Thursday, November 6, 2008

Step away from the drive-thru menu!!!

So quite some time ago the hubby came home and told me about a co-worker of his (male) who had given up eating anything that was passed through a winder to him (i.e. ANY fast food). And apparently this co-worker had dropped a LOT of weight and was doing fabulous! Yeah, yeah him. I just don't have that kind of will power.

Several years ago I sat down and tried to figure out WHEN I eat. Yes, I eat when I'm hungry, but that's not all. I eat the most (that unconscious eating when before you know it you've finished off an ENTIRE bowl of family size Betty Crocker Scalloped potatoes) when I'm bored. I can suddenly think of nothing better to do than eat. I should be upstairs exercising, or going for a walk, or so many other things. But alas, I don't. I eat. Then I eat some more.

I have done my best to ensure that I ONLY have healthy-ish foods around the house so I don't get into too much trouble. But obviously I don't do the best I can, as witnessed by the sometimes (OFTEN times) disturbing numbers on the scales. But I continue to try.

I've recently had a friend tell me they find me sexy. OH MY GAWD! I was SOOO flattered! I didn't honestly think anyone could find me sexy, in a physical way. Sad as it is, its true. I cram on the spackle, curl my eyelashes, and doll up my hair, but never did I really think that I could come across as sexy to someone other than the hubby (who's under a contractual obligation to find me sexy...aka marriage license/certificate). This has kind of put a little "giddy-up" in my step recently. Yes, I know its an antiquated phrase, deal with it. HA!

So I'll continue to doll up my face, wear my sexy dominatrix boots, color my hair, and amend the latest trends to look as little like a fancied-up cow as possible, in hopes that someone might whistle at me one of these days and when I coyly turn to see who it was get that SUPER ego-boosting wink from them.

So when's the last time someone told you that you looked sexy?


Tenakim said...

You go girl- I was just thinking by your profile pic on my site how cute you are- and I don't even KNOW you- I'm sure hotness ooozes from you in person!

Chantelle said...

Oooh it's been a while. Better get on to it. x

Sabrae said...

Oh don't you think you aren't sexy! I think you're sexy! LOL DO NOT take that the wrong way! LOL! I eat all the time tooo and that is so bad for me since I am diabetic! lol

Real Live Lesbian said...

Um...last a friend. Totally out of the blue and extremely welcome around these parts!

Um, can we see a pic of those boots? ;D

Annie said...

I want Sabrae to find me sexy! Woo-hoo! My hubby says it often, but a stranger? idea!
Great new pic!

Dawn said...

Not in a very long time!

I'm glad you got such a great ego boost! You deserve it. :)

sues2u2 said...

I just found you while trying to back track the Kreative blogger award. Did you start it?

And your son? I have a 11 1/2 yr old who sounds just like him!! Ugh!!!!

And your weight loss success? YOU GO, GIRL! (speaking as someone who needs to loose waaayy more than you!) Congrats on the sexy comment. That is AWESOME!

I'm Susan @
one of the latest recipients!

Rick said...

I don't think anyone ever has, but there's this strange guy I see in a mirror all the think. And sometimes, I wonder if he thinks that about me. Very strange looks that guy has been giving me.

liz said...

I think the word is never!

I'm jealous!!!

Danifer said...

What a great ego booster, huh? I haven't felt sexy in a long time. Those extra pounds really bring ya down not to mention cute clothes are always in small sizes. I feel like I am wearing a moo-moo whenever I buy clothes. I used to be in a business where my money depended on me being sexy, so now that no one besides my fiance tells me, it is hard on the self-esteem. BTW, I like your new picture :)

The Stiletto Mom said...

Sexy is as sexy does friend! You must be throwing off some vibes! I'm jealous, I rarely get a sexy comment, mine are more "cute"...sigh...but, I'll take whatever I can get!!!

Happy weekend!

Tracey said...

Come on over. We can eat bad stuff together. I am such a boredom eater too.
The last time someone told me that I was sexy. I think it was the night that, ahem, I got knocked up. LOL!
You go gurl!

Katie said...

Does my husband count? I mean with the whole contractual obligation thingy. Besides that, the well is dry. >:(

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