Friday, November 14, 2008

How'd it go?

For anyone curious about how the shaving went, it went GREAT!!! She took to it REALLY easily and didn't even nick herself once (not even on the front or back of the knees)!! YEAH HANNAH!!!

She confirmed to me that she felt better about having smooth legs for the party tomorrow, she was worried about people whispering about her.

So I'm swearing by the Intuition razor. Way to go Schick!!

Now if only I could get her to make sure she wears a bra EVERY day..hehehe

Here's a picture I snapped with a camera my son checked out from school (I took it just moments ago)....this is my "little girl" today:


Sabrae said...

Oh yay that she didn't knick herself! OMG! I remeber when I started shaving cuts, skin removed, it was awful!!!! Definatly make her start wearing that bra! LOL!!!

Susan said...

Oh my gosh...I can feel this coming my way soon. My oldest will turn 9 in February and we've had to purchase our first "bras" that look like sports bras because god forbid you see the actually shape of a real bra through her shirt!

I'm dying to hear about the hotel overnight birthday party!! At 11 years old? My daughters haven't even had their first sleep over yet aside from relatives houses - what is this world coming to???

CeeCee said...

Actually, I think a hotel overnight birthday party might be pretty cool in the right circumstances - if you have a small house etc. Minimal clean-up and a fun thing for the girls! As long as there's obvious supervision and all in place I think it's a smart idea!

Glad the shaving went well! Your little girl is going to break some hearts in years to come.

MLC's Mom said...

HOW EXCITING!! How old is your daughter? Yep..I see it all coming my way in the next year. Where does time go? I will NEVER be ready for the sleep overs :O

The Nice One said...

That is a great razor, especially for a kiddos first shave. I remember holding out to shave for as long as possible. I was so heartbroken when I finally had to do it.

Just me said...

Glad it went well:) Thank you for the tip on the razor. They grow up so fast!

Anonymous said...

OMG She is so cute.
UGH I know it was a hard decision. I'm so glad it went well. YAY!
Hugs mama,

Katie said...

Aww, she's adorable! I'm so not ready for all of this. Can't they just stay 5 forever?

Real Live Lesbian said...

What a beauty!

I almost bled to death in my grandparents' bathroom on my first attempt. I used a straight razor. NOT friendly with ankles! LOL

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