Monday, April 2, 2012

Forcing a change!

Lately a lot of my friends have been sharing their journey through weight loss on Facebook. They're doing a weekly weigh-in and posting their gains/losses. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that step yet. But I NEED to do something to get this excess weight of mine under control!

Yesterday, I mowed the front and back yards. This was no small task, and I felt like I sweated off several pounds. I also went on a field trip with the kids' ROTC group and walked several miles throughout the day on Friday. Neither of these tasks resulted in a large drop in pounds, that I could see on my scale. Even though this was the case, I will remain optimistic and continue on my journey.

Recently I've been watching The Celebrity Apprentice. Last night they had an episode promoting Walgreens' new walking program. I'm thinking of signing up and using it as another tool. I'm also back to tracking my food intakes. I'm using the Lose It! app on my iTouch. I understand its also available through the Google App Market, so I might be downloading it on my phone also. I HAVE had more success when I keep track of my food in a diary of sorts.

I'm trying to cut down on my carbs, not totally eliminating them, but just monitoring them better. Since my father suffers from diabetes, and given my current weight, I worry that I might also be diagnosed if I don't treat this with the urgency and seriousness it rightly deserves. This morning I had 3 eggs (scrambled, I don't add milk..just plain scrambled), 2 oz of sausage (diced and cooked with the eggs), topped with some shredded cheddar cheese, and served on 3 small flour tortillas.

Be well friends!

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