Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On my own, for a bit

Ok, this one DEFINITELY has to do with my weight loss!! (sorry if a couple of the last ones haven't)

Yesterday, around noon, I heard from hubby. He said it was possible his company was sending him to Manila on Friday. He'd be gone for three weeks. Fast forward by, oh 2 or so hours, I get another call.
Hubby: Remember when I said I'd likely be leaving Friday?
Me: Yeah?
Hubby: Scratch that...I leave tomorrow at noon.
Me: Say what?!?! Repeat that?
Hubby: They moved up the travel date to tomorrow at noon.
Me: Oh S**T!! Really?!?! Well, I guess you need to go TONIGHT and get those dress slacks we were thinking of getting tomorrow.
Hubby: Good idea, I didn't think of that. Where should I go? Is Target ok?
Me: No, Target is not ok...try Macy's, Dillards, or something similar. Alright, I'll start getting your crap together when I get home.
Hubby: Thank babe!
Me: Put your passport in your laptop bag now.
Hubby: Good idea. Love you. Gotta run.
ME: Love you too, bye.

Yeah, I had a minor freak out moment!! I got him all packed last night (yes I SO SPOIL my hubby and pack for him when we or he go just about anywhere) and off to his flight. I even looked up some travel tips and local info to where he'll be staying so he could read something on the flight and not seem like a complete idiot getting around town in the Philippines.

The way this has to do with my weight? I usually eat like CRAP when he's out of town!!! He keeps me honest. So I'm going to do my VERY best to be good and lose weight while he's gone. I'm just hoping and praying I can sleep like a normal person in his absence (remember the insomnia of the last trip).


Chubbie Chica said...

Oh - you can do it! I actually think I would do better. I could eat smart ones and throw hot dogs in a bun for the kids..they would be totally thrilled! I, of course, seem to not be able to stick to anything right now so I am the last person to be commenting! can do it! LOL!

Losing Weight: said...

Don't hope! You can do it! Make a plan and eat well when he is gone...think of how proud he will be! :o) What does your husband do for a living?

Danielle said...

I know what you are going through, mine better half is gone a lot and I find my self eating all sorts of crap, that I know is not good for me, BUT I do make sure the kids are getting the nutrition they need, I DO HAVE A CHOCOLATE FETISH!! I will be up for hours just eating that sinful food, And I have problems sleeping too, Sometimes my sleeping pill is not enough, So i end up with about 4 hours sleep a night. I think you look great Dorsey!! Thanks for visting my blog!

Susan said...

First of all, you are the sweetest wife - not only to pack for your hubby but print and include city info for his trip??? I am making a promise to do this for my own husband next time...How sweet. And like you, I am on a weight loss mission myself - so by that time (his trip is in Jan. 2009) I will lose enough weight to maybe include a picture of me naked!! (OK, knowing that won't happen, maybe just a close up picture of one naked boob???)

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