Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mauritania here I come!!!

I was perusing the channels on TV a bit ago and came across Oprah. I'm not usually a big fan, but this makes the second time this week I've tuned in. Yesterday Brad Pitt was on there promoting his new flick...and can I just take a moment to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Brad!!! He's such a DAD!!! And to this woman, that is INCREDIBLY sexy!!!

But onto the real reason for this post....Mauritania. Oprah was talking about beauty secrets from around the world today, Thursday, Nov. 20th. Check out the site and see if you can find some highlights of the show.

Here's a little of what I found on the site:
Houda, a woman who grew up in Mauritania, says her father is a doctor who sees the negative effects of the country's big idea of beauty. "My father deals every day with women with serious, serious health issues such as high blood pressure," she says. Even though the problems associated with obesity, like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are prevalent, Houda says that doesn't deter women from wanting a big body. "When you're skinny, you're even considered as sick or there's something wrong with you," she says. "Women that are fat, they're really happy."

Thick ankles, plump arms and a big butt are considered the most beautiful parts of a woman, Houda says. And don't worry if you have a few stretch marks—the men in Mauritania love 'em!

Not only are extra pounds considered sexy—Houda says being divorced will win you extra points with the men too! "In Mauritania, you just get divorced and there's a feast, a party—and the more you get divorced, the more you're seductive," Houda says. "That means that a lot of men want to be with you."

"So if you are divorced with stretch marks and a big butt, Mauritania is calling your name!" Oprah jokes.

Apparently this is my NIRVANA!!! Skinny women are NOT the apple of every man's eye, nor their dreams. Thick ankles, BIG butts, even stretch marks are seen as incredibly sexy!! So is a divorced woman seen as desirable! WOW!!! Be right back, I need to finish packing my bags and book that flight!

Who would have thought a place this wonderful even existed in this day and age? Are they also as forgiving if you go more than 2 days without shaving your legs? hehe Oh, and the icing on the cake....(and you thought THAT was good enough) is that men who have a few extra pounds are NOT seen as desirable. That's right, men need to be thinner and women can have junk in the trunk. "There is no such thing as a butt too big" Oh these words sounded from the lips of the guest like a glorious symphony!!

So like I said, I think I need to go finish packing my bags and convince the hubby to transfer to Mauritania. Sounds like a wonderful place to me!! hehe


Katie said...

Pack me in your suitcase, if I can fit.

Laura Jane said...

That sounds too good to be true!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I at first wrote :let me go there. Then I saw it was a poor West African Islamic country with a great deal of political unrest, including a recent coup.

Sorry, I'd rather be less than the ideal of beauty in a relatively stable country.

CeeCee said...

I wish that would catch on over here! Appreciation of the "real" woman's body!

Kristen said...

Whooohoo, I'm coming too! You bring the french fries and I'll bring the Chocolate. ;-)

Annie said...

Man, I missed it!

Annie said...

Don't hate me because I MEME-D YOU! Tag!

Susan said...

I FINALLY meet all the credentials of something! Book me a flight!! Plumpy pear shaped AND DIVORCED!!??I'd have to give up my new hubby though...hmmmm.... how much is a ticket again?

Anonymous said...

Cankles are never attractive. Never EVA!!

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