Monday, September 1, 2008

Sleeping In?

Does it count as sleeping in if you don't go to bed until 8:30am? Last night around 10:00 my hubby took off on a hunting trip. I decided to finish up some cataloging I've become obsessed with. Allow me to explain (please bear with me while I tangent off over here...ha!). We have a 400-Disc DVD Changer. And I'm somewhat addicted to the organization of our little magic item. I got it for the hubby years ago and had visions of no more DVDs laying about the house getting scratched and ruined by my lovely children. I put all our movies in (in alphabetical order to the best of my ability) and then proceeded to create a spreadsheet in which I included the disc no, movie title, year released, and MPAA rating. I've had to re-do said list three times now (for various infractions). The kids STILL come and snatch movies and leave them upstairs in their rooms, leaving me with an empty disc slot that drives me UP the wall. Anywho...

Last night I was working on this latest list, the last one was lost when my computer crashed and the only paper copy we had has long since been reworked. The hubby called and we chit chatted for a bit while I was entering titles (I'll have you know we have 373 DVDs in thie player now..yeah I know, we're a regular Blockbuster), then he hung up and I decided I was a lil' hungry. I checked on the kids, grabbed my keys, and headed out to get a snack (I'd rummaged through the pantry and of course could find nothing I wanted). I know! I know! IT was near midnight by the time I left the house, I SHOULD have been going to bed, NOT eating! (THIS is my not-so-secret problem) I went to Walgreens first and picked up some more coloring books, along with a couple for my daughter, who's been swiping mine AND my colors (HA!). Then onto Taco Bell.

I got a cpl Tacos and stuff and took it home. Did I share? No!!! I ate it all myself. I didn't have any Coke or anything, but somehow I was still jazzed. I watched several movies (My Best Friend's Wedding, Center Stage, Save the Last Dance, and What Happens In Vegas) and then decided as the sun had come up hours ago, it was likely high time I sleep!!

I can't say for sure why I was awake for so long. I hadn't taken a nap yesterday, or slept particularly late either. Perhaps it is something subconscious...I know that you shouldn't eat within a couple hours of going to bed, as it will only lead to an ugly weight maybe my "skinny brain" (the same one I take shopping..ha!) said "Well Dorsey, it'll be ok as long as you don't sleep right now!" And apparently I heard it loud and clear!! So today, as pennance for my transgretions I have committed to doing a LOT of Wii Fit!! I've resisted repeating this horrible "Skinny Sin" today (read: I haven't left the house in search of fast food). I DO need to take my daughter to the store and get some of her digital pics printed out for a school project, but I'm taking her with me to help curb my moments of temporary tummy-insanity.


Dawn said...

THAT is one of luxuries of having a wee bit older children!! I'd never get ANY sleep if I didn't sleep at night when Camryn does.

I don't know how you did it! Even if my kids were older I'm not sure I could have done it. LOL

Oh, my husband is pretty anal about cataloging our dvds as well. Although we don't have that cool player that you have. Ours are in order in cases. Each girl has their own case. We don't buy many movies for us though. We RENT new ones every Tues. so we stay caught up on all the new releases!

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