Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Early mornings

Both yesterday and this morning I've gotten up rather early. Granted, last night I fell asleep close to 9:00pm, so when I awoke at around 3:00am it didn't seem that bad. I laid in bed for another two hours or so and tried to watch movies on the laptop with headphones and fall back to sleep, to no avail. Around 5:00 or so I decided to just head upstairs and get in some early Wii Fit, before anyone else woke up and needed my attention.

So I stepped onto the balance board and started up a movie. Movie sucks. Pause Wii Fit, change to regular tv (catch up on my news and current events). What the....!?!?!?! So Verizon has apparently decided to pull the open air plug WAY earlier than February 2009. Yes folks, I'm a rabbit ears gal. We nixed cable a few months ago as it was an expense that was just not needed in our home. Looks like I'm headed to Wal-mart this morning to get a converter box. I STILL say the cable companies are behind this and backing some MAJOR lobbyists to make this crap happen. Anyway, back to what I was saying...I searched quicklyfor another movie and found a cop of Dirty Dancing upstairs, so I popped that in. This'll work, plenty of music and a decent watch, too.

I put in my 30 minutes of free step aerobics and decided to come on downstairs. Hubby had gotten up, only to let the dogs out to go for their morning pee (then slinked back to bed). So I decided to just grab my water, brush my teeth and log online to check things out in cyberworld.

I'm thinking of joining a friend for a week of free gym time, should be fun to have someone to work out with. Oh, and on another note...no more hoofin' it for me!! The car is fixed and for under a grand!! yeah!! So I'm sure he'll take it into work today and I'll get the truck as my transportation liason, but sure beats walking ANYWHERE in Texas heat! Laters friends!


Dawn said...

Don't you just hate it when you can't get back to sleep??? I usually will lay there and read with a book light. But, I know I'm going to pay for it all day long!

Glad you got your other vehicle back! Yay!

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