Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action?

Today was a rough day. I didn't eat like I should have. I've had 4 biscuits with margarine & strawberry low-fat jam. I've also been sipping at a Trop-A-Rocka Diet Snapple. I had a migraine headache last night that kept me up all night. I slept this morning, after taking a cpl Advil, and got a couple of the things done that I needed to do for the day.

I'm considering turning this blog into a video blog. I saved up my money from Christmas and selling some items around the house that I no longer need to keep around. With that money, I got a shiny new laptop! Yay, me!! This laptop is not top of the line, but it IS new and has a webcam built-in. This would make it VERY easy to record videos for posting.

Right now, I'm concentrating a lot on my medical transcription studies. I'm inside of a month of finishing (I believe). So I'm really trying hard to knock out at least a dozen transcriptions every day.

I did see a video over the holiday/winter break that was quite uplifting and inspiring! A gal compared the calories burned by running/jogging against those burned by playing games on the xBox Kinect (Dance Central & Kinect Adventures). I LOVE playing these games on the xBox! I especially enjoy Dance Central! I haven't tried the workout mode on the game, as of yet. So I'm hoping to get started on that soon. The video I watched showed that you could get the same cardio workout (or close) by running/jogging and by playing these games on the xBox. Yay!! I'm NOT a runner, never have been really. Even when I was much younger and in great shape, I was a great sprinter, at best. So I don't believe marathons are in my future, but a night of dancing could be! *grin*

By video blogging, I hope to be able to see on film (of sorts) my complete transformation! I've watched others on this wonderful world web change their bodies and lives and share this journey with anyone willing to watch and/or read about their trek.

Be well friends! I believe I'm going to rest for a bit and try to get rid of the remainder of my headache.

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