Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Muumuu kind of day...

Yep! That's today! I got sucking into this "Twilight world" that is the first book and found myself reading until almost 3:00am. Several times the hubbs leaned over to say "What the heck, babe?! Aren't you going to sleep?!?!" I decided to call it a night at chapter 14, which is where I plan on starting up again this morning. hehe I have to confess something, I wasn't "getting it" at first. I usually read things like Hannibal by Thomas Harris and felt that this writing just wasn't appealing to me. But I yearn to have more things to talk about with my daughter so I'm determined to read these books in their entiredy. Twilight seemed to start out slow and only in these last couple chapters have I been enticed to read "just one more page" instead of just putting it down for another night.

This morning when the alarm went off at 7:00 I was half tempted to allow the kids a "hookie day", but instead I got up and did my morning mom duties instead. THEN I went back to bed. I turned off the alarm when it went off again seven minutes later. And a few minutes after that the hubbs leaned over me to see what time it really was (yes, I really should change the clock on the VCR..don't judge me for still having a VCR...we need it for the porn..HA!). I guess he thought I hadn't been up yet, because he trapsed upstairs to get the kids up himself. I saw no reason to interject that I'd already done this.

About half an hour later my daughter comes downstairs (already dressed for school minus socks/shoes and her belt) and laments to Dad that she "doesn't feel well, and thinks she should stay home today." This is how the conversation went:

Hubby: What's due today?
Hannah: Nothing, I don't feel good.
Hubby: What homework did you forget?
Hannah: I think I might have thrown up last night?
Hubby: Really? Where is it, your room?
Hannah: No, I think I made it to the bathroom and didn't make a mess.
I'm now trying my best to stifle my giggles under the covers a few feet away in the bed.
Hubby: (putting his hand to her head) Yeah, I'm not buying it. Head's cool as a cucumber. Oh wait! Can't find a belt?
Hannah: No.
Hubby: Go find a belt. DORSEY!! Get up and help her find her belt, its already a quarter til!

Dammit! I soo didn't want to get out of bed and have to get dressed and take her to school. Ugh! So I throw on a dress MIL gave me years ago, complete with embroidered zoo animals on the front. Classic Small Town Mommy Muumuu!!

I found her a belt and grabbed hubby's keys..HE lost mine at some point on Sunday even though I suspect he hid them to keep me from leaving the house to buy fast food or anything else for that matter. Took the girl to school and made my way back to the bed to flip open the laptop and start my electronic day. I decided to indulge myself today and just hang out. Not going to stress about working out..if I get to it, I get to it. So be well friends! I'm going to go back to my reading and let my laptop charge, since it seems to be being nice to me this morning and doing just that.


Susan said...

Half the time I have my pjs on or a wife beater tank with no bra under my coat when taking the girls to school. No one has a clue. Thank god - or I would cause MASS CHAOS.

Christina said...

Haha! Yup, Twilight sucks everyone in!

America's Next Top Mommy said...

Dude, I got sucked into Twilight late last year. I devoured the entire series in less than a month! I'm going with some girlfriends to the midnight DVD sale of the movie. I know, it's ludicrous but I can't help myself!!!

lizspin said...

Ashamed to say I haven't been here in a while.

Love the new look.

I had to abandon "Twilight". I just got too scared.


Tiffany said...

Welcome to the Twilight community. It will only become MORE obsessive. LOL

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