Thursday, October 9, 2008

More strange?

Alright readers, I must tell you I have been laughing so hard there HAS been a tear or two from the comments on the previous post. Because of this, I've decided to show you more of the lil' critters on the Giant Microbes website.

(I heard this one's all the rage this yr!)
(It is odd that this looks like a twisted penis?)

So happy shopping all! I might include more of these in later posts. HILARIOUS!!

And now onto something truly lovely!! My bloggy friend Linda has opened her heart and awarded me this:
Isn't it adorable?!?! To be honest it seems sort of exotic too, considering the spelling. Hmmm, Czechoslovakian maybe? But as the case often is with these honors, there's a catch. I have to share!! Now I have to name 6 things that make me happy and then pass the award on to 6 other people. Think think think...ok GOT it!! Now these are in no particular order...
  1. My kids - most days they make me happy, when they're not channeling the bad side of themselves
  2. My hubby - yeah, absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. He's been gone for two weeks now and I can't WAIT for him to get home so I can hug, kiss, and..ahem...anyways
  3. My cocktails - I LOVE LOVE LOVE to make new cocktails!! I have a loverly collection of bar glasses of all types and often experiment and search the web for new recipes on weekends
  4. My BOBs (Battery Operated Boyfriend) - and yes I said BOBs, plural...I used to sell the things and when I stopped selling I now had a fantastic personal inventory!! and honestly it has helped me get through several nights without hubby in town..HA! C'mon you want honest answers don't ya?!
  5. A light frosting of ice - ok, this one is more specific to this time of year...its all I'd need is a quick flash freeze to kill off the RAGWEED (demon weed) and then I could breath normally again
  6. Family in general - Thanksgiving is coming up and its my FAVORITE holiday!! There's no consumerism obsession with getting the latest toy or gadget, its just about getting together with friends and family for great food and good times! We always end up playing a drunken game of chicken foot dominoes at my Mother's late at night and they heat the pool so the kids can swim.
Now, to pass this great lil' award along. I'm choosing:
  1. Tracey over at Cheese and Whine
  2. Sandi at Pregnant with Cancer
  3. Sue at Happy Meals & Happy Hour
  4. Just Me at Snickerdoodles
  5. Katie at Stray Raisins and Mommy Perks
  6. Annie at Cookies, Chaos, and Conversations
Thanks to all of you for perking up my day with every post you make!!


HappyHourSue said...

Thank you so much!!!!!! I'm literally running out the door to NYC but as soon as I get back I will display this on my site! You rock.

Sandi said...

Thank you! I appreciate it and those germs are sooooo disgusting, yet strangely hilarious at the same time. lol This is the first time I've gotten one of these awards so I'm gonna go figure out how to post it to mine. haha Thanks again :)

Pink Ink said...

Swimming outside at Thanksgiving time...what a fun tradition!

Katie said...

Thank you so much! I'm loving those germ dolls, I think I'll pass the Herpes around this year for Christmas. Thanks again for the award :)

Annie said...

Since I can't get the Herpes, I gladly and thankfully accept this award.

MLC's Mom said...

Those germs are just something else!!!!! :O

Tracey said...

Thanks for my award!
I think I will post it tomorrow or over the weekend.
If I am feeling better....right now I need a nappy. :)
As long as my little guy takes his and right now it isn't sounding that way.
Ho hum.

Just me said...

Wow Dorsey! My first award!! Thank you so much! You just made my day!
Those germ dolls are too much;) ROFL


Danielle said...

LOL Dorsey, you make me laugh when I am in a bad mood!!!! I love Thanksgiving too the best!! I love thinking of new dishes to cook, give me some recipes on your new cocktails, I sure could use one now!! Love ya!!

Christine said...

OMG I have to have one of those microbes for my annual white elephant Christmas party. That is just the best gift. By the way, congrats on the fab is supercute!

Sabrae said...

Only other people could make a stuffed animail and diseases all in one! lol this post cracked me up!!! omg!!! Thanks for following the blog!! :)There are always more rantings coming when I get in that mood! lol And no the house work never did get done! lol DANG!

MamaLaina said...

You crack me up!! Love love love this post.
What is chicken foot dominoes? Sounds like fun...

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