Friday, November 21, 2008

Hollywood scares me....

A while back, sometime this summer I was reading an article in one of the celebrity gossip mags (US, People, Entertainment of these, can't remember) about Kristen Johnston. She's the tall gal from3rd Rock from the Sun for those who might not recognize the name. Here's a picture for reference.
So the 2008 picture looks similar to what the photo did in the magazine. To me, WAIF-LIKE!!! I mean REALLY people? THIS is more attractive than what she looked like in 2005? She says she was FAT in 2005 and overall disgusted with her appearance. O.M.G.!!!!! Personally I think she looked SO much better before than after the dramatic weight loss (apparently a loss of 60 lbs) . She looks more like a praying mantis now, and not like a cool Kung Fu Panda mantis either. And that's just not an attractive look for ANYONE in my opinion. I liked the way she looked soooo much better when she had some curves, now it looks as though a good swift wind might just blow her down Rodeo Drive. I showed the article to my husband and he didn't even recognize who it WAS until I told him the "chick from 3rd Rock from the Sun" and he just turned up his nose and asked if she was sick or something. Nope honey, she's "healthy now" and no longer FAT. "When was she fat?" Yeah, he obviously agreed with me on this one! Yeah!!

So although I am "searching for my inner skinny" I am not searching for my inner mantis. I'd be thrilled, scratch that...I WILL be thrilled when I reach my goal weight. For more of a visual, here you go.
The photo on the left was taken when my daughter was just shy of one year old. So although I wasn't at pre-baby weight I think I looked pretty damn good! Sure I could have done some more crunches and toned up the belly bump, but overall, not too shabby. Wouldn't you agree? The picture on the right was taken at a Girls Night In when I was very close to my top high weight.

Its an every day struggle to get back into shape, especially when before kids it came so easy to me. I have downward slides more often than not but I do, in my heart and soul, want to get back there. It seems so far away some days. I have moments when I know I'm not eating what I should or exercising as often and hard as I know I'm able, but there IS hope! I just have to find the strength within myself and do what I know needs to be done.

Well, the hubby will be coming in from across the world tomorrow morning, so I'm gonna jet and try and clean up some more so he's not in a foul mood because the house isn't in "tip top" shape. Be well friends! And for those others out there on the weight loss path...don't lose hope! WE can do this!!


Tenakim said...

I saw her on some gossip show a while back! I couldn't belive it- I truly think she looked better before and looked right and healthy that way- just me?

Sandi said...

You can do it girl. I think I always wanted to lose the post baby weight but yet when I didn't see those fast quick results I'd get discouraged and inevitably cheat on my diet, blah blah. We have all done it. I think if you push yourself to stick to it, not cheating for like 2 weeks. SO hard I know, you'll see that weight coming off. That is what gave me the courage to keep going. Once I saw that I was making progress and looking better, I felt better. I wanted to be healthy not just look healthy. I have no doubt you have the strength to do it though. You're blog here is definite proof of your determination :)

Danifer said...

I have a hard time with this issue, because I sit on both sides of the fence almost equally. I wish I looked that skinny. When I was in high school and early adult, I was that skinny. That was normal for me. As I had kids, I got curves, etc. and now I have a baby bump minus the baby. I see other women who are shaped like me and always find something sexy about their curves. But for me, I want the skinny like in the picture. But, I don't get off my do anything about it. So, I complain (to myself, since nobody wants to hear it anymore). My fiance loves the way I look and judging from his exes, he has a thing for curves. When I show him skinny girls, he gets grossed out. So, that doesn't help my motivation. But I know I need to do it for me.

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