lawn, which counts I think. We have a manual lawn mower so it usually takes me about 45minutes to an hour to get it all done. Now I need to go back and do the backyard and take care of the weedeating.

So now I want to know what YOU look like when you blog, so hook up the webcam or have someone take a picture and post it on your blog. Be sure to comment and let me know you've done so. I'd love to see your pics and comment, too! hehe

If you're lucky, one of these days I'll take video of me playing Rock Band drums and you can all lose a few lbs laughing and rolling on the floor watching my spastic movements. HAHAHA!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just another lazy Sunday

WOW!! What a weekend I've had! Friday night was a lot of fun, truthfully. I had cocktails, watched Sex and the City twice, and chatted on IM and the phone with my best friend! Her hubby wasn't home either, so she and I both drank and giggled the night away. By the time we went to bed, I think it was near 2:00 in the morning.

Yesterday I went to a friend's house in the evening to play games. Originally we thought it was going to be just 5 of us, but then 6 more folks showed up later. We started out playing Cheeky Monkey, then once everyone else showed up we played a REALLY messed up drinking game. It had something to do with 52 card pick-up, sorta...here's the rules as I understand them:

So you start by basically throwing all the cards into the center of a table, and then starting with whoever you want you pick a card and reveal it. Then you see the "game" for that card.

Cards nine (9) to Ace (A) are all special cards. The color/suit of the card does not matter.

Card Rule
"You" - The player picks someone ("you," which rhymes with two) who must then drink[2]
"Me" - The player who drew the card ("me," which rhymes with three) takes a drink[2]
"Whores" - Girls drink [2]
"Hand Jive" - The player does a hand jive, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must copy the previous player and add their own trick to the mix. The first player to mess up drinks.
"Dicks" - Guy's Drink.[2]
"7 tip it to heaven" - everyone tips their glasses in and drinks, basically a social
"Date" - the person who picks the card picks a mate to drink with him or her.
"Bust a Rhyme" - The player must pick a word/phrase, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must think of a rhyme with the word/phrase. The player to mess up the rhyme drinks. The starting word must not be rhymeless (e.g. orange, purple).[1]
"Categories" - The person who picks up the card calls out a category such as "car makes" or "Family Guy characters" and then starts with the first example of something from that category. No example can be repeated and the first person to fail to come up with another example drinks.[3][2]
"Rule" - The player must choose a rule to be in effect for the rest of the game. If any player breaks a rule, he/she must drink.[1] In most games, the rules become void while involved in game related activity (Rhyme Time, Questions, etc.)
"Questions" - The player who drew the card asks someone a question, and the person must answer truthfully (truth or dare with no dare). If no one laughs, the next person in line (clockwise) asks someone else a question. The first one to laugh drinks. [2]
"King's Cup" - The player may pour a decent amount of whatever he/she is drinking into the "king cup" located in the center of the table. When the last (4th) king is chosen, the chooser has to chug the king cup. King cup may contain anything from beer, liquor, wine, JAEGER BOMBS! or animal crackers[2]
"Waterfall" - All players begin to drink at the same time. It goes clockwise around the circle where the player next to the card-chooser cannot stop until the chooser does, and the 3rd player cannot stop until the 2nd one does, and so it goes around the circle until everyone is done.

OMG! I got messed up!!! I ended the night by drinking close to a gallon of water and going the short distance home. And amazingly NEVER puked!! But MAN it was FUN!!! Our "rules" were HILARIOUS!! They were:
(1) If you say the word "don't" you must drink
(2) If you say the word "drink" you must kiss the person to your left on the cheek
(3) If you say the word "bitch" then you must fondle the boobies of the person to your right (ok, we're a "cheeky bunch"
(4) Whoever broke a rule had to wear a bra on their head

It was a RIOT, especially since there were more guys playing than gals so the guys having to kiss guys on the cheek made us ROLL out of our chairs!!!

Then today I got up around 11am and made blueberry muffins for "breakfast". My son suggested we get out of the house, all of us and go do something. So we did. We went to see Igor at the movie theater.

