Friday, October 17, 2008

I can be fat AND fabulous!!!

Yes, you read that right!! I'm fat AND phat!! A while back I heard about a book somewhere entitled The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. It boast itself to be "a guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own" and apparently hails from the Project Runway fame. To be honest, I have never watched a single episode. But I do consider myself to be somewhat stylish. I'd be surprised if Clinton and Stacy ever showed up on my doorstep to surprise me. Although a lot of the times when I shop, I leave frustrated that everything over a size 12 is cut to fit Spongebob more than me, I do occasionally find a treasure and something I think looks nice on me and IS stylish!! I don't dress like a 13 yr old, but I do like to keep somewhat with the times. That being said...let me walk you through this list and share some of my insights. (Get cozy, this is shaping up to be a long post..and I think I'll do it in 4 parts to break it up some)

  1. A-Line Dress - yeah, not gonna happen on me. This would fit more into the Spongebob category, which is NOT flattering on a big, beautiful woman!!
  2. Animal Print - I have a couple of my own personal rules pertaining to this. But that being said, I DO own a pair of animal print kitten heels. I love wearing them with an otherwise drab outfit to add that touch of danger. hehe
  3. Ankle Bootie - does it count if they're circa 1988?
  4. Aviators - gonna have to pass on these too, although they make hubby look like Goose from Top Gun, they do NOTHING for me!
  5. Ballet Flat - I bought a cute pair of Jessica Simpson ballet flats, wore them once (not as comfy as I'd have hoped) then my daughter got ahold of them and STRETCHED them out. So they're now her ballet flats. Ugh!
  6. Bangles - real cute, some times. Other times it just looks like we're channeling 1980s Madonna.
  7. Belts - I have a few, they're not fabulous, but then again I don't have a fabulous waistline to show off right now.
  8. Bikini - alright, I have more bikinis than one-piece bathing suits, but I won't dare wear them in public public for fear of being ridiculed by the pretty people. HA!
  9. Blackberry (aka Crackberry) - I sorta want one of these, sort of afraid it'll overtake my life. Plus I'd have to up my plan to include all the bells and whistles it comes with.
  10. Black Opaque Tights - I think these might go with the A-Line dress, not right now...unless I'm using them as long johns. LOL
  11. Blazer - I have one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Its black and I wear it often.
  12. Boyfriend Cardigan - sorry, I'm in the South, my hubby isn't so much metrosexual, and doesn't wear cardigans. HA!
  13. Brooch - own a couple, and kinda like them
  14. Cable-Knit Sweater - hmmm...probably have a few, but doubt I wear them the way they're intended
  15. Caftan - isn't this just a fancy word for Moo-Moo...I only wear this out on a TRULY desperate day when I don't care if it looks like I just rolled out of bed to go get Totino's pizzas and Ranch dressing from the store so I don't have to cook for my kids. HA!
  16. Cape - alright, mine is more of a cloak, but I hear they're making a!! Maybe I'll brave the fashionistas and wear it out some day this winter. hehe I made it myself, btw.
  17. Camel Coat- I only need one trench-type coat, and not in various colors, I'm in TX people!
  18. Cashmere Sweater - this I DO want to get this winter season..they'e just SOO yummy to feel!!!
  19. Charm Bracelet - OOOOO!!! I have one, and its super cute!! I bought all the charms myself just because they were cute...HA!
  20. Clutch - I think I have one tucked away somewhere, if not, no biggie. We don't go to too many formal events where one woudl be warranted.
  21. Cocktail Ring - hmm, don't guess my wine charms count, huh?
  22. Converse - I have "Mockverse" from War-mart (my daughter's term for Wal-mart on Sunday mornings)
  23. Cosmetics bag - ok, I own a few too many of these due to being a make-up junkie and always taking advantage of the "gift with purchase" giveaways at my local department stores. HA!
  24. Cowboy Boots - I have some short boots that are FANTABULOUS and I guess they count, for now.
  25. Cuff - yeah, this just reminds me too much of Wonder Woman, and I think the discontinued the bullet proof ones a while back (but GOTTA love a Super Hero with accessories!)

That's it for now. So I own 16 out of 25 so far and I ROCK them too!! I even ventured out the other night in a white shirt and a hot pink lacey bra! I look HAWT, I tell ya! So although I may be fat and a little further from my goal weight than I'd like to be, I'm here to tell ya people (those in my similar situation) with a little creativity you too can be fat AND fabulous!! Take the current skinny-chick trends and alter them for your size and style. I do, and its FUN!!

FYI, down another 2 lbs for the last 3 days! yeah me!!! I'm liking this trend!!


Priscilla said...

I think I have about 1/2ish of those 25. (I love WHAT NOT TO WEAR)

Sabrae said...

Tank tops and jeans for me only :) Tooo much descision making goes into what to wear these days.. lol I do not and will not own a bathing suit, and in the summer its tank tops, jeans and flip flops, in the winter its the same with an added hoodie for warmth and yes still the flip flops :) I like to keep it simple in my wardrobe. lol

Linda S said...

I wish Clinton and Stacey would come...but they would have to give me about 2 day notice to clean the house! I may have to get the book and see what I'm missing!

Shauni said...

This is a fabulous blog.. Since having children 20 years ago, my wardrobe has diminished extensively. I cant believe that I can be even remotely happy with only 3 pairs of shoes. Oh well

Susan said...

Every fall I vow to allow myself to purchase some of the coolest trends - but then it never happens. I'm way too picky, so I resort to the same flare jeans (must balance majorly pear shaped hips), tank tops and flip flops. Hard to give these up as the weather gets cold! I DO love to buy cocktail rings - just don't know if it counts to wear them with jeans??? You've inspired me to go shopping today!

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