Friday, August 15, 2008

Dorsey needs...

Ok, so I got this idea from a friend's blog (Dawn). I went to google, and typed in "Dorsey needs" and waited for the internet magic to begin... I had to use the first three pages instead of two, since there were A LOT of repeats. Here's my top five:

"Dorsey needs camp time to make an impact"

I'm not sure what to make of this one. I guess I need to get back in touch with nature, and what better way than camping?!? Right?


"Dorsey needs to know historical figures"

I'm thinking this has NOTHING to do with school (or rather hoping, as history was NOT my best subject). This one actually speaks to me. I believe this is directly linked to my weight loss, I need to remember what I've done in the past, and learn from it. As they always say...if you don't learn from history, you'll be doomed to repeat it.


"Dorsey needs to be a beast as a rookie"

Alright troops!! This one means that I need to start out my day like an eager rookie!! I should no longer loaf around until after "The View" or casually roll out of bed. I need to start each day with a purpose and attack it!!


"Dorsey needs to stay on the floor"

I didn't think I'd had my head in the clouds lately, but perhaps I have after all; or so the powers that Google be seem to think so. HA! I plan on being more involved in my kids' school this year and hopefully that will help to keep me grounded.


"What Dorsey needs is patience"

Yeah, I need patience, but don't we all from time to time. I'm taking more time for me these days (with my workouts). This time is crucial to my getting more healthy and being an all-around better me. I like who I am as a person now, I'm just not thrilled with my physical impression I leave with folks.


Thanks for the fun, Dawn! I had fun with this lil' exercise in self-examination.


Dawn said...

LOL Yes, it was self-examination alright!

Those were great!! :)

Thanks for playing along.
Oh, I really like the new layout on your blog!

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