Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sasquatch Lives!!

Alright alright, maybe not really, but my legs are lookin' pretty damn close! I don't think I've ever gone this long without shaving. Maybe the hair on my legs weighs 10 lbs and I'll shave tonight and step on the scale to a lovely surprise when I step on that pesky lil' Wii Fit balance board. Maybe I'll grab a bottle of X Rated and a wax kit and just rip that sh*t off! HA! ***The last time I tried waxing I told hubby there wasn't enough tequila in the house to finish the other leg, and I had a tendancy to drop the "f- bomb" with every rrrrrrripp (removal of a wax strip)!!!

If you're wondering what x Rated is here's a picture:
I SWEAR it TASTES pink!! I never knew colors could taste, but if pink had a taste, THIS would HAVE to be it!!! I LOVE the stuff!!! Its a mixture of French vodka, rich blood oranges, mangos, and passion fruit. Its apparently a product of Skyy vodka. Here's a recipe they provided that I may be forced to try tomorrow. hehehe

X-Rated Tiara

1 part X-RATED Fusion Liqueur®
1 part Crown Royale®
Splash apple pucker
Splash cranberry juice
Splash pineapple juice
Squeeze fresh lime wedge
Garnish with a cherry

So I'm off to watch Survivor with my son in a rare nice bonding moment, free of sarcasm or those annoying teenaged rolling eyes.


Anonymous said...

Dorsey, I shaved my legs last night for the first time in... well, actually I don't remember. I could SWEAR that I heard the razor screaming "NO! Oh please NO!" with each swipe! But to wax? Huh uh. No way. No how. I have no idea how people survive Brazilians and such...

I thought Survivor was kinda boo last night. I never really get into it until about the third ep when folks start getting a little more cutthroat!

Christine said...

Ok, I am coming to have drinks at your house for the next episode of survivor. In fact I am pretty sure that nothing quite says Jeff Probst like X-rated....and pink! I just love your blog, and am adding it to my daily reading. Now going to look shamefully down at my own legs.....(skulks away)

Susan said...

I have never waxed my legs - WAY too chicken. To pluck my eyebrows (in between my every 3 month because I can't stand the pain eyebrow wax appointment), I use Ambasol to numb the skin.

Everyday Product: Ambasol

Everyday Use: numb teething gums for babies

Aha Use: numb eyebrows and skin before plucking with tweezers for big adult babies

Anonymous said...

OMG we must be related.
I had my eyebrows waxed one time. Didn't hurt as much as it BURNED. The wax was too hot AND I am allergic. So I looked like something out of Star Trek! lol
Anywhoooooooo I shaved this weekend too. What is it with Sasquatch girls?

Annie said...

I've had this stuff! It was NOT too kind to me.....

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