Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Official *itch Day!

Today is a day I've needed all month...I think I'll do this list style. Here's my things to bitch about today.

  • Hubby is half way around the world - Seriously!! He's in Manila (Makati City), Philippines on a business trip. And I've for some INSANE reason, never been hornier!! Cram mackin!! (reference to what the Sims say on on the Sim PC game when they're griping about somethin..tee hee hee)
  • The boy - my son, has been unbearable the past couple of days!! Its the FIRST six weeks school and he's had night school THREE TIMES!!! You get night school by not turning in assignments repeatedly. So you "get" to come to school either Tuesday or Thursday from 3:30pm-6:15pm to complete said assignments.
  • I am having trouble sticking to ANY kind of exercise routine.
  • Laundry! Laundry! Laundry! - I'm thinking of purchasing mountain climbing equipment just to get to the TOP of the dirty clothes that is piling up.
  • RAGWEED!!!!! - $&@*@$ *%(@)@& #@^!&$()#)@*!& and dammit to boot!! I hate this vile shit!! Its the ONLY thing I'm allergic to in this world (besides codeine, which I CAN control my exposure to) and I wish I could phone up Mr. Freeze to get me a flash freeze overnight and kill this demon weed off!!!
  • Carmen Electra - OK, I don't "hate" her, but man I want her figure!!! But somehow even though I do her spiffy lil' stripper exercises (alright it looks more like a jell-o mold gone horribly wrong when I do them) my ass is still FAR too large for my liking!
  • And lastly, hubby doesn't have a webcam in his possession, so we can't even get naughty after the kids go to bed. Bob (battery-operated-boyfriend) HERE I COME!!! tee hee hee
I'll get back to my regularly scheduled weight loss blogging first thing tomorrow. Laters!


Losing Weight: said...

Funny stuff!! Doesn't it feel good to bitch sometimes??

I hope tomorrow is a great one!

The Nice One said...

Is that what is making me insane...Ragweed? I'm still new to learning what the allergy cycles down here are. I am MISERABLE right now. I am on eyedrops, allegra, and flonase and it ain't TOUCHING it. UGH.
Oh number 1..yea, why is that always the case?
Night school? Oh boy would we be in trouble if we had that here.
LMAO @ Bob. Go girl.

Shannon said...

Oh, how I hate laundry... hate it hate it hate it! Its my least favorite chore.

Tracey said...

Too funny!
You should see my laundry pile.
Oh, and my hubs just left for a va-cay. Without me.
Ho Hum.

Katie said...

Ragweed. My mortal enemy.

Susan said...

Can I borrow your little Oct. 1st Bitch day icon??? I am so upset I missed it this week since I was traveling for work locked in a hotel. I will honor you in my post, I promise!!! (smile)

Dorsey said...

Absolutely, Susan!!! I look forward to reading yours

Sandi said...

ugh ragweed. I think my 6 year old is allergic to it. She's getting asthma symptoms the past two years ONLY in the fall. They say it's most likely ragweed. I'd like to kill every last ragweed out there. =/

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