Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'll take mine in pink...

I figured that would better fit me to have a pink carpet to my awards show, instead of a red one. My bloggy friend, Katie, has awarded me! yeah me!!!

I'd like to thank the little people that I stepped on whilst I clawed my way to the top. And I'd like to thank my husband for keeping me in great looking shoes and makeup, even if he doesn't know how much they cost. Ha! Just kidding (on both parts). But I would like to thank Katie and my other readers. and in the spirit of an awards ceremony, I need other winners. So, joining me on the path and mugging for the pictures are:

  1. Danielle - who makes me laugh so many times as well as coo at her adorable family and chihuahuas!
  2. Losing weight - who keeps me honest and motivated more than she could know!
  3. The Real Housewives of Collin County - these women thought up a YUMMY cocktail AND keep me in stitches constantly! I admire their heart AND wit!
  4. Suzi - a new discovery for me that makes me smile and seems like she and I would get along kids have TERRIBLE morning breath too!!
  5. Dawn - who's probably getting tired of me awarding her, but she is THAT good! We HAVE to meet up some time!
  6. Kath - another witty mom working on releasing her inner skinny!
  7. Em - who writes a LOT, but is always honest and just puts it out there! My kinda gal!
Beware ladies, there's rules to accompany your reward (and they include more than NOT punching the paparazzi in the face!):
1. The winner can (and should, really) put the logo on their blog.
2. The winner must link to the person from whom they received their award.
3. The winner must nominate at least 7 other blogs for an award.
4. The winner must place links to those blogs on their own blog.
5. The winner must leave a message on the blogs of the people they’ve nominated.

So don your best shoes, take that call from the famous fashion designer that I KNOW we've all just been avoiding (HA!HA!), and let's give Harry (Winston) a shout so he can loan us some fab-o jewels! Let's work that pink carpet ladies!!!


Dawn said...

Just look at you struttin' your stuff on that pink carpet! Lookin' hot lady! Congrats! And, thank you for thinking of me! I really appreciate it!!!!! And, yes, maybe one of these days we need to have a blog fest with texas and oklahoma mommies!!

Kitty said...

Very nice, Dorsey! The Real Housewives of Collin County welcome you any and every day! Blog strong! : )

suzi said...

Thank you! What a nice thing to do. You've gained a follower...

Pink Ink said...

Hooray for pink carpets!! May we all walk down on one someday :-)

Anonymous said...

Why thank you Dorsey! What a thrill.

Danielle said...

Oh Dorsey, you are soo sweet!! Thanks for that!! I think you are terrific and I LOVE your sense of humor!!! You seem to love life and you really enjoy it!! I love your blog!!! Keep posting, you make me smile!!!

Anonymous said...

#3 on your list, huh? Would have been a lot cooler if we were #1.


But seriously, thank you!!

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