Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Mosh Pit

I read several other blogs that do a "Friday Fragments" where they just sort of spout out about whatever is on their mind with no particular linkage between the thought processes. But since I already have grown to love my flashbacks on Fridays, I decided I would take today to air my fragments via the Monday Mosh Pit (because mosh pits seem, to me, to be a mixture of TONS of things going on without much to link them besides maybe music...this all links via my blog)

Firstly, do NOT adjust your televisions!! THIS is what my TV downstairs looks like on a normal basis.
No Ellen is not in 3D, the color guns on our TV are going out. It drives me crazy but I've become too cheap to try and do anything about it that would cost me money. Sometimes everything lines up and the picture is perfect, but at LEAST 80% of the time it looks like the above picture. My son wonders if we put on 3D glasses if it would work and look like Ellen was coming out of the screen at us. Hmmm? Not sure but might have to hunt down a pair of them and try it out. hehe Then I can be all "Ellen was dancing in my living room" and that would be cool! hehe
I had a first this weekend! I did our taxes! Every other year the hubby has trudged through the muck and done them for us. This year he just didn't want to and asked that I do them instead. I giggled frequently when Turbo Tax would ask me if I wanted some help or if I knew what I was doing. "Hell no I don't know what I'm doing!! Where the, 'I'm a virgin at gentle' button?!" But I managed to get through it and not lose any hair in the process. Yay me!!
I finished Twilight!! In less than FOUR DAYS!! This is a RECORD for me! I usually take at LEAST four months to get through ANY book!! For those who have read it already, you'll probably know EXACTLY which parts I'm thinking of here. At one point I kept reading because there were ACTUAL tears coming out of my eyes!! I was just so touched by some of the sentiment that it overcame me. Then I HAD to keep reading because it got rather scary and I couldn't go to sleep with all that crap in my head!! Then I was just so damned near the end I kept reading to finish it. Last night I started on New Moon and am already 100 pages in. hehe I'll probably go ahead and borrow the last two books from Lacey before we leave town so I can possibly finish those up on vacay.
I'm going on VACATION!! Well, sort of anyways. We're headed North a bit to NW Arkansas. My father-in-law lives up there VERY close to a beautiful lake. So I called them yesterday and made sure they would be there for our visit. They will be and are excited about us coming up. So tomorrow I'll be cleaning up the camper and packing our stuff for the trip. We plan on leaving first thing Wednesday morning. That being said, I'll be away from internet access for several days. I'll be back on Sunday and I'm sure I'll have a crap load of stuff to read upon my return.
Lastly, I got an award from Sally's World!!!
Thank you SO much! I am truly honored!! I'll think on it and nominate some others later in the day. This is gonna take some thought, for sure!


Lisa said...

Congrats on the award, the vacation, finishing the book so quickly, and for getting your taxes done!

But wow... you need a new TV! :)

Tiffany said...

I cried reading New Moon. Good luck with that. LOL

Susan said...

OMG. You are a productive woman. I haven't even seen daylight yet and it's 11:15am... I've

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