Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

So this might take me a while, and its more of a discipline thing, I guess. I would LOVE to take pictures and post them, but my camera is with hubby in the Philippines. That being said you'll just have to take my word for it.

My son's room is HORRIBLE right now!!!! I think you can see all of 12 square inches of floor!!! We've come to a crossroads with his attitude. So when I got home this afternoon I took the ram out of all the computers but my laptop (can't reinstall windows to change the password NOW, can ya lil' shit?!?!). He's been letting his schoolwork fall off and not been respectful at ALL towards me! So I'm completing phase one. If he doesn't get his room clean today and the office, then tomorrow I take the TV out of his room (if I take the dvd player and leave the TV, he'll just swipe the dvd player from another room in the house). Phase three - all toys, I will take everything out of his room but his dresser and beds (bunk beds taken apart).

So they will be getting home in about an hour and discover that all the ram is out of the computers. I'm SURE there will be fireworks!! Wish me luck. Maybe I should practice Wii Fit Boxing before he gets home?


Christine said...

Dorsey, I love it. It is always about creative punishment. With my youngest we can punish her by making her wear "ugly clothes". She will pretty much do anything we want just so she doesn't have to sacrifice fashion. I love your RAM creativity...will have to remember that one!

Rubicon Mom AKA. Rubi said...

Good Luck! My daughter is only eight, but we get the attitude going here quite often. I usually just embarrass the SH*T out of her and that's that for a while- then I have to remind her just what an ass I can be. Hope this works for you, sounds like a good plan, just buckle down and be ready for it to get worse before it gets better!

Lin said...

Taking away the things they want most is the only thing to do as they get older!! Hope it all went well & you got what you wanted out of him!!

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