Monday, October 6, 2008

Today could be a slow day...

I woke up this morning ready to attack the world!! However, Mother Nature seems to have thrown a huge monkey wrench in my path, or at my head rather. After being awake for all of an hour and a half, I find my sinuses wreaking havoc on my life. I took my allergy meds already, but every sip of my morning S*it-Fast seems to curdle instantly in my stomach. Ugh!!! That being said, I think I'm stopping with half a glass of the "yummy" stuff.

Its raining outside, so I took the monsters to school this morning, instead of making them walk. But I did arm them with rain jackets or ponchos for the stride back home. Rain, of course, translates to winds and nourishment for the pollens in the air!!

And what's with allergies completely **cking up weight loss?!?! I guess its causing me to retain water, or produce more crap in my head which apparently weighs 2 lbs!! This seems to happen to me every Fall season!!! I open one eye, look past my belly down at the scale, and I'm not at all pleased with what I see. And yes, I'm one of those people that weighs naked, first thing in the morning, after peeing. I even go so far as to take off my glasses (b/c you know those lil' *astards weigh 2-3 lbs themselves..HA!). Well, I guess I'll just have to up my exercise regime to combat the demon weed (ragweed).


Shannon said...

My sinuses are killing me too! Hang in there!

Sunshine said...

I have had 4 sinus surgery but the only thing I have found that really helps is a Neti pot. It is a sinus cleansing system. Mine is called Sinu-cleanse but there are many others out there. It really relieves the stuffiness and congestion and reduces headaches.
I enjoyed your blog.

Dawn said...

Thank you Dorsey for the sweet comment you left about my new blog make-over. :)

I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Ragweed is so bad this time of the year. Courtney is on an antibiotic for a sinus infection.

I agree with Sunshine.. the Neti Pot is awesome. If you don't have one or something like it you need to hurry on down to walgreen's and getcha one! You'll be so happy you did! :)

Just me said...

Hi Dorsey,

;) Thank you for visiting my blog all the time!
Love your new look of your blog!
I think it's so funny that you take your glasses off because they weigh 2-3lbs;) LOL Too funny!!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Sorry to hear about the allergies. Just a tip - perhaps you should weigh yourself once a week that way you don't get caught up with the numbers. Our weight does fluctuate on a daily basis - hey some days we are full of *ahem* you know. Feel better.

Sandi said...

I thought I was the only one who weighed themselves that way! haha I do hate the ragweed this time of year too. Not for me but my daughter who gets seasonal asthma from it. Ugh.

Susan said...

OMG, I'm cracking up. While working with my trainer (aka torture man who still can't get my ass moving hard enough at the gym to cause me to lose at least one pound), I noticed I hadn't shaved my armpits in let's just say "too many days". Decided to keep it growin' figuring I'll shave it just prior to weighing myself again - it's GOT to count for something, right???

Anonymous said...

Sinuses are the worst. All I want to do when my sinuses get all icky is stick my head under hot water til it all melts away or my head explodes, doesn't much matter which.

If you can up your exercise with allergies and sinuses you are a much better woman than I am!

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