Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

This picture is from Halloween 2002. My dear hubby dressed as one of the "Budweiser girls" from the commercials from long ago (where men dressed as women in order to take advance of ladies' night at a local bar, mustaches and all).

Standing with my hubby is my son, Agent J of the "Men in Black"

The next year we decided to go as Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew (from The Muppets). I DO just LOVE Halloween!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The importance of good water

Alright, while we were on vacation we picked up some bottled water to take along on the trip. While I was bored once, I started looking at the bottle. And I noticed something expiration date. on water. umm, REALLY?!?! It claims it expires on 03-08-2011. So that got me wondering. What happens to water when it expires? Does it lose its taste? Oh wait! Water DOESN'T HAVE A TASTE!! Its WATER!!!!

I know it is an important part of weight loss and and proper diet to make sure you take in a proper amount of water daily, but when does it become hazardous? If I take one of these bottles and hide it away for two years, will it have turned to a different color than clear when I re-discover it? Like green? Because THAT would be coolness! hehe What do you think will happen? Anyone been brave enough (or patient enough) to already try this little experiment?

Oh! and on my sad laptop situation with the charging, there MAY be hope in the near future. I just ordered a part that HP told me could be at the heart of my problem. Its the little plug inside the side of my laptop that the power adapter goes in to to charge the battery/hook up to AC power.

Yep, that's the part. I've been told that a local place can repair it. If it needs to be soldered on then I have to wait 7 days to get it back, otherwise it'll just be an hour or so. And since I've become rather un-trusting of my laptop in other people's hands, I've verified that I can remove the hard drive and they can still fix it with it missing. I have lost way too much information when other people have "fixed" my computers in the past. NOT this time! Luckily I still have a desktop computer upstairs and my iPod to check email and blog posts on in its absence. =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yea, what's it to ya?!?!

SO hubby pointed out this morning that I've been a bit touchy lately. He asked if everything was alright, and expressed that he had been a bit concerned. I found this somewhat comforting. I guess I have been somewhat out of sorts. I'm gonna chalk it up to hormones though. Case in point...
Over the past two days I've been doing mountain loads of laundry. And as I would take a load out of the dryer, it would quickly be transported to the couch. So by the end of the day yesterday you could make out the arms and a little of the back of the couch. The rest, covered by loads and loads of clean clothes. My original plan was to haul all the clothes upstairs yesterday morning and fold clothes while I vegged out in front of movies. Instead I did nothing. So last night we got into it, just before going to sleep. So I felt like CRAP!! Hubby has a special way of making me feel like total shit whilst using a minimum of words. So weepy me stumbles out of bed in the dark and goes to the other room. I took ALL those clothes upstairs and folded them all. Then I slept upstairs. I got to sleep somewhere around 2am.

Als over the past couple of days the hubby and I have argued over a platform bed. I want to just go online to and order one site-to-store. It'll cost about $130. This bed is for my daughter, who currently sleeps on a mattress and box springs that reside on the floor of her bedroom. His idea? We should bulid one instead. It would be sturdier and likely cheaper! Well folks, here's my mock up for the bed (after 4 hours of online research for how to make this happen):
Pretty sweet wouldn't ya say? Problem is....this will end up costing us at LEAST $180 after buying all the materials!!! And I mean REALLY!!! Its a f*cking platform bed?!?! How unstable could it be? There's no drawers, no rolling parts, just a box with a flat piece on top!!! I mean I LOVE to build shit, but c'mon!!! I'll put the damned thing together after I pick it up from the store!!

And to my benefit I TOTALLY avoided picking a fight at his dad's place when he said he'd be happy to hang out around the house the whole time (even though when we visit my folks he bitches about that VERY THING!)...nope, I walked away and let it go. Or maybe I let it fester and this is just the ooze from that sore bubbling to the surface?

And OMG! Is it a slow news week or what?!?! I do NOT need to be updated every 15 minutes on grey clouds in the skies around DFW which will possibly cause pea sized hail and rain!!! Quit interrupting my shows!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break break...

