Monday, October 13, 2008

Is my house rigged?

I think that it just MIGHT be!! Saturday evening, half way through watching a movie trailer, my internet went down. I brushed it off and didn't worry about it. The next morning I turn on my computer, and still no net. Oh crap!! What now?!?! So I did laps between upstairs and downstairs trying everything I could think of to get it running again. NOTHING!! I worked on this s*it for 2 hours straight!!! I gave up, decided it'd wait until the hubby got home and had more patience for it (keeping in mind my patience is VERY low after these kids these past weeks). I filled my time by scanning in all of my drink recipe book pages. (So if anyone wants a copy of it, its in pdf form, just let me know)

And we cleaned. I told the kids yesterday that they could decide...either we were cleaning the WHOLE house yesterday (Sunday) or today (Monday, they had the day off school). OF course they chose the latter. So today we didn't turn on any TV or computer until it was ALL clean!! And I mean Lysol clean baby!!! If I'd had a camera I'd have taken a picture of the office and office closet for a "tackle it" couldn't see the FLOOR in the office closet (which is SUPPOSED to be a walk-in). It looks AWESOME now!! Words simply cannot describe it!!

So tonight I turn on my computer thinking of looking up a good homecooked recipe on a recipe CD I have and low and behold Skype has me logged in..and green. WTF?!?! I look over and WOW!! The little computer thingy is flashing blue. I'm ON-LINE!!! I don't know HOW it happened?!?! But I suspect the house went on strike. Maybe it decided to shut down all outside entertainment until everything was clean. OR did the husband have it rigged? Hmmm...gonna have to look into this one.

That being the case, I've just skimmed through over 100 new blog posts, and 50 or so emails. All that's done now, and I think I'll hit the hay for the night. FYI, I found my **ck me heels (they're knee high boots!) and a knockout outfit to pick up hubby in from the airport! Score!!!

Oh, and the girl didn't have chicken pox...told ya they didn't look right. HA!


Chantelle said...

Good work. A gold star for you, and the kids.

I'd love to see a photo of these boots. They sound very intriguing. x

Sabrae said...

Man... now you make me wanna go clean my house!!! lol!!! Didn't I do that already??? Crap! I know it needs done again! HAHAHAHAHA I know what you are going to be doing when the hubby gets home! Good luck!!! :)

Susan said...

OK, curious about seeing those boots too! Glad to hear he's back!

Sandi said...

I have a pair of those boots too. lol My internet server does that to me all too often. =/ I hate it when it goes down.

Pink Ink said...

Somedays when my internet doesn't work right away, I take it as a sign :-).

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