Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rock Star?

In an earlier post someone commented that I should post a picture of me rockin' out on the drums on Rock Band. Well, I don't have that picture, but I DO have a picture of me on lead guitar.
Band members (from left to right): Kyle (my hubby) on bass guitar, Chad on drums, Dorsey (me) on lead guitar, Phil on vocals

We had two other couples over Friday night, with their kiddos, and we had a BLAST! We drank way too much, stayed up WELL past our bedtimes (I think we got to bed around 3:30am), played some great games, and laughed a LOT! We never did get to play Trailer Park Wars or Redneck Life, but we played a lot of Chad's games and still had a good time overall. The menu for the evening consisted of various cocktails (Margaritas:blue and regular, Collin Countinis, Amaretto Sours, various beers), Doritos, Buffalo wings, chicken taquitos (flautas really), and popcorn. Yes, I know, not exactly conducive to a healthy diet.

So today I'm working on laundry and continuing to clean up the aftermath. I'm sure at some point I'll head upstairs and do my daily workout.

Do you have friends over from time to time? What do you do, typically?


Dawn said...

We recently purchased Rock Band and put it back for Christmas for Courtney. It looks like lots of fun!

When we get together with friends we eat and play cards or Catch Phrase... or mexican train (domino game).

I would have loved to come to your party! :)

Anonymous said...

Fun Fun Fun.
When we have friends over we eat/drink/hang outside... sometimes play games.

Katie said...

Sadly, we have no life. It's pretty pathetic. You've gotta post some audio from the band!

Also, you've been nominated :)

Danielle said...

Oh man, Dorsey, you are livin it up!! I love it!! My son has guitar hero, and loves it, but the rock band looks like soo much fun!! I don't have friends over a lot, Really you all are my friends, BUT my kids have friends over all the time, and they love playing on the playstation three!! My life is boring compared to yours!! I love how you just take life as it is and go with it!! You are a cool chic!!

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