Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just a little update...

Yes, that's me doing some yoga this evening. I've been concentrating so much on the step aerobics, I have been neglecting my yoga. So I did a little step tonight and then the rest was yoga and strength training. My weight has been fluctuating here recently, but then again so have my exercise commitments. So I guess that explains all. I've been doing well with what I've been eating (and not eating), I just have to make the weight loss happen by kicking in the exercise. I think I might resurrect my Carmen Electra Strip Aerobics DVDs tomorrow. So as embarrassing as it might be, I decided to share with you all a picture of me doing my exercises. (the outfit is new, and I think its quite cute from the front...hehe maybe I'll take a picture of that another time)

The second thing on my list is WONDERFUL award from one of my favorite bloggy friends!!! THANK YOU, Dawn!!! From what I've read of her words I reckon Dawn's a fantastic mother, blossoming photographer, and hilarious loyal friend!! I LOVE it when people visit my blog(s) and I get giddy when I see they've left comments. I'm just putting myself out there and hoping to possibly bring a smile to some of the other people out there in that great big cyber-world. (Hint Hint....I LOOOVE your comments!!! Shameless grovelling for your responses? Nah...)

The deal here, as I understand it to be, is to answer the following question with one word (if possible) and the nominate others. So onto the questions:

  1. Where is your cell phone? Bedside-table
  2. Where is your significant other? Upstairs
  3. Your hair color? Blondie-Brownish-Red-Kinda (does that count as one word? HA!)
  4. Your mother? FAAAAABULOUS!!!!
  5. Your father? My hero!
  6. Your favorite thing? Friends (a lot of which are also family members)
  7. Your dream last night? Scandalous!! ( was naughty)
  8. Your dream/goal? SKINNY!!!!!
  9. The room you're in? Budoir
  10. Your hobby? Writing
  11. Your fear? Failure
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 yrs? Country
  13. Where were you last night? Home (watching Big Brother 10 Finale...YEAHH!!! Dan won, UNANIMOUSLY!!!)
  14. What you're not? Short
  15. Where you grew up? Bryan-College Station
  16. The last thing you did? Kiss (my hubby)
  17. What you are wearing? See above picture
  18. Your TV? Chris Noth (Criminal Intent is on)
  19. Your pet? Burrowed (under the covers, she's a chihuahua)
  20. Your computer? Humming (as always)
  21. Your mood? Satisfied
  22. Missing someone? Memaw
  23. Your car? Delapidated (ha!! I want a new one!!!)
  24. Something you're not wearing? Socks
  25. Favorite Store? Fry's Electronics
  26. Your summer? OVER!
  27. Love someone? YES! (Friends and family!)
  28. Your favorite color? PINK!!!!
  29. When is the last time you laughed? Today (when my best friend said she'd been backdoored into being PTO Pres!)
  30. Last time you cried? Monday

So I'm going to nominate some other wonderful women for this award now...enjoy it ladies!
  1. MamaLaina
  2. Em
  3. Rubicon Mom
  4. Chubbie Chica
  5. Steph
Sorry I didn't do seven, as Dawn did... I guess I need to up my reading list..ha!


Dawn said...

Awww girl... thank you for the sweet words. I do enjoy reading your blog! And, I'm all about the comments. I just believe if you take the time to read someone's blog you should let them know. ;)

You said you aren't short. How tall are you?? I'm 5'10".

Rubicon Mom AKA. Rubi said...

AWWWWEEEE!!! How sweet!!! Thanks! I'm all about LOVING me some comments too! So, I'll make sure to be more vocal when I drop by! *wink*

Steph said...

Thanks!!! I am getting better about leaving comments!! I will make an effort to leave more of them. I know I get excited when I receive them!! I've never received a blog award so I'm very honored thank you sooooooo much!!!

btw how does this work?

Anonymous said...

You DEFINITELY deserve the award and it is brave of you to post a pic of yourself exercising. Pretty inspirational, too, cuz you couldn't pay me enough money to do it. Yoga seems interesting but I don't think my body is limber enough to do any of it!

Mommie Mayhem said...

Work it girl !!! I'm back strong on my diet and workout routine !!

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