Thursday, September 25, 2008

Comments on comments...

Ok, I just got through reading a bunch of comments (which I am ALL about, by the by)!!

And I thought I'd take a minute or two while I'm starting my second movie of the night...YES, I know its already after midnight here in Texas and I have a volunteer appt tomorrow morning and a loverly visit to my neighborhood torture artist (whoops, did I say that? I meant dentist, really.), all starting in about 8 hours. I'll just grab a big ol' diet mountain dew or Full Throttle drink in the morning when I stumble out of the house. HA!

One person asked me what my husband does for a living...
The simple way to answer this is he is a Telecommunications Renaissance Man. He works for a local telecom company developing a REALLY cook products for businesses. He's done everything from support to development to executive sales and a whole bunch in between. On this current trip he's working on an on-site install. And by him being there he can answer any questions they might have and hopefully secure a purchase order for the sales team. hehe

Several comments were made about my interesting life.
THIS made me smile AND laugh!! I DO have a handful of close knit friends that I like to "hang" with. I also try and keep up with SOME of the crap, oops, interesting trends that my children are in to these days.

I DO try to live every day as it comes at me. I TRULY love my life!! Sure, we could all want something, and Lord knows I do often enough (right now I'm coveting Dawn's new digital camera from afar!). That being said, I consider myself very fortuate to have what I DO have and TRY not to take it for granted.

Thanks for the ego stroke bloggy peeps!

A little while back someone asked if I enjoy my Wii Fit.
Hells to tha yea, I do! HAHAHAHA!! I REALLY enjoy it, but I REALLY should get back on a daily schedule on it. I feel bad when that lil' flexible animation says "I've missed you! It's been -- days since your last workout!"

So PLEASE keep the comments coming! I LOVE them and read each and every one of them!


Dawn said...

Dorsey, you're great!! :)

Let me tell you how I got that fancy schmancy camera.... I sold a TON of stuff to make the money! LOL I was on a mission.

Chubbie Chica said...

Ya' can head over to Chubbie Chica's and get you a menu plan that is already done for you and you are half way there!! Add yogurt & granola for breakfast and a smart one for lunch and you have it made. Of course, go buy tons of the 100's snacks!

I'm here for ya' girl!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog... It's great.

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