So all in all Friday was pretty low-key, Saturday was fun-packed, and today was low-key again. So I'm going to get up in the morning and get a couple hours exercise in by mowing the lawn (we have a manual mower) then probably taking in some Wii Fit later that afternoon.

Laters friends!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sasquatch Lives!!

Alright alright, maybe not really, but my legs are lookin' pretty damn close! I don't think I've ever gone this long without shaving. Maybe the hair on my legs weighs 10 lbs and I'll shave tonight and step on the scale to a lovely surprise when I step on that pesky lil' Wii Fit balance board. Maybe I'll grab a bottle of X Rated and a wax kit and just rip that sh*t off! HA! ***The last time I tried waxing I told hubby there wasn't enough tequila in the house to finish the other leg, and I had a tendancy to drop the "f- bomb" with every rrrrrrripp (removal of a wax strip)!!!

If you're wondering what x Rated is here's a picture:
I SWEAR it TASTES pink!! I never knew colors could taste, but if pink had a taste, THIS would HAVE to be it!!! I LOVE the stuff!!! Its a mixture of French vodka, rich blood oranges, mangos, and passion fruit. Its apparently a product of Skyy vodka. Here's a recipe they provided that I may be forced to try tomorrow. hehehe

X-Rated Tiara

1 part X-RATED Fusion Liqueur®
1 part Crown Royale®
Splash apple pucker
Splash cranberry juice
Splash pineapple juice
Squeeze fresh lime wedge
Garnish with a cherry

So I'm off to watch Survivor with my son in a rare nice bonding moment, free of sarcasm or those annoying teenaged rolling eyes.

Comments on comments...

Ok, I just got through reading a bunch of comments (which I am ALL about, by the by)!!

And I thought I'd take a minute or two while I'm starting my second movie of the night...YES, I know its already after midnight here in Texas and I have a volunteer appt tomorrow morning and a loverly visit to my neighborhood torture artist (whoops, did I say that? I meant dentist, really.), all starting in about 8 hours. I'll just grab a big ol' diet mountain dew or Full Throttle drink in the morning when I stumble out of the house. HA!

One person asked me what my husband does for a living...
The simple way to answer this is he is a Telecommunications Renaissance Man. He works for a local telecom company developing a REALLY cook products for businesses. He's done everything from support to development to executive sales and a whole bunch in between. On this current trip he's working on an on-site install. And by him being there he can answer any questions they might have and hopefully secure a purchase order for the sales team. hehe

Several comments were made about my interesting life.
THIS made me smile AND laugh!! I DO have a handful of close knit friends that I like to "hang" with. I also try and keep up with SOME of the crap, oops, interesting trends that my children are in to these days.

I DO try to live every day as it comes at me. I TRULY love my life!! Sure, we could all want something, and Lord knows I do often enough (right now I'm coveting Dawn's new digital camera from afar!). That being said, I consider myself very fortuate to have what I DO have and TRY not to take it for granted.

Thanks for the ego stroke bloggy peeps!

A little while back someone asked if I enjoy my Wii Fit.
Hells to tha yea, I do! HAHAHAHA!! I REALLY enjoy it, but I REALLY should get back on a daily schedule on it. I feel bad when that lil' flexible animation says "I've missed you! It's been -- days since your last workout!"

So PLEASE keep the comments coming! I LOVE them and read each and every one of them!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On my own, for a bit

Ok, this one DEFINITELY has to do with my weight loss!! (sorry if a couple of the last ones haven't)

Yesterday, around noon, I heard from hubby. He said it was possible his company was sending him to Manila on Friday. He'd be gone for three weeks. Fast forward by, oh 2 or so hours, I get another call.
Hubby: Remember when I said I'd likely be leaving Friday?
Me: Yeah?
Hubby: Scratch that...I leave tomorrow at noon.
Me: Say what?!?! Repeat that?
Hubby: They moved up the travel date to tomorrow at noon.
Me: Oh S**T!! Really?!?! Well, I guess you need to go TONIGHT and get those dress slacks we were thinking of getting tomorrow.
Hubby: Good idea, I didn't think of that. Where should I go? Is Target ok?
Me: No, Target is not ok...try Macy's, Dillards, or something similar. Alright, I'll start getting your crap together when I get home.
Hubby: Thank babe!
Me: Put your passport in your laptop bag now.
Hubby: Good idea. Love you. Gotta run.
ME: Love you too, bye.