This past weekend/week the fam and I went up to NW Arkansas and did a little "camping" with the in-laws (we parked our pop-up camper under father-in-law's carport and hooked into his power). I didn't do too much exercising, as there's not a lot to do out there. Even going for a walk would require a large stick and guard dog escort as there are many loose dogs that are not at ALL shy about chasing cars or people with intent to bite. So I watched what I ate and tried not to snack too often. When I got home on Sunday I had lost one lb over the course of the 5 days. Not bad, considering the whole not exercising bit.

I think I exercised my right index finger the most though, snapping pictures. Here's some of my favorite shots I got...

The dam at War Eagle Mill

Kyle, Hannah, and Josh at War Eagle Mill

Josh fishing

My father-in-law

I thought they turned out pretty darn good even without some fancy photoshopping tools..hehehe

Well, I need to get back to all the laundry that is awaiting me. I just marker 289 posts as all read, because I just couldn't bring myself to try and catch up on them. Sorry if I missed something.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling demotivated?

A while back I happened upon the website and I never laughed SO much!! Their "demotivators" are hilarious!! They take those lovely motivational posters you see in most business offices and put their own sarcastic spin on them. Well maybe the first time I found I laughed pretty hard too. Here's some of my all-time favorite demotivators!! Visit the site for more.

There are no stupid questions,
but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots.

If you're not a part of the solution,
there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem.

The only consistent feature of all your dissatisfying relationships is you.

It's best to avoid standing directly between a competitive jerk and his goals.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,
but you'd be a fool to withhold that from your superiors.

A lot of the ones I like the most are punctuated by the pictures they chose to use. Greatness!!! Can YOU think of some people that these would be PERFECT for?!? hahaha!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Quality Family Time

This was the first time I'd used the 10 second delay mode on the video setting of my camera. It turned out to work VERY well! Here's how we spend our family time together at home often times.

On lead guitar..ME!!
Hannah on vocals...
Funky Josh K on drums..
And Hubby on bass!!!

Monday Mosh Pit

I read several other blogs that do a "Friday Fragments" where they just sort of spout out about whatever is on their mind with no particular linkage between the thought processes. But since I already have grown to love my flashbacks on Fridays, I decided I would take today to air my fragments via the Monday Mosh Pit (because mosh pits seem, to me, to be a mixture of TONS of things going on without much to link them besides maybe music...this all links via my blog)

Firstly, do NOT adjust your televisions!! THIS is what my TV downstairs looks like on a normal basis.
No Ellen is not in 3D, the color guns on our TV are going out. It drives me crazy but I've become too cheap to try and do anything about it that would cost me money. Sometimes everything lines up and the picture is perfect, but at LEAST 80% of the time it looks like the above picture. My son wonders if we put on 3D glasses if it would work and look like Ellen was coming out of the screen at us. Hmmm? Not sure but might have to hunt down a pair of them and try it out. hehe Then I can be all "Ellen was dancing in my living room" and that would be cool! hehe
I had a first this weekend! I did our taxes! Every other year the hubby has trudged through the muck and done them for us. This year he just didn't want to and asked that I do them instead. I giggled frequently when Turbo Tax would ask me if I wanted some help or if I knew what I was doing. "Hell no I don't know what I'm doing!! Where the, 'I'm a virgin at gentle' button?!" But I managed to get through it and not lose any hair in the process. Yay me!!
I finished Twilight!! In less than FOUR DAYS!! This is a RECORD for me! I usually take at LEAST four months to get through ANY book!! For those who have read it already, you'll probably know EXACTLY which parts I'm thinking of here. At one point I kept reading because there were ACTUAL tears coming out of my eyes!! I was just so touched by some of the sentiment that it overcame me. Then I HAD to keep reading because it got rather scary and I couldn't go to sleep with all that crap in my head!! Then I was just so damned near the end I kept reading to finish it. Last night I started on New Moon and am already 100 pages in. hehe I'll probably go ahead and borrow the last two books from Lacey before we leave town so I can possibly finish those up on vacay.
I'm going on VACATION!! Well, sort of anyways. We're headed North a bit to NW Arkansas. My father-in-law lives up there VERY close to a beautiful lake. So I called them yesterday and made sure they would be there for our visit. They will be and are excited about us coming up. So tomorrow I'll be cleaning up the camper and packing our stuff for the trip. We plan on leaving first thing Wednesday morning. That being said, I'll be away from internet access for several days. I'll be back on Sunday and I'm sure I'll have a crap load of stuff to read upon my return.
Lastly, I got an award from Sally's World!!!
Thank you SO much! I am truly honored!! I'll think on it and nominate some others later in the day. This is gonna take some thought, for sure!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Summer 1987
Yeah, I'm cool
Guess Shirt...check!
Swatch watch...check!

