Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My name is Dorsey, and I have an iTouch...

and I visit the App Store several times a day...Ugh!!

That shit is ADDICTIVE!! Years ago I got a present for myself, a iTouch iPod. It is the 8GB model, not the 16GB model, so I don't have as much room on it as I could. But I still LOVE it!! I use it for so much more than music ad videos these days. A while back my laptop started having issues with charging the battery. It is only by some miracle that I was able to position the adapter in just the right way this morning and the battery charged all the way up. So for several weeks, I wasn't even turning on my laptop. If I checked email, or anything else for that matter, downstairs it was from my handy dandy iTouch. And although I can type at 50WPM, I think I could text at about 10 WPH. My fingers were NOT build for those tiny little buttons. And the auto-word on the iPod is just as frustrating.

A while back I discovered the App Store and downloaded a few cute games and such, but nothing major. I tend to lean towards the FREE stuff as that is right in our budget!! (And I don't get griped out from the Hubby for FREE..hehe) We downloaded something that could help us find just about EVERYTHING anywhere in the US. (we found on experimentation that it did NOT work in the Philippines), we could look up everything from schools to airports to law services to dining options and more. And it linked up with the web browser and maps to help you eve more. Pretty cool, huh? And honestly most things I installed were more for the hubby than myself, as we would take my iPod with him on his business trips. I even downloaded a iRisk game thingy.

So let me just tell you everything on there now (downloaded apps in bold print):

  • Music - came with
  • Videos - came with
  • Mail - came with update, use it for yahoo, verizon, and gmail
  • Safari - web browser, came with
  • Lose It - it tracks meals, weight, and more..a diet helper
  • Maps - came with update
  • Where To? - the program mentioned above, categories include food & drink, services, shopping, entertainment, travel & transportation, health & medical, attractions, and education
  • Calendar - came with
  • You Tube - came with
  • Contacts - came with
  • Stanza - this is a free book app, I have several copies of books downloaded here already (Anne of Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables, Anne of the Island, Fanny Hill, Paradise Lost, Curious Case of Benjammin Button, King James Bible, Picture of Dorian Gray, The Time Machine, and War and Peace)
  • Classics - more books
  • Sol Free - a card game with several choices; Baker's Game, Demon, Klondike, and Spiderette)
  • myhomework - keeps up with classes and upcoming assignments (got it to keep up with the boy's homework, tests, etc...)
  • Weather - came with update
  • eReader - again, more books
  • Whiteboard - is what it says, its a virtual whiteboard and I've endured several giggles from drawing dirty pictures here
  • AOL Radio - I can listen to a lot of my regular radio stations with this one, as there's currently no other way to do so with the iTouch
  • Stocks - came with update
  • Photos - came with
  • Notes - came with update
  • Koi Pond - one of the first apps I installed, its just what it says, a Kio Pond with little fishies and all
  • Facebook - an app that takes you directly to Facebook to piddle away the time
  • Clock - came with
  • oneConnect - use this to chat via YahooMessenger through my iTouch
  • Cradle - this is one of those silly pendulum things where the balls hit each other and swing side to side
  • Hangman - self explanatory
  • Peg Jump - another game, for anyone who's ever been to Cracker Barrel restaurant, this is the game that's on the tables to play
  • RhinoBall - a game of the hamster from Bolt where he rolls around town
  • Brain Toot Lite - a Brain Age kind of game
  • Labyrinth LE - a ball maze
  • GuitarChords - just what is sounds like, just a list of chords
  • Lightsaber - yeah its cool, and it makes lightsaber noises!! hahaha
  • Google Earth - same as online
  • Translator - translates several languages English to ...
  • FS5 Hockey - this is two player air hockey, A LOT of fun!!! you play with your fingers on the paddle thingy
  • BigOven - a recipe look-up app
  • I Say Free - Simon Says with lights and sounds
  • Flixter - keep up with movies playing in theaters
  • Mancala FS5 - the stone game, able to play against computer, another person with you, or online
  • Falling Balls - Stickman thing where you have to tilt to dodge falling balls and if not, well...its not pretty
  • Backgrounds - a place to download new screensavers for the iPod
  • Topple - a game of balance
  • People - a people finder like a phone book
  • DoneDrinkn - HILARIOUS tilt game where you have to get a drunk home
  • iHandy Level - a neat little bubble level
  • iHappyDays - a calendar app to help keep up with birthdays and anniversaries as added in Contacts
  • Epocrates - a medical reference guide
  • What's On? - a TV guide kind of thing where you can see what's on TV
  • Drinks Free - place to look up over 6,000 drink recipes
Yeah, there's more than three little pages of crap on there!!! And I can NOT help myself, I keep seeing the damned commercials where they show apps and then I HAVE to go look for them and see if there's a free version. HAHAHA!

I've emailed from my iTouch, but have yet to blog from there, as stated before my typing is REALLY slow on that small of a keyboard. But I HAVE read blogs and commented from there. So yes, I am ready for a support group for the App Store but I think it would only be in order to find out from other junkies what apps they like and use. HA!!!!

So if you have an iTouch, or iPhone, check out the app is AWESOME and has TONS of shit for FREE!!!!!!

My only complaint is that my battery runs down too fast, every night I plug it into a boombox I bought that it clicks in to, and if the boombox is plugged into a wall outlet it'll charge your iPod. Works for me!!!


Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

My hubby wants one!

Katie said...

I didn't know you could do books on it!! I need to sit down and figure this all out!

Christine said...

I have an iphone and I loooooooove it! My favorite game is cubes free I am completely addicted! I also love Tap defense. I am going to download the book apps in a few minutes and also the ihappydays...those sound rockin!

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