Yeah, I had a minor freak out moment!! I got him all packed last night (yes I SO SPOIL my hubby and pack for him when we or he go just about anywhere) and off to his flight. I even looked up some travel tips and local info to where he'll be staying so he could read something on the flight and not seem like a complete idiot getting around town in the Philippines.

The way this has to do with my weight? I usually eat like CRAP when he's out of town!!! He keeps me honest. So I'm going to do my VERY best to be good and lose weight while he's gone. I'm just hoping and praying I can sleep like a normal person in his absence (remember the insomnia of the last trip).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have I told you lately...

How much I HATE going to the dentist!?!?!?! I scheduled appointments for my children and hubby yesterday. Hubby had to cancel due to an unexpected meeting, so they offered that I just fill his spot (my original appt was for this coming Thursday). The kids both did really well, and they said I did as well.

However, I am one of the lucky ones that has to get DEEP cleaning. They have to numb my mouth to do this crap. And even then I can still feel some of it, enough that it hurts. I don't know if they use a lazer or WHAT, but whatever it is it spins and makes a high-pitched whirr all on its own, then when it touches the tooth (OMG! Just let me sit in a room with 10 girls running their nails down a chalkboard instead!). I was in SUCH pain yesterday evening and last night (even this morning). The numbing wore off after about 3 hours and I had a subway sub for dinner (no spicy or hot foods for a lil' while). I had a horrid headache last night that was STILL there this morning. So I took some meds last night and went to bed early (around 9:30 or so). And lucky me, I go back on Thursday so they can do theother side of my mouth.

All that being said, I didn't do any exercising yesterday. It was a REALLY bad allergy day for me and I didn't even get out of bed until almost noon. Then I had to get ready to go get the kids, as their appointments were at 2pm. After I get back from my volunteer thing this morning I'm going to have some lunch and then hop on the Wii Fit, while I'm still feeling alright.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'll take mine in pink...

I figured that would better fit me to have a pink carpet to my awards show, instead of a red one. My bloggy friend, Katie, has awarded me! yeah me!!!

I'd like to thank the little people that I stepped on whilst I clawed my way to the top. And I'd like to thank my husband for keeping me in great looking shoes and makeup, even if he doesn't know how much they cost. Ha! Just kidding (on both parts). But I would like to thank Katie and my other readers. and in the spirit of an awards ceremony, I need other winners. So, joining me on the path and mugging for the pictures are:

  1. Danielle - who makes me laugh so many times as well as coo at her adorable family and chihuahuas!
  2. Losing weight - who keeps me honest and motivated more than she could know!
  3. The Real Housewives of Collin County - these women thought up a YUMMY cocktail AND keep me in stitches constantly! I admire their heart AND wit!
  4. Suzi - a new discovery for me that makes me smile and seems like she and I would get along well...my kids have TERRIBLE morning breath too!!
  5. Dawn - who's probably getting tired of me awarding her, but she is THAT good! We HAVE to meet up some time!
  6. Kath - another witty mom working on releasing her inner skinny!
  7. Em - who writes a LOT, but is always honest and just puts it out there! My kinda gal!
Beware ladies, there's rules to accompany your reward (and they include more than NOT punching the paparazzi in the face!):
1. The winner can (and should, really) put the logo on their blog.
2. The winner must link to the person from whom they received their award.
3. The winner must nominate at least 7 other blogs for an award.
4. The winner must place links to those blogs on their own blog.
5. The winner must leave a message on the blogs of the people they’ve nominated.

So don your best shoes, take that call from the famous fashion designer that I KNOW we've all just been avoiding (HA!HA!), and let's give Harry (Winston) a shout so he can loan us some fab-o jewels! Let's work that pink carpet ladies!!!