I was SO proud of this Snowman (alright, he's a Slushman at best)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I will not waste this day

So I started to try to post this from my iTouch, but it doesn't seem to want to cooperate on that front. Yesterday I ran errands and didn't get ANYTHING done around the house (except for making some yummy cupcakes). Today, not so much.

So far I've gotten out of bed, taken the kids to school, ate lunch for breakfast, taken a lovely nap, had a cupcake, and spent WAY too much time reading blogs and playing Cubes on my iTouch. hehe

I have a pile of laundry just a few feet away from me that is beginning to reach a level that might require protective climbing gear in order to get to the top of it. Hubby has clean clothes, they're just not folded. Ugh! And my children infuriate me every time they fold towels...they do it WRONG people!! So I'm left to do it myself.

The weather outside isn't helping..its movie and nap know, cold and raining off and on. My question to all you fantabulous people out there in bloggy world is HOW DO I MOTIVATE MYSELF?!?!?!

Oh, I forgot..I did sign onto someone's blog to hopefully review some sex toys and stuff for Eden Fantasys. How fun would that be?!? I'm thinking of gathering some more info in the form of a questionnaire to help Tiffany find the perfect toy for her. I did just send a different friend a little goodie box and I'm SOO anxiously awaiting hearing from her that she's received it!! hehe If you have a minute, visit these women's blogs..they are GREAT!!!

Guess I'll go sit by the clothes and see if they're downy freshness inspires me to fold them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Muumuu kind of day...

Yep! That's today! I got sucking into this "Twilight world" that is the first book and found myself reading until almost 3:00am. Several times the hubbs leaned over to say "What the heck, babe?! Aren't you going to sleep?!?!" I decided to call it a night at chapter 14, which is where I plan on starting up again this morning. hehe I have to confess something, I wasn't "getting it" at first. I usually read things like Hannibal by Thomas Harris and felt that this writing just wasn't appealing to me. But I yearn to have more things to talk about with my daughter so I'm determined to read these books in their entiredy. Twilight seemed to start out slow and only in these last couple chapters have I been enticed to read "just one more page" instead of just putting it down for another night.

This morning when the alarm went off at 7:00 I was half tempted to allow the kids a "hookie day", but instead I got up and did my morning mom duties instead. THEN I went back to bed. I turned off the alarm when it went off again seven minutes later. And a few minutes after that the hubbs leaned over me to see what time it really was (yes, I really should change the clock on the VCR..don't judge me for still having a VCR...we need it for the porn..HA!). I guess he thought I hadn't been up yet, because he trapsed upstairs to get the kids up himself. I saw no reason to interject that I'd already done this.

About half an hour later my daughter comes downstairs (already dressed for school minus socks/shoes and her belt) and laments to Dad that she "doesn't feel well, and thinks she should stay home today." This is how the conversation went:

Hubby: What's due today?
Hannah: Nothing, I don't feel good.
Hubby: What homework did you forget?
Hannah: I think I might have thrown up last night?
Hubby: Really? Where is it, your room?
Hannah: No, I think I made it to the bathroom and didn't make a mess.
I'm now trying my best to stifle my giggles under the covers a few feet away in the bed.
Hubby: (putting his hand to her head) Yeah, I'm not buying it. Head's cool as a cucumber. Oh wait! Can't find a belt?
Hannah: No.
Hubby: Go find a belt. DORSEY!! Get up and help her find her belt, its already a quarter til!

