Monday, September 29, 2008

Ever wondered?

Have you ever sat there reading someone's blog wondering what they look like while they tip tap away at their keys? I know I have!!! Here's me:

Bloggy Me sitting in the gameroom
wearing a Cuervo Black ball cap
and Texas A & M shirt

My daughter had been coughing all weekend, so I let her stay home today and rest. She had a mild fever this morning, so it was warranted. She DID rest, instead of deciding it was time to play (I threatened her with cleaning if she was feeling well enough to be up and playing around). So my plan worked!! hehe

I haven't done too much exercise today, but I DID cut the front lawn, which counts I think. We have a manual lawn mower so it usually takes me about 45minutes to an hour to get it all done. Now I need to go back and do the backyard and take care of the weedeating.

So now I want to know what YOU look like when you blog, so hook up the webcam or have someone take a picture and post it on your blog. Be sure to comment and let me know you've done so. I'd love to see your pics and comment, too! hehe

If you're lucky, one of these days I'll take video of me playing Rock Band drums and you can all lose a few lbs laughing and rolling on the floor watching my spastic movements. HAHAHA!!!


Dawn said...

Oh, I already have a post of me somewhere on my blog. I'll find it and then come back and leave a link! :)

You look so cute tapping on your keys! :)

Dawn said...

Okay... that's the link to my picture of me at my computer. :)

Lin said...

My picture is on my blog, I will need to update it Thursday when I get my hair colored again!!

Susan said...

Ok, you have inspired me. No web cam, but I will have my husband take a few candids this weekend - off to the airport. I figure I better keep up the hard work as long as I still have a job these days!!
PS...I weighed myself for only the second time in 2.5 weeks - gym at least 5 days a week, personal trainer sessions x4 already and have been sooo good with my eating. Know what i lost??????????????????????? Four tenths of ONE pound. Life sucks.

Annie said...

I always wonder what people look like! Too funny!

Tracey said...

I wish I looked that good when I blog.
I think I would lose readers if I actually took a pic and posted it. But maybe, just maybe, I'll be inspired to share in the near future!

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