Sunday, November 9, 2008

PMS? Me? No way!! Or way??

Yeah, I seem to be suffering from PMS, which makes NO sense!! I had a complete hysterectomy three yrs ago!! And although I haven't been taking my meds (for quite some time..we're talking months people), I don't think that's it. But I have all the classic symptoms:

  • SUPER emotional (I cried at two commercials today people!!!)
  • Craving sweets (which is REALLY weird considering I'm not a sweets person)
  • MAJORLY moody (I think I almost tore the kids heads off twice today)
  • TRYING to eat everything in sight (which I emphasize trying because I have been mostly good today)
  • Even though the scale says I'm
Who knows, maybe I can just chock it up to missing hubby and wishing he were home. Is it bad of me that I was a little bit angry that he's been too busy to miss me?

Tonight I'm TRYING to make a really neat-o cake. TRYING, its going alright so far, but then again I'm not to the fondant part yet. Ugh!! If it goes alright I'll take lots of pictures and post them, if not I think I'll come back and edit this out...or quickly change the subject hoping no one remembers. hehe

Well, I'd better run and try to finish my cake. Laters friends!


Katie said...

I wonder if it's possible to have PMS every day?

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