Rock Star?

In an earlier post someone commented that I should post a picture of me rockin' out on the drums on Rock Band. Well, I don't have that picture, but I DO have a picture of me on lead guitar.
Band members (from left to right): Kyle (my hubby) on bass guitar, Chad on drums, Dorsey (me) on lead guitar, Phil on vocals

We had two other couples over Friday night, with their kiddos, and we had a BLAST! We drank way too much, stayed up WELL past our bedtimes (I think we got to bed around 3:30am), played some great games, and laughed a LOT! We never did get to play Trailer Park Wars or Redneck Life, but we played a lot of Chad's games and still had a good time overall. The menu for the evening consisted of various cocktails (Margaritas:blue and regular, Collin Countinis, Amaretto Sours, various beers), Doritos, Buffalo wings, chicken taquitos (flautas really), and popcorn. Yes, I know, not exactly conducive to a healthy diet.

So today I'm working on laundry and continuing to clean up the aftermath. I'm sure at some point I'll head upstairs and do my daily workout.

Do you have friends over from time to time? What do you do, typically?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Alright, I did my exercises this morning, and then some. I did the 30-minute challenge on my treadmill and thought I'd keel over right then and there!! This was of course, after I'd already done 30 minutes of Step Aerobics on the Wii Fit AND the warm-up routine on the first Carmen Electra DVD. (Can I just say I want her upper body control!! how the flick am I supposed to "roll" my torso without moving my hip and make it look all fluidy-like and s**t?!?!)

So although now I'm sure I look very similar to a strangely large sack of potatoes trying to roll around and do these Strip Aerobics moves, I take comfort in the thought that some day I will give those skinny bitches a run for their money. Hubby will come upstairs to watch ME work-out instead of the women on the TV screen.

This has been a rough week for me overall. This morning my weight was up, and allergies have been HORRID all week. And given the fact that the temperatures have been in the 70s/low 80s we've opened up the house and turned the A/C off! This means a pretty engraved gold-leaf invite for all the ragweed floating about in the air to come into our abode and up my freakin' nose! AHHHHH CHOOOOO!!! I've been taking Zyrtec in the mornings, but it seems that by 4:00 in the afternoon this supposed 24-hr dose has worn off. Ugh! So around 5:00pm I usually have a headache firmly planted in my sinuses and a red nose from all the rubbing.

I did some better working out this morning, so I feel good about that. Now I just hope I can figure out an allergy remedy before too long. Thanks for al the encouraging words from my blog where I posted the picture of myself exercising. I can tell you I hesitated when I brought the pic up on my screen, as I DO look better from the front. But all in all, it was something I needed to do.

Just a little update...

Yes, that's me doing some yoga this evening. I've been concentrating so much on the step aerobics, I have been neglecting my yoga. So I did a little step tonight and then the rest was yoga and strength training. My weight has been fluctuating here recently, but then again so have my exercise commitments. So I guess that explains all. I've been doing well with what I've been eating (and not eating), I just have to make the weight loss happen by kicking in the exercise. I think I might resurrect my Carmen Electra Strip Aerobics DVDs tomorrow. So as embarrassing as it might be, I decided to share with you all a picture of me doing my exercises. (the outfit is new, and I think its quite cute from the front...hehe maybe I'll take a picture of that another time)

The second thing on my list is WONDERFUL award from one of my favorite bloggy friends!!! THANK YOU, Dawn!!! From what I've read of her words I reckon Dawn's a fantastic mother, blossoming photographer, and hilarious loyal friend!! I LOVE it when people visit my blog(s) and I get giddy when I see they've left comments. I'm just putting myself out there and hoping to possibly bring a smile to some of the other people out there in that great big cyber-world. (Hint Hint....I LOOOVE your comments!!! Shameless grovelling for your responses? Nah...)

