Thursday, November 12, 2009

A special thankful thursday

Yesterday was Veteran's Day here in the U.S. I attended a Veterans Day program put on by the local AFJROTC (Air Force Junior ROTC). Joshua is a member of this special group. I snapped several pictures but found a few to be my absolute favorites. In the first is pictured two of my favorite hubby and my brother-in-law. The others are other veterans whom I do not personally know, but I am equally thankful for. I know I'm a day late...but I didn't get online at all yesterday and instead spent the day with family.

Thank you to ALL of our vets! Past, present, and future!! We owe you everything!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Perfect present for women?

Alright...I happened upon this lovely little trinket while browsing through another blog and couldn't help myself but to share it here!!!
Yes, they're Vulvas!! Wear your vag around your neck? I'm not sure I'm THAT into female empowerment or whatever this is supposed to symbolize. Ugh! I guess it COULD be used to finally show your man where your clitoris is..but REALLY!?!?! And get this!! Each one is personalized!! You send in pictures and then its crafted to suit you!! O.M.G!!!!

I'm speechless and DEFINITELY making sure this is NOT on my Christmas list!!! Your thoughts? Perfect gift for the feminist in your life? Sign of your individuality? Learning tool? Or kinda creepy?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just this side of full....

I've been doing better about working out these most recent weeks. And I might have found something even better!!! I've been eating better. And by that I don't mean healthier, necessarily, just smarter. Typically I eat at a pace somewhere between average and hurried. Here of late, I've been slowing down. I've enjoyed conversation while eating and taking it easy. This has helped because I've been more able to gauge when I'm getting full. And so my habits have changed, instead of stopping when I'm full...I stop just shy of full (so that two or three more bites would fill me to the top of my gauge). I've still been more than satisfied with every meal and it seems to be easier not to snack between meals. I'm hoping this will lead to me craving less and less over time and that "nearing full feeling" will come quicker and quicker, making worries over portion control a thing of my past.

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