Monday, September 8, 2008

The best laid plans...

So this morning I awoke with a new vigor for life and my health! I've slept FANTASTICALLY this whole weekend (and last night was no exception!). We celebrated hubby's birthday this weekend with his family (I got him a game, a t-shirt, a Bocce set, a new nice BLACK suitcase, and a sexy coupon book) and got lots of hunting time in! I even went out with the guys early Saturday morning and got some great shots (OK, so I'm a little prejudiced on their quality..its my hubby and son! what are ya gonna do? LOL)Hubby and son

Hubby in a field of sunflowers
Sunlight flowing through the trees, and YES
that's the barrel of a gun..ha!

So back to this morning. I got up, on my own, at about 5:50am and went upstairs to do some Wii Fit. I then remembered I'd bought new drumsticks yesterday and wanted to give them a whirl! (They're SOO pretty too! I wrapped the base of mine with pink electrical tape. HA!) So I turned the volume down really low and started beating away at those blasted things. hehe Its a lot more fun than I would have ever imagined, even if I DO look spastic while playing on EASY!!

So there went that idea. I looked at the clock and it was five minutes til' seven and time to get everyone else up. I went downstairs and saw that Kyle was already up and I told him I planned on taking Mondays and Fridays as my cleaning days. I'd designate three hours of these days to just clean, clean, clean! Yeah...nice thought, huh? And talk about freeing up time to work-out!! Without hubby on my case about the state of the house, I can work out like two hours a day!!!

So just keeping up, I'm cleaning three hours a day, working out two hours a day, and insane...oh...24 hours a day! HA!! Yea, I haven't cleaned ANYTHING today!!! I haven't workout out yet. That s, unless you count dancing around and singing to Rock, I ROCK!! ha!!

So tomorrow's another day, right? And I can make up for the things I didn't do today. My son apparently took off with my iPod this morning, so no tune-age to clean to...see!! You'd have put it off too!!

On the "diet" front, I was in Southern Fried HEAVEN this weekend!! HA!! There was fried perch, fried dove breasts, french fries, pinto beans, banana pudding with nilla wafers, jalapenos with cream cheese-all wrapped in a strip of bacon and baked, and more! Yummm!!!

The cooks and a cpl of the fryers

I tried my best to control my mouth (and hands from grabbing more and more) and even ended up coming out weighing less than I did on Friday when I left home to meet hubby down there. So I guess my "Tackle It Tuesday" will be was I put off today. hehe


Dawn said...

I'm glad he had a nice birthday.

I know all about paths laid with good intentions!

Anonymous said...

First HAPPY LATE BDAY HUBBY! And 2nd... If you would post a pic of you playing spastically on drums, I think it will go along way to the demeanor of your readers. lol
I love my Wii Fit. I've only used it twice. I'm going for 30 mins/day.
Wish me luck.

MamaLaina said...

I need a Wii fit, and rockband, and some of those jalapino thingme's and....some self control! Glad you had a great weekend and came out ahead in the sleep and weight dept.

Katie said...

Nilla wafers Ahhhhhhhh, yum.
I love that third picture by the way. A beautiful sunrise seen over the barrel of a shotgun, lol! :) Oh you wacky Texans.

Michele said...

Some great shots there! I love the one with the sun streaming thru the trees.

The Nice One said...

OH MY! I love the pic of the sunflowers. How absolutely amazing.

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