The deal here, as I understand it to be, is to answer the following question with one word (if possible) and the nominate others. So onto the questions:

  1. Where is your cell phone? Bedside-table
  2. Where is your significant other? Upstairs
  3. Your hair color? Blondie-Brownish-Red-Kinda (does that count as one word? HA!)
  4. Your mother? FAAAAABULOUS!!!!
  5. Your father? My hero!
  6. Your favorite thing? Friends (a lot of which are also family members)
  7. Your dream last night? Scandalous!! (hehehe..it was naughty)
  8. Your dream/goal? SKINNY!!!!!
  9. The room you're in? Budoir
  10. Your hobby? Writing
  11. Your fear? Failure
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 yrs? Country
  13. Where were you last night? Home (watching Big Brother 10 Finale...YEAHH!!! Dan won, UNANIMOUSLY!!!)
  14. What you're not? Short
  15. Where you grew up? Bryan-College Station
  16. The last thing you did? Kiss (my hubby)
  17. What you are wearing? See above picture
  18. Your TV? Chris Noth (Criminal Intent is on)
  19. Your pet? Burrowed (under the covers, she's a chihuahua)
  20. Your computer? Humming (as always)
  21. Your mood? Satisfied
  22. Missing someone? Memaw
  23. Your car? Delapidated (ha!! I want a new one!!!)
  24. Something you're not wearing? Socks
  25. Favorite Store? Fry's Electronics
  26. Your summer? OVER!
  27. Love someone? YES! (Friends and family!)
  28. Your favorite color? PINK!!!!
  29. When is the last time you laughed? Today (when my best friend said she'd been backdoored into being PTO Pres!)
  30. Last time you cried? Monday

So I'm going to nominate some other wonderful women for this award now...enjoy it ladies!
  1. MamaLaina
  2. Em
  3. Rubicon Mom
  4. Chubbie Chica
  5. Steph
Sorry I didn't do seven, as Dawn did... I guess I need to up my reading list..ha!

Celebrity Look-Alikes

So again, my friend Dawn did this and I thought it would be cute...here's mine:
I think I'm going to have to check out some of these women, I have NO idea who some of them are...hahaha!! But I'm LOVING the Alyson Hannigan reference, she's a riot!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The winds of change?

This weekend the hubby and son went off to hunt. Hurricane Ike is bearing down on the Texas coastline and some of my family members are in the affected areas. I have an uncle that has sustained some roof and water damage to his home. Another uncle had some downed trees. Overall, everyone is doing well. And thankfully no one I know was hurt. Now onto me, huh? Most of today it rained a nice soaking Spring-like rain. The about half an hour ago the winds picked up and it actually overturned the basketball goal in the backyard. It made me jump a little, I'll be honest with you. I'm expecting more winds and rain. But luckily our house is made of neither sticks or straw, so I think the big bad Ike will not huff and puff and blow our brick house down. I know none of this has to do with my weight loss, but I thought I'd include it anyways for those bloggy friends of mine who might be concerned for those in the path of this storm.

In order to get my weight under control I need to stop lying to myself. I need to be honest, every day. There are times I think I'm fine with my weight. I'm happy, I have a great family, the love of a wonderful man, and security. Then there's nights I want to cry to sleep over what I've allowed myself to do to my health. I know that the latter is closer to the truth of the matter. I have done this. I picked up the fork and didn't put it down until I was miserable. I DO want to change. I DO want to be happy with my inward AND outward appearance. Today, my daughter and I went to the movies. I made the choice to eat two hot dogs, nachos, half a pickle, and drink a large coke. Afterwords, I felt bad for having done so, but that wasn't enough to stop me.

I'm trying to think of a constant reminder to "keep me in line" with my goals. I'm thinking of trying a bracelet on my right wrist. I'd be making this bracelet myself. I am hoping that since this is the hand I use to hold a fork, and so on, that it will serve as a reminder. I've had great successes and even greater failures in this long journey. And this is what I know it is, a journey. Journeys by definition are not traveled overnight. Over the years I'm sure I've lost 100+ lbs overall, I've gained that too, however. I know I will stumble from time to time, but with every step I vow to learn something and have successes that far outweigh the "bad".

