Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Too excited to sleep!!!

Ok, I've re-cleaned the bedroom, vacuumed, and done several loads of laundry...nope..still can't sleep. I think I know why this time though. I'm WAY TOO EXCITED!! Hubby comes home in a little less than 12 hours!!!! Right now he's on a plane somewhere over Asia likely. Its a 14 hr flight from Tokyo to DFW. So here I sit, playing games, browsing the net, and watching season 2 of Sex and the City on DVD (though I'm thinking of switching to Titanic).

To be perfectly honest I'm slightly worried about being exhausted and barely able to keep my eyes open when we are home together...but only slightly. I mean after all he'll be adjusting to the 13 hr time change, so he'll probably be pretty tired himself. And I'm expecting the "you've-been-gone-way-too-long sex" to be reminiscent of the first sex after having a baby and having to wait 6 wks. Glorious and over quickly. HA!!!

I almost forgot!!! Those of you wondering about my boots? Here's a picture, sort of....the only difference is mine have 7 buttons down the side about a 1/2-inch apart (so they come down a little more on the side). The heel is about 2.5-3 inches. Ohhh so sexy!!! I'm wearing them (jeans tucked into the boots) with the outfit also pictured below. LOOOOVE it!!! Hubby's got my camera, otherwise I'd take a picture to share with all of you.

Boots from Lane Bryant Outlet Store
(ON SALE!! $39.99)

All from Lane Bryant:
Dark wash yellow tag jeans
White dress shirt
Motorcycle jacket

So I'm off to do more playing, and browsing, and so on...Laters everyone! I'm sure I'll be blogging plenty next week too, since day after tomorrow the Hubbs leaves on a week long hunting trip with his stepdad. but he'll be back just in time for a friend's Halloween party and our 14th anniversary!!!


Susan said...

Cute outfit!!! You have no choice but to fit the sex in with him leaving again for a week! I thought he was getting home yesterday, so once again, ENJOY!

Danielle said...

Dorsey, I LOVE those boots!!! I must get a pair!!!!

Sandi said...

I have two pairs of similar boots. Cannot live without them! I can relate to hubby traveling. My hubby did it for a couple of years. Now it's all like a bad memory. lol He's back home now and I am so glad. I needed him when I was sick and so it changed things. Hope you two have a wonderful time!!! ;)

Linda S said...

cute outfit...I really need a new white shirt...or two. that's my new fave...

Dawn said...

Cute boots and outfit! You'll look smokin'!!

Dawn said...

I was shocked when I looked over at your followers and didn't see my picture! How did I miss that before now?!?! I have you on my blog list so I see everytime you make a new post... that must be how!

Anonymous said...

very nice boots
I'm 5ft2... boots never looked great on me. I am jealous...
Very nice outfit too!

The Nice One said...

Did you get them at the outlet in Allen? Holy Sh*% those boots are HOT. I want 'em.

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