Dammit! I soo didn't want to get out of bed and have to get dressed and take her to school. Ugh! So I throw on a dress MIL gave me years ago, complete with embroidered zoo animals on the front. Classic Small Town Mommy Muumuu!!

I found her a belt and grabbed hubby's keys..HE lost mine at some point on Sunday even though I suspect he hid them to keep me from leaving the house to buy fast food or anything else for that matter. Took the girl to school and made my way back to the bed to flip open the laptop and start my electronic day. I decided to indulge myself today and just hang out. Not going to stress about working out..if I get to it, I get to it. So be well friends! I'm going to go back to my reading and let my laptop charge, since it seems to be being nice to me this morning and doing just that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

That's what I get

for taking the weekend off, essentially. I opened my Google Reader and had 184 new posts waiting for me! Ugh!!I'm so scared for what will await me after Spring Break. Eeek!

So this past Friday evening my daughter had already gotten clearance to have a friend spend the night. But because we're planning on camping during Spring Break, we needed to go to Clifton and get the camper. We told her that she was welcome to bring her friend along. But as it turned out, her friend invited her to stay the night over there instead. We worked out the details and we were good to go. Then my son decided he also didn't want to go with us. So we arranged for him to spend the night with one of his friends. Then the hubby and I trotted off to Chili's for some dinner and then off to the farm house to spend the night and get the camper.

We enjoyed the solitude and came home early afternoon Saturday. We checked in with both kiddos and both wanted to spend another night out. Sure! We'll take that opportunity! We decided it would be a good idea to buy a lottery ticket, as our luck was most definitely improving for the weekend! Sad to report I'm not writing to say we've won the lottery. I made jalapeno poppers and we snacked for supper and played on the computers. Around 7:00, Hubby decided he wanted to take this golden chance to go to a movie. We were all set to go see "Watchmen" at 9:55pm.

We got to the move and found a seat. We watched as several other folks made their way into the theater. Then something caught my eye. WTF?!?! Someone was walking up to find their seat with a little girl that couldn't have been more than THREE YEARS OLD!!!! Umm, excuse me, did you get lost on your way to "Hotel for Dogs"? This is a rated R movie. OMG! This is such a pet peeve of mine!! In a film where there is a LOT of violence and blood (gory blood, not so much artistic blood), LOTS of sexual references, and a pretty artisticy soft core porn sex scene. Umm, NO!! That is just wrong on SO many levels!! We sat through the film and enjoyed it alright. It wasn't what we expected it to be, but it wasn't bad either. QUITE different from some of the other comic book films out there though. As we were leaving both of us couldn't help but comment on how we'd rather have waited until it came out on DVD and watched it at home. We have a great TV, a freakin' popcorn machine, and the seats are MUCH more comfortable!!! We also wouldn't have had to put up with the teenagers that kept giggling and talking through the film, and getting up to walk across the theater to talk on their phones. Yes, it IS worth it to save yourself the $20 it costs (and tha's JUST for the tickets) to go see a movie in a theater.

What are your thoughts? Do you spend the money to go to the theater? Would you have said something to the parents who brought their little one to see this very adult movie?

We ended the weekend well enough. The whole family cleaned out the garage some so that we could put the camper in there until Spring Break and also the car that needs some repair done to it.

Oh and for all you guys out there that have read Twilight, my daughter is obsessed with Edward and I told her I'd buy the movie when it came out and take her to see New Moon if she read both books. So I borrowed copies from a friend and she's started reading. In an attempt to also keep up with whether or not she's actually reading it, I've also downloaded a copy of the book to my iPod and I'm currently on page 82. I hope to have it done before we go on our little trip, so I can read New Moon that week. Here's a picture of why I'm the favorite mom on the block right now.
I got it for her at Blockbuster and she squealed "OH!! Its Robert Pattinson!! He is SOOOO cute!" when I unrolled it and put it up for her.

Sorry for being late...

