Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Migraines and Splenda

Today I went to the store and got some Citrus Crystal Light drinks (Focus). And I drank one while doing my hour of step aerobics, but then about 20 minutes later I noticed I was developing a REALLY bad headache QUICKLY! IT just seemed to get worse and worse at a very high speed. Before long I had blurring vision and nausea. Yep, its a migraine now. I looked at the bottle and discovered that it is sweetended with Splenda. I don't know why I didn't both to check the label at the store, I'm allergic to Splenda. And my reaction is migraine headaches. So I went downstairs to grab some meds and take them with plain ol' water from the fridge.

So here I sit with my head pounding, clothes damp from sweat after an hour straight on the Wii Fit Free Step Aerobics, tip-tapping away at my computer. I have remained committed to my goal of STAYING active and doing a minimum of 30-45 minutes on Wii Fit daily. When I gained weight recently, it was only a mild gain. I don't sweat those, as I know muscle weighs more than fat and also burns fat more efficiently. All in good time, right?

I went to a Mary Kay class with a friend last night and had a good time meeting people. I was encouraged to sign on as a consultant, but let them know that selling it wasn't for me, but I'd be happy to support my consultant as a cherished customer. I think I met some neat ladies that I can add to my "good girlfriends" list, though. I got a call from a couple of them this evening and they couldn't have been nicer.

Ahhhh..there's that euphoria I was waiting for. Headache on its way out!! Yeah!!! So I'm off for now everyone. I'm planning on trying a new recipe tomorrow, so I'll probably post pictures on here and a recipe. Thanks friends and be well!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I get the same reaction with nutrasweet. I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog so much I just passed an award on to you. http://apronstringsandangst.com/i-heart-bloggy-love-two-awards/

Dawn said...

I'm sorry you got such a horrific headache. Ouch!

Can't wait to see and get your new recipe.

I used to be a MK consultant. I'm so not the selling type. I still use several MK things though. Although now I buy them off of ebay cheaper! LOL

I'm so happy you made some new friends. We can always use new friends. :)

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