Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yea, what's it to ya?!?!

SO hubby pointed out this morning that I've been a bit touchy lately. He asked if everything was alright, and expressed that he had been a bit concerned. I found this somewhat comforting. I guess I have been somewhat out of sorts. I'm gonna chalk it up to hormones though. Case in point...
Over the past two days I've been doing mountain loads of laundry. And as I would take a load out of the dryer, it would quickly be transported to the couch. So by the end of the day yesterday you could make out the arms and a little of the back of the couch. The rest, covered by loads and loads of clean clothes. My original plan was to haul all the clothes upstairs yesterday morning and fold clothes while I vegged out in front of movies. Instead I did nothing. So last night we got into it, just before going to sleep. So I felt like CRAP!! Hubby has a special way of making me feel like total shit whilst using a minimum of words. So weepy me stumbles out of bed in the dark and goes to the other room. I took ALL those clothes upstairs and folded them all. Then I slept upstairs. I got to sleep somewhere around 2am.

Als over the past couple of days the hubby and I have argued over a platform bed. I want to just go online to and order one site-to-store. It'll cost about $130. This bed is for my daughter, who currently sleeps on a mattress and box springs that reside on the floor of her bedroom. His idea? We should bulid one instead. It would be sturdier and likely cheaper! Well folks, here's my mock up for the bed (after 4 hours of online research for how to make this happen):
Pretty sweet wouldn't ya say? Problem is....this will end up costing us at LEAST $180 after buying all the materials!!! And I mean REALLY!!! Its a f*cking platform bed?!?! How unstable could it be? There's no drawers, no rolling parts, just a box with a flat piece on top!!! I mean I LOVE to build shit, but c'mon!!! I'll put the damned thing together after I pick it up from the store!!

And to my benefit I TOTALLY avoided picking a fight at his dad's place when he said he'd be happy to hang out around the house the whole time (even though when we visit my folks he bitches about that VERY THING!)...nope, I walked away and let it go. Or maybe I let it fester and this is just the ooze from that sore bubbling to the surface?

And OMG! Is it a slow news week or what?!?! I do NOT need to be updated every 15 minutes on grey clouds in the skies around DFW which will possibly cause pea sized hail and rain!!! Quit interrupting my shows!


J said...

OH YEAH one time they completely bypassed Oprah to talk about RAIN on the TV. I was so mad!!

If it helps any, we had a platform bed for a while from Target. It was nice but because it was so cheap, the corners were SUPER SHARP! I guess we didn't pay enough to avoid injury or, look out for those edges!

Jean said...

Mmm..well I was going to side with you on the platform bed, but J may have a point(no pun intended). I mean is it really worth all that trouble to build it? Sounds exactly like an argument the hubs and I would have.

Christine said...

I'm telling you....just go to IKEA cheap and perect for all your needs. I guarentee it will cost you less and be sturdier. The Bitch and Moan disease must be going around husbands these days...cuz mine just caught it also. I blame it on the cloudy days, and his not getting to go with me to Disney (he is such a pouter)

Sally's World said...

Oh Dear,well, we can't get along all the time, and men are the worst culprits for moody and matter what they say!!!

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