I'm off to make my bracelet.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Ol' Fashioned Family Time

Last night my family and I spent some good quality time together. We played a board game after supper. Granted it wasn't your normal game, but it was sure hilarious!! The game is called Redneck Life and is put out by Gut Bustin' Games. We had more fun giggling our way through this wacky board game. If you're not sensitive about all things redneck (those of us with some redneck in our blood generally aren't) then I suggest picking this one up!

I also did my Wii Fit yesterday morning around 5:00am. I was up a little, but it wasn't anything to write home about (likely just normal fluctuations). I think it might have had something to do with my personal choice in comfort foods (buffalo wings, stuffed jalapenos, southwest egg rolls). Before I'll pick up something sweet, I'll reach for something salty. Yumm!! Most of my friends will just about turn into a bear for some great chocolate. Myself, on the other hand, I'd LOVE to get me some Funyuns and Jalapeno Cheddar dip!. Ok, I think a lil' of my redneck is showing..HA!

In either case, I think its less about what we choose to indulge in and more about how much we choose to indulge. Although it would taste delicious to finish off a big bag of chips and dip, its not waist-friendly. So I will continue to do my best to keep my own mouth in check (as well as my shoveling-hands) and keep on a good weight LOSS track!

What's your little indulgence/comfort food?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's the start of a new routine

Or so I'm hoping for. I went to bed last night around 8:00pm, I had a bad headache and was pretty sleepy to boot. I woke up this morning to hubby's cell phone alarm at 6:10am. Decided that rather than lay here for however long, it'd be better to just attack my day. I went upstairs, popped in Wii Fit, took a body test and did some exercising.

Lo and behold...YEAH!!! I'm down!! Around 7:00am I decided it was time to wake everyone else up. So that I did. This is a short entry, as I've just started my day. My plan today is to get the laundry all done (even folded and put away), and to clean the rest of the house as well. I got the clothes unloaded from this weekend's trip yesterday and some of them in the washer. I even got the luggage taken back upstairs. However, there's a looming pile of clean clothes waiting for me on the couch. So I'm off. I'll probably check back in later today.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The best laid plans...

So this morning I awoke with a new vigor for life and my health! I've slept FANTASTICALLY this whole weekend (and last night was no exception!). We celebrated hubby's birthday this weekend with his family (I got him a game, a t-shirt, a Bocce set, a new nice BLACK suitcase, and a sexy coupon book) and got lots of hunting time in! I even went out with the guys early Saturday morning and got some great shots (OK, so I'm a little prejudiced on their quality..its my hubby and son! what are ya gonna do? LOL)Hubby and son

Hubby in a field of sunflowers
Sunlight flowing through the trees, and YES
that's the barrel of a gun..ha!

So back to this morning. I got up, on my own, at about 5:50am and went upstairs to do some Wii Fit. I then remembered I'd bought new drumsticks yesterday and wanted to give them a whirl! (They're SOO pretty too! I wrapped the base of mine with pink electrical tape. HA!) So I turned the volume down really low and started beating away at those blasted things. hehe Its a lot more fun than I would have ever imagined, even if I DO look spastic while playing on EASY!!

So there went that idea. I looked at the clock and it was five minutes til' seven and time to get everyone else up. I went downstairs and saw that Kyle was already up and I told him I planned on taking Mondays and Fridays as my cleaning days. I'd designate three hours of these days to just clean, clean, clean! Yeah...nice thought, huh? And talk about freeing up time to work-out!! Without hubby on my case about the state of the house, I can work out like two hours a day!!!

So just keeping up, I'm cleaning three hours a day, working out two hours a day, and insane...oh...24 hours a day! HA!! Yea, I haven't cleaned ANYTHING today!!! I haven't workout out yet. That s, unless you count dancing around and singing to Rock Band..fyi, I ROCK!! ha!!

So tomorrow's another day, right? And I can make up for the things I didn't do today. My son apparently took off with my iPod this morning, so no tune-age to clean to...see!! You'd have put it off too!!

