Monday, March 9, 2009

That's what I get

for taking the weekend off, essentially. I opened my Google Reader and had 184 new posts waiting for me! Ugh!!I'm so scared for what will await me after Spring Break. Eeek!

So this past Friday evening my daughter had already gotten clearance to have a friend spend the night. But because we're planning on camping during Spring Break, we needed to go to Clifton and get the camper. We told her that she was welcome to bring her friend along. But as it turned out, her friend invited her to stay the night over there instead. We worked out the details and we were good to go. Then my son decided he also didn't want to go with us. So we arranged for him to spend the night with one of his friends. Then the hubby and I trotted off to Chili's for some dinner and then off to the farm house to spend the night and get the camper.

We enjoyed the solitude and came home early afternoon Saturday. We checked in with both kiddos and both wanted to spend another night out. Sure! We'll take that opportunity! We decided it would be a good idea to buy a lottery ticket, as our luck was most definitely improving for the weekend! Sad to report I'm not writing to say we've won the lottery. I made jalapeno poppers and we snacked for supper and played on the computers. Around 7:00, Hubby decided he wanted to take this golden chance to go to a movie. We were all set to go see "Watchmen" at 9:55pm.

We got to the move and found a seat. We watched as several other folks made their way into the theater. Then something caught my eye. WTF?!?! Someone was walking up to find their seat with a little girl that couldn't have been more than THREE YEARS OLD!!!! Umm, excuse me, did you get lost on your way to "Hotel for Dogs"? This is a rated R movie. OMG! This is such a pet peeve of mine!! In a film where there is a LOT of violence and blood (gory blood, not so much artistic blood), LOTS of sexual references, and a pretty artisticy soft core porn sex scene. Umm, NO!! That is just wrong on SO many levels!! We sat through the film and enjoyed it alright. It wasn't what we expected it to be, but it wasn't bad either. QUITE different from some of the other comic book films out there though. As we were leaving both of us couldn't help but comment on how we'd rather have waited until it came out on DVD and watched it at home. We have a great TV, a freakin' popcorn machine, and the seats are MUCH more comfortable!!! We also wouldn't have had to put up with the teenagers that kept giggling and talking through the film, and getting up to walk across the theater to talk on their phones. Yes, it IS worth it to save yourself the $20 it costs (and tha's JUST for the tickets) to go see a movie in a theater.

What are your thoughts? Do you spend the money to go to the theater? Would you have said something to the parents who brought their little one to see this very adult movie?

We ended the weekend well enough. The whole family cleaned out the garage some so that we could put the camper in there until Spring Break and also the car that needs some repair done to it.

Oh and for all you guys out there that have read Twilight, my daughter is obsessed with Edward and I told her I'd buy the movie when it came out and take her to see New Moon if she read both books. So I borrowed copies from a friend and she's started reading. In an attempt to also keep up with whether or not she's actually reading it, I've also downloaded a copy of the book to my iPod and I'm currently on page 82. I hope to have it done before we go on our little trip, so I can read New Moon that week. Here's a picture of why I'm the favorite mom on the block right now.
I got it for her at Blockbuster and she squealed "OH!! Its Robert Pattinson!! He is SOOOO cute!" when I unrolled it and put it up for her.


Jean said...

I think you won the lottery just having both kids out for two nights in a row.

Yes you certainly get mom of the year for the poster.:)

Mary Moore said...

Mom of the Year is right.

Maybe I should do that for my daughter...maybe...nahh, that wouldn't be my style, because I know I'm not Mom of the Year...

Natalie said...

good golly, that was a lot in one post!

2 kids away for 2 nights in the row is like winning the lottery!

we love going to the movies but the theater we go to has a big sign up that says "no children under the age of 6 will be admitted to any rated R films after 6pm". It makes me mad just to read the sign. I can't believe you don't need a license to have children...really! maybe the sign should say, "if you take your under 6 child to a rated R film, cps will be contacted!" okay, enough, i am getting mad again.

um, i would love that edward poster but hubs would not appreciate it at all! i read the entire series of books in a week! i loved it and i can't wait for the movie to come out on dvd! yeah!!!

Christina said...

Seriously, what is wrong with some people?! My kid is three, and there's no way in heck she belongs in a movie like that. Not to mention, no one else there wants to hear her there anyway!

Okay, pretty soon you're going to get sucked into Twilight and not be able to stop reading! I admit, I'm a Twilight-aholic. Altho, I actually wasn't big on the casting for the movie. Anyway, you do win mom of the year.

Tiffany said...

*gasp* MOOOOM I want that poster too!!!! LOL Although it doesn't look weird for her to have it at her age. When you're 28 and have 2 posters on your wall, it gets kinda weird. LOL

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