Well I start this by apologizing. I picked a winner for the Skinny Bitch books giveaway, but barely got on the computer to post about it. So Congrats Laurie!!! So please send me an email (dorseybell [at] hotmail [dot] com) at your earliest convenience with your mailing address so I can get the books off to you.

I'll write a longer post later on, but for now I need to get back to laundry. Here's some pics of what we entertained ourselves with this weekend.

My son and daughter cleaning off the camper before we put it in the garage.

My daughter and her friends enjoying the sun and warm temperatures by playing in the water

Friday, March 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

No its not flashing back to the 80s, well not really. It was when I used to play Bunco with some other moms in the area and we decided to make them themed. This one's was the 80s.

Oh yeah! I'm rockin' the mall bangs AND the blue eye shadow!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Morning Routine...

Seeing as how I have been able to acquire a regular day job as of yet, I've become quite the morning TV connoisseur. This morning the hubby woke up just before 4 am and got up to go for a run this morning (NOT his usual routine, but I'm hoping he starts including it more often). He even got the kids up and showered!! WOW! Go SuperHubby!!!

Now my morning run around is a tad bit different. Usually I try to get up and get moving about 7:00 when I get the kids up and moving. I try to go upstairs and exercise before I do anything else. Now most stay at home moms (SAHM) have a small one in the house and are inundated with images from various networks targeted for children...i.e. Nickelodeon, Disney, PBS, etc... Now my kids are older and in school so I don't have to watch the same shows as many of these mothers, my fellow SAHM in the fox holes of motherhood. So here's my typical TV tune in...

First thing in the morning, NBC's Today Show

Then I usually move on to Live with Regis & Kelly (locally on FOX), only if I can stand Kelly Ripa's perkiness and Regis' being Regis...otherwise I channel flip or watch a DVD

After that I indulge in ABC's The View (especially if I'm feeling low on estrogen..ha!)

Then I move on to The Bonnie Hunt Show (back on NBC) if I remember.

After this I usually either watch Martha Stewart or The People's Court. I usually prefer People's Court, but if its a rerun I switch back to Martha.

Then I'm back to NBC for Days of Our Lives, the only soap I'm somewhat addicted to and try to watch most days. I ADORE Alison Sweeney and her character and I could dine on the guy who plays E.J. for a week!! SOOOO yummy!!!

Now mind you, I don't have cable currently, so that sort of limits my choices. I will admit that more times than not the television serves as white noise throughout my day. Hubby and I DO often watch at least half an hour of the Today Show from bed in the mornings. Now weekends are all together different and often times the TV stays off completely, or I'm watching DVDs to pass the time.

So what serves as white noise for your mornings when you're at home?

Side note: GREAT news!! Three days in a row my Wii Fit has NOT chastised me! I've lost weight every day!! Granted it was merely 0.2 lbs yesterday, and 0.4 lbs today, but I'm not complaining!! Every little bit counts!

Monday, March 2, 2009

How many teens can you shove in a Pod?

I'm thinking four if you're talking about this one:

It's call the PeaPod, a new electric vehicle. I was watching Martha Stewart this morning, People's Court was one I'd already seen, and the guy who "invented" this little cutie came on. The one they're coming out with first is a "NeighborhoodPod" that goes up to 25MPH only (which might be JUST the thing for my son when he's 16!!). They DO plan on coming out with a "CityPod" that can go regular speed limits (I'm thinking up to 70MPH or so). The hubby is SUPER into the whole electric vehicle revolution and has ideas spinning around in his head about wind powered turbines for vehicles or something...I IM'd him as soon as the segment was done and he was all "Cool! That would be AWESOME! How much?" So I hit him with the numbers...$12,500 USD!!! ONLY!! That is TOTALLY reasonable for a 4-door!! Then I saw what the inside looked like...

Oh yes, that's right!! It plugs into your iPod!!! AWESOMENESS!!! I could download MORE apps for my iTouch!! hehe And check out the seats!! They're freakin' OFFICE CHAIRS!! They have moveable backs--not adjustable, moveable (like your regular office chair adjusts when you lean back a little). And they're meshy. Alright, meshy might not be a good word, but its my blog and I'll call it what I wanna!! So if I mention them ALL over the place, maybe I could covince them to send me one to try out...wouldn't that be FANTABULOUS!!!