On the "diet" front, I was in Southern Fried HEAVEN this weekend!! HA!! There was fried perch, fried dove breasts, french fries, pinto beans, banana pudding with nilla wafers, jalapenos with cream cheese-all wrapped in a strip of bacon and baked, and more! Yummm!!!

The cooks and a cpl of the fryers

I tried my best to control my mouth (and hands from grabbing more and more) and even ended up coming out weighing less than I did on Friday when I left home to meet hubby down there. So I guess my "Tackle It Tuesday" will be was I put off today. hehe

Friday, September 5, 2008

Holy Smokes! Miracles DO Happen!!!

Last night I actually slept for SEVEN straight hours!!! Yeah!!! I guess I'd finally gotten sleepy enough--body, mind, and soul!! I think this will also play a large role in my weight loss as well. I have read, and heard, that often times if you're not sleeping well it will reflect in your weight. You need to be sleeping 6-8 hours a night in order to keep up healthy weight loss.

I've been less than stellar in my eating habits this week, but I look forward to the future (starting with today). I've not written things down like I should be doing, and there's no excuse for that. I just need to suck it up and do what I know needs to be done.

Today I'm going to go to my meeting and then come home, change into some ratty clothes, and clean this house like I never have before! I want to get everything looking great for when we get home. We're leaving tonight to go to Clifton to join Kyle for hunting this weekend. I don't hunt, I'm not good with moving targets..ha! But this year I did get a couple camo shirts so I can at least look supportive...hehehe I plan on working on digiscrappin' most of the time (there's no internet out there). So hopefully there will be some new posts there come Monday.

I will be working out this weekend though, there's PLENTY of places to do some walking out there!!! I'm giving the hubby a Bocce set, but that's not really much exercise. *giggle* See you all Monday!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Makin' things happen

So any regular followers of this blog know that I haven't been sleeping well this week. Today I took about a 3 hr nap after taking some heavy meds for a headache. I woke up still sleepy, so I think I'll try some tylenol pm tonight and go to sleep. I have a meeting at 8:15am and I need to be coherent for it, not still in a sleep haze.

I spent most of today running all over town looking for birthday presents. The hubby's birthday is Saturday and we're doing a family party for him and his two nephews. The nephews were easy enough..GameWorks gift cards, the hubby, on the other hand, Ugh!!! I looked everywhere for a computer game, but no one seems to have it. I need to hop online and find out why Fry's might have returned them all the the vendor. I finally gave up and got his some stuff from Spencer's. hehe

Oh and thanks to Michelle for my second award! I truly enjoy your words and am thrilled that you enjoy mine as well. In the spirit of awards, I'm passing this one along to a few of my other regular reads -- The Nice One, Steph, and Kim. I read these often and sometimes get lost in their words. Its a daily escape from my life as I can peek into someone else's world. I LOVE "meeting" new bloggy friends!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Special Total Lunch Challenge?

Alright, its a stretch...but hey..SOMETHING'S gotta work, right?!

I've been watching WAY more TV than any one woman should be allowed. Hubbs is out of town so yesterday while the kids were away at school I even snuck a quick porno in there to make it seem like he was home. HA! (After all, I'd feel skinny if I were having sex, with him, alone is another story..but anyway...I digress) And several times I've come across this Special K challenge sort of thing. Then in the same commercial break there's an add for Total cereal. And as we all know, Special K and those other posers are just masking the fact that they can't provide you with all your needed nutrients, like Total can. HA! And I certainly don't want to have a bowl of cereal and then another bowl of daily vitamins equally as big. Yes! I've fallen into their trap! I've listened to our advertisers! hehe So I've decided to create my own challenge.

This evening I took a shower, thoroughly dried my hair, shaved my legs (HEY! you know those lil' hairs can weigh like 5 lbs? I swear, they MUST!!), and stepped naked atop the bathroom scale. Much to my horror, my weight was NOT down. So I picked up my pride and made a decision. The challenge!

