Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That was a GREAT cold shower!!!

Ok, don't panic...this isn't anything racy. I just finished doing an hour of Free Step Aerobics on Wii Fit. I started with the first 30 min. free step. After I finished that one (and watched part of the Olympics during) I did one round of Advanced Step Aerobics for 5 minutes. From there I moved onto Advanced Boxing for 10 minutes. I did really well there and so I went back to Free Step Aerobics for another 30 minutes. After I finished all this, I turned the Wii-mote over to my daughter and went downstairs to take a COLD (and SOOO refreshing) shower.

Hubby was already in bed, but I couldn't go to bed without getting all this down in blog. So here I am...hehehe I had to fight with my computer for about 20 minutes just to turn the darn thing on!! I need to get another battery (this one only charges about once a yr, and even then only when its not suffering from PMS..aka Pre-Meltdown Syndrome) and another wall plug. To get it to turn on (connect with the power coming from the wall) you practically have to assume Fpx viewing positions! Ugh!!

Anywho, I wrote down all my activities and dining habits today in the book I mentioned earlier. So I'm on a good path again!


gmg said...

U R A brave soul!

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