Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Special Total Lunch Challenge?

Alright, its a stretch...but hey..SOMETHING'S gotta work, right?!

I've been watching WAY more TV than any one woman should be allowed. Hubbs is out of town so yesterday while the kids were away at school I even snuck a quick porno in there to make it seem like he was home. HA! (After all, I'd feel skinny if I were having sex, with him, alone is another story..but anyway...I digress) And several times I've come across this Special K challenge sort of thing. Then in the same commercial break there's an add for Total cereal. And as we all know, Special K and those other posers are just masking the fact that they can't provide you with all your needed nutrients, like Total can. HA! And I certainly don't want to have a bowl of cereal and then another bowl of daily vitamins equally as big. Yes! I've fallen into their trap! I've listened to our advertisers! hehe So I've decided to create my own challenge.

This evening I took a shower, thoroughly dried my hair, shaved my legs (HEY! you know those lil' hairs can weigh like 5 lbs? I swear, they MUST!!), and stepped naked atop the bathroom scale. Much to my horror, my weight was NOT down. So I picked up my pride and made a decision. The challenge!

I bought some Total Raisin Bran at the store the other day and I figure I'll have my S*it-Fast for Breakfast, cereal for lunch, a light snack in the afternoon, and then another S*it-Fast. Does Diet Cherry Coke go well with Raisin Bran? I'm going to do my damnedest to stick with this plan for a LEAST a week (while really shooting for two). Maybe this will jump start my weight loss and get me back in the right frame of mind. I'm about ready to ask for a rope to drag my fat a** behind this wagon...this chasing after it every other week is killin' me!

For those of you out there also struggling with your weight, or if you ever have...what have you done to jump start?

And how do you like my blog scheme? I made the pic at the top myself! hehe


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the header. That chromey, silvery looking font is great!

Weight-wise the only thing that ever jumpstarts me is a fast. Usually just 24 hours will do it and it isn't even a complete fast because i REQUIRE coffee with sugar to start my day but then I'm just water girl the rest of the day. I need to do that as soon as I get over this horrible summer cold. Is it feed a cold and starve a fever or the other way around? And what if you have both?

BTW, don't forget that, if you're exercising a lot, muscle weighs more than fat so if you've just plateaued that might be what's going on or at least part of it.

Anonymous said...

I love the blog...
Did you make it on your digital scrapbooking thing?
Hey... and if you lived closer you could come to WW with me!
It works. Go to WW. I love it. I'm in a great meeting with lots of great folks.

Katie said...

First of all, diet cherry coke goes with everything. second, love the new page. And finally I suck at dieting so don't take my advice, ever.

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