Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm just gonna bite the bullet

Now don't be silly and think I'm going to stop shopping because that's simply NOT going to happen! HA! And with all the window shopping I did today I'm sure I worked off at least ONE slice of key lime pie I had last night.

No, I'm talking about my daughter. My lovely dear daughter. Here's a picture of her at SIX YEARS OLD!!

Yes, I know I'm in trouble...and she's only gotten MORE beautiful since. Ugh!! Well my sweet angel (most days) is now 11 yrs old. A couple of weeks ago when the temperature was still nice in the morning I suggested she wear a skirt to school since she had obviously misplaced any pants that were NOT high-waters (she didn't by the way, just stole a pair of her brother's). When I asked my she didn't want to wear a skirt, she said because of her legs. No, she has no problem with the LOOK of her legs in general, just the hairs on them. Ugh!! So fast forward to this weekend. She's been invited to a birthday party. Its being held at the Embassy Suites Hotel and is an overnight thing (let's just table that hotel-birthday-thing for a bit, it'd be a LOT longer blog post if I went into it now). There is an indoor pool, so she's been instructed to bring a bathing suit. So tonight she and I are going to bond by breaking the bonds of the hair to her legs.

Yes its official, my little girl is not a little girl any more! Of course I should have known, I mean the GIRL wears a size 11 1/2 WOMENS shoe!!! 1 1/2 sizes bigger than MINE!!! I have purchased her her own razor and blades. I chose this one:
I started to go with the traditional razor and shaving gel/cream, but honestly I've had SOOO much more luck with this razor and NOT getting nicks and cuts that I figured it would be a better choice. And considering her lack of coordination it'd take her FOREVER to figure out how to keep her leg just above the water and not wash off all the shave gel while seeing around corners to shave her legs.

So think of me tonight friends, while I teach my girl how to shave like a woman (since she's far too young to drink tequila, which has always been a necesary evil to me when trying to wax).

****And on a side note: I'm coveting THIS camera now!! OMG, I want to run out and get it NOW, before Thanksgiving so I can take some fantastic shots over the holidays.****


Dawn said...

It won't be as bad as you think. I ended up letting Courtney shave last summer at age nine. She had very hairy legs and she was really self-conscious.

I ended up buying her the razor that has the gel on either side of the blade. It works great! And, there's no need for shaving cream or soap! I've even started using it. I love it! LOL

I can't believe how big her feet are! She is a half size bigger than mine! Holy Cow!
Courtney is wearing a nine and she will be 11 in Jan. I won't be suprised if she is in an 11 at 13.

Good luck tonight. I didn't click on the camera link yet so I'll go do that now!

Danifer said...

Oh, the birds, the bees and the hormones, etc. My almost 12 year old bugged and bugged me about shaving. I warned her that once you start, you have to do it ALL the time. One day I noticed the hair under her arms and decided that she was ready. I got her a razor and some gel and explained what to do. She didn't want me in the room but did not seem to have problems. I warned her to be careful on her knees (I always cut them) and on her bone at the front of her legs. So far, so good. She picked it right up. Now I get to look forward to her "friend" in the next year or so. Ugh....

Good luck. You can do it!!!!!

Suburbia Steph said...

I'm not sure how old your daughter is (I'm new here), but kuddos to you mom for listening to her concern! Me being of partial Italian decent have always had dark thick hairs on top of very fair skin to boot & I begged my mom to let me shave b/c I was SO embarrassed to wear the dresses she made me wear b/c my legs were exposed. When my soon-to-be 9 year old daughter (who fortunately has light hair, but LOTS of it) & my handed down uni-brow is ready to shave, I will most definitely let her when she's ready.

Don't forget about warning about knicking the ankle! This is defintely a milestone! :)

Christine said...

Okay Dorsey, I really am swearing by the Nick Stick stuff for shaving nicks. It stops the bleeding instantly and has a self healer in it. Rebecca would be a walking bloody mess without the stuff.

CeeCee said...

Good for you Mom! I remember not being allowed to shave so I learned it with a dull razor in secret and was punished when the proof (shuny legs, duh!) was discovered.

Good for you for listening and embracing her concerns!

Sandi said...

Oh I have been there too. My 11 year old is just starting to do these things as well. She's not very good about it unless I remind her a lot though =/

Kristen said...

Wow, I am not looking forward to that! I guess there are worse things though. lol

She's beautiful!!

MLC's Mom said...

Okay dugh! Got the age!!! Hey, you didn't know I like reading blogs backwards did you!?

Annie said...

I have that razor- got it as a freebie at a 5 k I did! I loved it! But I cheaped out on refills- $3 a refill?!?! I shave every day so I need one a week....seemed too pricey for me, so I cheaped out! BUT- perfect for a 1st time shaver!

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