Sunday, August 10, 2008

All done for another day

So I finished up my 30 minutes (actually worked for just about 45 minutes) todat on Wii Fit. I rounded out my time with some more Advanced Step Aerobics, a few yoga moves, some strength exercises and ALL THREE challenges!! Yep, you heard right!!

I did the Push-up Challenge, Jack-knife Challenge, AND Plank Challenge!!

My arms are still a little shaky to be perfectly honest. I'm just hoping this pays off on the body test tomorrow. I also have my TOPS mtg to go to tomorrow. I am still taking a break, but I do need to give them my awards from months past.

I read a friends (Dawn's Diversions) blog and I LOVE how most of her days have themes!! I have to figure out where she got that idea! I just adore them and am hoping to incorprate them into my own blog.

Be well friends and here's to a more healthy wii!!


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