Friday, August 22, 2008

Mmmmm...cow pie!

There's an old episode of Married...With Children that ALWAYS cracks me up! In this episode, Kelly is asked to come in and read for a diet shake commercial. She is to be the "after girl". All she has to do is drink a sip of the diet shake, and say mmmm and then add on the flavor. Here's a little snippet of the video:

This was the FUNNIEST thing to me. SO many times I've tried various diet shakes and always felt they didn't taste quite right. I've tried strawberry, chocolate, and a few that have made me wonder just what flavor concoction they were TRYING to come up with.
A "tasty" treat I've been trying to find is plain ol' vanilla, NOT french vanilla. Well, apparently Slim Fast has done a good job of answering my call. They ARE in their "low carb" or "high protein" variesties, but I'll take what I can get. So now I'm on the S*it Fast train! (I call it this b/c SOMETHING in Slim Fast I swear has a natural laxative/diruetic. Sorry if that was TMI.)
I went up by 0.2 lbs this morning in my weight on Wii Fit, but considering what all we ate yesterday I don't think that's all that bad at all!!! I had Olive Garden (LOVE my breadsticks and Alfredo sauce) and more than one serving of chicken enchiladas (recipe to come) last night. I DID do my S*it-Fast shake yesterday morning, though.
So happy dieting to those of us out there that are fighting this battle!


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