Thursday, November 20, 2008

Helluvah Meme

One of my favorite bloggers, Annie, has tagged me with one helluvah meme!!

Watch out, you could be next!

Rule 1. List the first ten people who have commented on one of your blog posts.
Ok, here is who I'm picking....

  1. CeeCee at CeeCee's Crazy Corner - she's livin' the country life and in a way I REALLY envy her!!
  2. Real Live Lesbian - no its not some secret world I need to tell you all about (or IS it? hehehe). She's a great blogger and is so real and honest with her postings. She must be a writer in real life, because her posts are near poetic to read (at least to me).
  3. Katie at Stray Raisins and Other Mommy Perks - She's a Texan Momma and makes me laugh until I cry with some of the simplest of posts!!
  4. Danifer from Thoughts from a Down-To-Earth Girl - She does the BEST movie reviews and I tend to agree with her, think I'll check out what she thinks about flicks before my local news movie guy..he's just weird!
  5. Tracey at Cheese and Whine - she unfortunately doesn't live close enough to party with and she has a chihuahua!! Gotta love THAT!
  6. The Stilett0 Mom - I've said it again, I DIG her!! She's got my kind of sense of humor and I'll bet she looks as good in her swanky shoes as I do! HA!
  7. Danielle at A Fantastic Family of Four - I have to admit I'm jealous of her children, they seem SOOO very well behaved! How did she do it, and would she be willing to take my kids for a little bit and teach THEM?!?!
  8. Susan at Life is Too Short Not To Share - She's a hoot!! ANOTHER one I wish lived closer!!
  9. Liz at A Mom on Spin - Sometimes she gives me hope for my future, sometimes she scares the shit out of me...hahaha
  10. Tenakim at My Therapy - Not only did she make the sexiest, just the right amount of skank, nurse for Halloween, but she makes me laugh until I cry every time I read her words!! Perhaps we're secretly related...because I TOTALLY get her!!!
Rule 2. The meme questions: 10 Blogs, 15 Questions.

  • What is your favorite post from #3's blog? Recently it was a post on, strangely enough, poop. Or maybe it isn't so strange, but you need to go check it out...I laughed so hard the dog cocked her head to one side thinking something was SERIOUSLY wrong with me! heheh
  • Has #10 taken any pictures that have moved you? I think the pictures of her on Halloween moved me in that funny way you felt when climbing the rope in gym class...does anyone really do that any more? The rope climbing thing, not the dressing up thing....I do THAT when I'm bored around the house. hehehe
  • Does #6 reply to comments on their blog? She does!!! And we've had email convos more than once...hehe
  • Which part of Blogland is #2 from? The U.S., this is all I know, other than that she lives in my computer..hehe
  • If you could give one piece of advice to #7 what would it be? I think I want advice from HER!! On raising responsible is it I THOUGHT I was doing it all right and my kids can be SUCH SHITS sometimes, her seem to be lil' angels ALL THE TIME!!!
  • Have you ever tried something from #9's blog? Not as of yet, but I'm thinking that the garbage bag clothing thing might be a strategy for later on. You'll have to visit and read to get what I'm talking about.
  • Has #1 blogged something that inspired you? She writes about her life in the country, and it makes me ACTUALLY want to live there...sometimes...then I remember Wendy's and Blockbuster being open until REALLY late at night! hehe
  • How often do you comment on #4's blog? I try to comment often, but am sometimes a bag bloggy friend and read when I'm barely awake and most things I'd type would look like strange encrypted foreign languages.
  • Do you wait excitedly for #8 to post? Oh yes!! Eventually I'm going to meet her and bring her a fantastic bottle of wine, to share with me!!
  • How did #5's blog change your life? She was one of my first blogs I stalked, er..uhmm...I mean followed, and helped me be a more honest blogger.
  • Do you know any of your 10 bloggers in person? Not YET! But eventually I want to meet them ALL Mwaahahaha...Don't worry though ppl, I mix AWESOME cocktails!!!
  • Do any of your 10 know each other? I think Dawn's met someone...but don't think it was anyone on the list, I think most of them might know the others the same way I do, through blog stalking.
  • Out of the 10, which updates more frequently? They all update frequently.
  • Which of the 10 keep you laughing? I've laughed so hard I've had to rush to the bathroom to keep from peeing myself on more than one of their posts!
  • Which of the 10 made you cry (good or bad) tears? I think each of them have written something that I found poignant and very moving. Sometimes its a sweet tear, other times I just feel so much for them and want to rush over with a great hug (and a cocktail shaker). I know I shed a few tears for Danielle once when she was worried about the kind of mother she was in the eyes of her daughter. OMG, that cut to the core for me and I could relate SOOO much!

And that, folks, was the world's LONGEST Meme.
Play on, play out.


CeeCee said...

Now that is quite a tag! I'll have mine up for Saturday :) (not sure if I have 10 different commenters haha!)

I need to back away from the computer and get some housework done!

Tenakim said...

wow, that is a doozie- I like it... I will work on it- and that will be a lot of work, but thanks for thinking of me!

Annie said...

Thanks for playing! IT was fun after I got over the "oh, shit!" factor of having to type it all up!

Danielle said...

Oh Dorsey, you are so sweet, I worry such much about my Bailee, I just want to be the very best mother for her, its hard being a girl in the world today! I so thank you for rememebering me thru that time, she is soo sweet and she thinks i hung the moon, and i still feel I could be doing so much more for her, she is my hero! AND by the way , my kids have thier moments, I have to get the good old belt out for when they disobey!! LOL I just want them to be good responsible adults!! Go ahead and bring yours over for a couple of weeks, I have too much of my mom in me, she ran a military type family, to this day, I am scared of my mom,LOL, In a respect type! Love ya girl!

Danifer said...

Hey, there I am. Thanks for mentioning me. I will try to do this project. I am at work though, so I may have to wait.

Have a happy week. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving early.

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