Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh the drama....

So my son is 15 years old and has recently been seeing a girl that is 17. This past weekend he went to her Halloween party. While only there a short while he texted me and told me "not to get too comfortable" as he wasn't having the best time there. Apparently this girl sees my son as mainly in the "friend zone." One of his good friends is who she's really interested in, but the dude is a real stand up guy and went with the "bro code" and laid off as he knows my son is really into her.

The night eventually got better and I picked him up several hours after that first text. Upon picking him up we talked about what happened at the party. Let me preface this by saying, you should all know that NOTHING is off limits with my kids. We talk about EVERYTHING and are quite proud of our open-door policy. So he goes on to tell me that he believes "kids" shouldn't be having sex in high school(specifically until after they're 18 yrs old), "there's enough crap to deal with without having to do that!" I almost cried in the car!! I love that he is thinking about this in a very mature manner!!! I had "the talk" with him when he was 10 yrs old when we caught him looking up "girls having sex" on the Internet. I pulled no punches and told him all that I could. I told him it is not a horrible thing, his curiosity was a normal part of life, and that it can be a great thing shared between two people. I also told him how it can be very superficial and dangerous both physically and emotionally. We've had more "talks" through the years and recently my husband and I bought him a box of condoms. I've told my children that I do not expect them to wait until they are married to have sex, but I DO expect them to wait until they are married to have UNPROTECTED sex!

I'm sure most all parents will agree with me that I hate to see my children struggle with relationships, be they platonic or romantic. I'm just very happy to see that all those talks did good and my son listened and took it all in, instead of rolling his eyes and thinking about what else he could be doing instead of listening to his mom prattle on.

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