Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just another lazy Sunday

WOW!! What a weekend I've had! Friday night was a lot of fun, truthfully. I had cocktails, watched Sex and the City twice, and chatted on IM and the phone with my best friend! Her hubby wasn't home either, so she and I both drank and giggled the night away. By the time we went to bed, I think it was near 2:00 in the morning.

Yesterday I went to a friend's house in the evening to play games. Originally we thought it was going to be just 5 of us, but then 6 more folks showed up later. We started out playing Cheeky Monkey, then once everyone else showed up we played a REALLY messed up drinking game. It had something to do with 52 card pick-up,'s the rules as I understand them:

So you start by basically throwing all the cards into the center of a table, and then starting with whoever you want you pick a card and reveal it. Then you see the "game" for that card.

Cards nine (9) to Ace (A) are all special cards. The color/suit of the card does not matter.

Card Rule
"You" - The player picks someone ("you," which rhymes with two) who must then drink[2]
"Me" - The player who drew the card ("me," which rhymes with three) takes a drink[2]
"Whores" - Girls drink [2]
"Hand Jive" - The player does a hand jive, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must copy the previous player and add their own trick to the mix. The first player to mess up drinks.
"Dicks" - Guy's Drink.[2]
"7 tip it to heaven" - everyone tips their glasses in and drinks, basically a social
"Date" - the person who picks the card picks a mate to drink with him or her.
"Bust a Rhyme" - The player must pick a word/phrase, and, going clockwise around the circle, all players must think of a rhyme with the word/phrase. The player to mess up the rhyme drinks. The starting word must not be rhymeless (e.g. orange, purple).[1]
"Categories" - The person who picks up the card calls out a category such as "car makes" or "Family Guy characters" and then starts with the first example of something from that category. No example can be repeated and the first person to fail to come up with another example drinks.[3][2]
"Rule" - The player must choose a rule to be in effect for the rest of the game. If any player breaks a rule, he/she must drink.[1] In most games, the rules become void while involved in game related activity (Rhyme Time, Questions, etc.)
"Questions" - The player who drew the card asks someone a question, and the person must answer truthfully (truth or dare with no dare). If no one laughs, the next person in line (clockwise) asks someone else a question. The first one to laugh drinks. [2]
"King's Cup" - The player may pour a decent amount of whatever he/she is drinking into the "king cup" located in the center of the table. When the last (4th) king is chosen, the chooser has to chug the king cup. King cup may contain anything from beer, liquor, wine, JAEGER BOMBS! or animal crackers[2]
"Waterfall" - All players begin to drink at the same time. It goes clockwise around the circle where the player next to the card-chooser cannot stop until the chooser does, and the 3rd player cannot stop until the 2nd one does, and so it goes around the circle until everyone is done.

OMG! I got messed up!!! I ended the night by drinking close to a gallon of water and going the short distance home. And amazingly NEVER puked!! But MAN it was FUN!!! Our "rules" were HILARIOUS!! They were:
(1) If you say the word "don't" you must drink
(2) If you say the word "drink" you must kiss the person to your left on the cheek
(3) If you say the word "bitch" then you must fondle the boobies of the person to your right (ok, we're a "cheeky bunch"
(4) Whoever broke a rule had to wear a bra on their head

It was a RIOT, especially since there were more guys playing than gals so the guys having to kiss guys on the cheek made us ROLL out of our chairs!!!

Then today I got up around 11am and made blueberry muffins for "breakfast". My son suggested we get out of the house, all of us and go do something. So we did. We went to see Igor at the movie theater.

So all in all Friday was pretty low-key, Saturday was fun-packed, and today was low-key again. So I'm going to get up in the morning and get a couple hours exercise in by mowing the lawn (we have a manual mower) then probably taking in some Wii Fit later that afternoon.

Laters friends!


Anonymous said...

Fun FUn Fun...
Christopher wants to see Igor. OMG I would hav gotten so sick girl! lol
Anywhooooooooo later.

Shari said...

I was one of the other 6 who came. It was allot of fun and a night I will never forget

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