I bought some Total Raisin Bran at the store the other day and I figure I'll have my S*it-Fast for Breakfast, cereal for lunch, a light snack in the afternoon, and then another S*it-Fast. Does Diet Cherry Coke go well with Raisin Bran? I'm going to do my damnedest to stick with this plan for a LEAST a week (while really shooting for two). Maybe this will jump start my weight loss and get me back in the right frame of mind. I'm about ready to ask for a rope to drag my fat a** behind this wagon...this chasing after it every other week is killin' me!

For those of you out there also struggling with your weight, or if you ever have...what have you done to jump start?

And how do you like my blog scheme? I made the pic at the top myself! hehe

STOP this insanity!!!

Where are my Serta sheep to count?

Alright, yesterday morning I got to bed around 9:00am. Then today, I tossed and turned for TWO AND A HALF HOURS starting at 12:30am. I only slept for about three hours before I was awake, TOTALLY awake and trying my best to conquer the day. So, of course, I figured I'd crash at bed time and be SO happy for the comfort of my soft sheets and warm bed. Alas, this was not to be my fate. Here I sit, at 4:20 in the a.m. I turned the TV back on and watched a lil' bit of a Conan rerun and then back to the movies. And what is my choice of viewing enjoyment this morning, you ask? I have chosen 27 Dresses. Its an incredibly cute chick flick, if you haven't seen it yourself.

So what is your late night movie indulgence? Is there a certain flick that you watch when you can't sleep?

Mine really is Titanic (the one with Kate and Leo), but that disc is horribly scratched and needs to be replaced. Good thing I have 372 other movies to choose from...ha!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sleeping In?

Does it count as sleeping in if you don't go to bed until 8:30am? Last night around 10:00 my hubby took off on a hunting trip. I decided to finish up some cataloging I've become obsessed with. Allow me to explain (please bear with me while I tangent off over here...ha!). We have a 400-Disc DVD Changer. And I'm somewhat addicted to the organization of our little magic item. I got it for the hubby years ago and had visions of no more DVDs laying about the house getting scratched and ruined by my lovely children. I put all our movies in (in alphabetical order to the best of my ability) and then proceeded to create a spreadsheet in which I included the disc no, movie title, year released, and MPAA rating. I've had to re-do said list three times now (for various infractions). The kids STILL come and snatch movies and leave them upstairs in their rooms, leaving me with an empty disc slot that drives me UP the wall. Anywho...

Last night I was working on this latest list, the last one was lost when my computer crashed and the only paper copy we had has long since been reworked. The hubby called and we chit chatted for a bit while I was entering titles (I'll have you know we have 373 DVDs in thie player now..yeah I know, we're a regular Blockbuster), then he hung up and I decided I was a lil' hungry. I checked on the kids, grabbed my keys, and headed out to get a snack (I'd rummaged through the pantry and of course could find nothing I wanted). I know! I know! IT was near midnight by the time I left the house, I SHOULD have been going to bed, NOT eating! (THIS is my not-so-secret problem) I went to Walgreens first and picked up some more coloring books, along with a couple for my daughter, who's been swiping mine AND my colors (HA!). Then onto Taco Bell.

I got a cpl Tacos and stuff and took it home. Did I share? No!!! I ate it all myself. I didn't have any Coke or anything, but somehow I was still jazzed. I watched several movies (My Best Friend's Wedding, Center Stage, Save the Last Dance, and What Happens In Vegas) and then decided as the sun had come up hours ago, it was likely high time I sleep!!

I can't say for sure why I was awake for so long. I hadn't taken a nap yesterday, or slept particularly late either. Perhaps it is something subconscious...I know that you shouldn't eat within a couple hours of going to bed, as it will only lead to an ugly weight gain...so maybe my "skinny brain" (the same one I take shopping..ha!) said "Well Dorsey, it'll be ok as long as you don't sleep right now!" And apparently I heard it loud and clear!! So today, as pennance for my transgretions I have committed to doing a LOT of Wii Fit!! I've resisted repeating this horrible "Skinny Sin" today (read: I haven't left the house in search of fast food). I DO need to take my daughter to the store and get some of her digital pics printed out for a school project, but I'm taking her with me to help curb my moments of temporary tummy-insanity.

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