Sunday, August 10, 2008

We must! We must! We must decrease our gut!!!

So my lil' Mii got a Wii bit bigger this morning, by 1.5 lbs. Ugh!! (That's Mii in the middle, in between my sleeping interesting that it would KNOW he was a lazy butt... and my wide awake daughter) But I know it was the mexican food I fixed for lunch/supper yesterday. I had too many tacos, and not enough salad. I DID use the leanest meat I could find, though. (Still doesn't excuse my gluttony...)

I'm not totally done with my Wii Fit day, but I am taking a break. I did some Step Aerobics, a couple of balance games and decided I'd head back later on.

I really want to start getting up about 7am and doing my body tests and complete workouts then. My goal is still to do an hour a day. I know it seems like a lot, but half of that time will probably be composed of Step Aerobics. I need to start doing the yoga and strength exercises a lot more. I know I'm not as strong OR balanced as I should be, especially for my age.

My husband things I should re-name my blog "Releasing My Inner Skinny". I told him, that might happen when my goal is more in sight. Right now its somewhere over the hill and beyond the woods, but off to my goal I go! Now if only I could find a way past this river...ah well. Can't go over it, can't go under it, can't go around it....gotta go THROUGH it!

So push through I will. I'll keep pushing and trying more and more activities every day in hope of Sharing My Inner Skinny with the OUTSIDE world! Be well friends and together Wii can all get Fit!


Dawn said...

I'm sorry about the 1.5 weight gain. That stinks. Let's just say it is water from the sodium in the tacos. That sounds so much better. ;)

Losing Weight: said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. How much weight have you lost...unless I'm blind, I can't find it on your bog.

Have a great day!

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