Thursday, March 26, 2009

The importance of good water

Alright, while we were on vacation we picked up some bottled water to take along on the trip. While I was bored once, I started looking at the bottle. And I noticed something expiration date. on water. umm, REALLY?!?! It claims it expires on 03-08-2011. So that got me wondering. What happens to water when it expires? Does it lose its taste? Oh wait! Water DOESN'T HAVE A TASTE!! Its WATER!!!!

I know it is an important part of weight loss and and proper diet to make sure you take in a proper amount of water daily, but when does it become hazardous? If I take one of these bottles and hide it away for two years, will it have turned to a different color than clear when I re-discover it? Like green? Because THAT would be coolness! hehe What do you think will happen? Anyone been brave enough (or patient enough) to already try this little experiment?

Oh! and on my sad laptop situation with the charging, there MAY be hope in the near future. I just ordered a part that HP told me could be at the heart of my problem. Its the little plug inside the side of my laptop that the power adapter goes in to to charge the battery/hook up to AC power.

Yep, that's the part. I've been told that a local place can repair it. If it needs to be soldered on then I have to wait 7 days to get it back, otherwise it'll just be an hour or so. And since I've become rather un-trusting of my laptop in other people's hands, I've verified that I can remove the hard drive and they can still fix it with it missing. I have lost way too much information when other people have "fixed" my computers in the past. NOT this time! Luckily I still have a desktop computer upstairs and my iPod to check email and blog posts on in its absence. =)


Susan said...

Ok, first of all the What'Cha Eatin cartoon in your previous post is hilarious. And second, I am running upstairs now to check my water bottles. HUH???

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