Supposedly it will be available (the NeighborhoodPod) for purchase on Earth Day (April 22, 2009) but won't be delivered, YES DELIVERED!!!, until September 7, 2009. From what I'm to understand, someone drives this little cutie to your home and hands you the keys! Would you drive one?

And while I'm on totally cool things...I got an award!! The person awarding me, America's Next Top Mommy, apparently was convinced I was impersonating her until she read my IQ Answers and discovered I was an Aquarius. Let's just hope she didn't have the same virginity loss answer...awkward!! ha! But I think I might TOTALLY interview her now!! She's got all these pesky rules for the award, but I gave up french fries for Lent, and said NOTHING about following the rules all the time. Ha! So thank you SO much, ANTM!!! And she thinks I'm "insanely gorgeous" which makes her my new bestest best friend!! So all my peeps that read this know that I think you are ALL hotties and would totally list out all of you and why I like you, but that would go on for a LONG time!!! So all you wicked cool hotties consider yourself awarded!!

Oh and for the record, I want to throw out an extra entry for Susan in Tattooed Minivan Mom's Sex Toy giveaway!!! And if she ends up not winning I'm going to send her a swag bag which will be EXCELLENT!!! Heck I might send her one anyways! hehe So what do ya say, Mom? Can we count it? Not that you're MY mom...just don't know what else to call you...hehe

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So far as I could tell not ONE she-male in the bunch!

Last night I actually got out of the house alone, and the kids weren't in school, the hubby wasn't at work. I went off to meet some relative strangers, fellow bloggers. I had to put two calls in to my BFF in order to find the best route there and left an hour early. Before I left, my son asked me an interesting question:
Boy: So how do you know they aren't just a bunch of she-males?
Me: Guess I don't until I get there. But maybe if they are they'll be nice and pay for my dinner. =)

I am happy to report there wasn't, so far as I could tell, a single lady-boy in the bunch! Dinner was FANTASTIC!! I has salmon, mashed potatoes, sweet mash, broccoli, carrots, and snap peas. Dessert HAD to be the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. I ate about 1/3 of both and brought the rest home to the hubby. Which made him REALLY happy!

I was coming off a couple days of having a sore throat, so I had that great Kathleen Turner thing going on. ugh! Then this morning I had nothing but a whisper of a voice.

They said next time we might just get a room instead of having to be split up between two tables, to which I thought hubby is really going to make sure I take the camera if I tell him we're "getting a room". hehehe

We talked about our blogs, kids, spouses, and told funny stories. It was more fun than I've had in ages!! We talked about anonymity, what we blog about, how we come up with something to blog, etc...Here's some pictures of the evening, due to the concerns of some of my fellow bloggers I won't be disclosing any of their identities.

For those who stuck around I am going to tell a story I told last night.

Several years ago, when my son was 7 and my daughter was 5, we were all sitting around the dinner table. We'd picked up Subway sandwiches after my daughter's soccer game. When we got home, she'd take a bath and was wrapped in a towel at the table. Suddenly Hannah (my daughter) started wriggling around in her seat. The following conversation went something like this:
Me: What is wrong with you, why are you squirming around so much?
Hannah: My weenis hurts!
Me: Your what?!?!?
Hannah: My weenis.
Me: Ok, where on earth did you hear that?
Hannah: From Josh [her brother]
Me: The word is penis, and don't have one.
At this point Joshua, being seven and knowing EVERYTHING, as all seven year olds do, decides to interject his wisdom...
Joshua: Yeah Hannah, boys have a penis...girls have an agenda!

Oh yeah, hubby and I FELL OUT OF OUR CHAIRS laughing!! When we had regained our composure we told him...Well, son..the word somewhat, the word you're looking for here is vagina. And we hope she doesn't have an agenda YET! The hubby went around for days saying how the boy was wise beyond his years!!! hehehe

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